Natsu and Gray Parallel?

Remember when Natsu saved Gray? (on more than one occasion)

I didn’t want you to die. Didn’t my voice reach you?”

And now…

(In the top panels, pretend the roles are switched, Natsu is saying what Gray is saying and Natsu is saying what Gray is. They’re vice versa. Where Gray is saying “Lyon”, pretend it were Natsu saying “Zeref” and it’d look like the situation they’re in now.)  It’d seem pretty ironic but I can see it happening.

I think we’re going to see a very similar moment soon. 

Gray knows that Natsu is END and he is now seeing it with his own eyes. Gray will try to save Natsu, much like Natsu did for him many times. But regardless, they will have to fight soon, it’s inevitable.  

So basically, there’s a lot of angst coming.

FT 503

END can move through Dimaria’s fucking age seal????

That thing is like the most broken magic aside from Zeref’s death magic, talk about OP

Somebody pray for Gray bc Devil Slaying magic or not, he’ll get fucking stomped if END isn’t in control of himself

Natsu that’s your boy don’t fuck around

also Lucy legit kink shamed Dimaria this chapter

Natsu’s E.N.D. Forms

It will be interesting to see what kind of form Natsu will take in the next few chapters.  There are many interesting theories that Natsu transform into to get a power boost to defeat either Acnologia or Zeref

Hiro Mashima originally was going to have Natsu as a spirit with horns in a short story of Fairy Tail.

Natsu was wearing horns in the Edolas Arc and trying to act like a villain.  It is kind of interesting that Mard Geer wanted to take all the magic away from Earthland, so he could summon E.N.D..  Mard Geer did not realize that Natsu was actually E.N.D..  Natsu was acting like a demon in Edolas who pretended to stealing all their magic.

There are some people who imagine Natsu having tattoos like Gray’s tattoos when he uses his Devil Slaying magic.

Another design about Natsu having a combination of both tattoos and horns as his transformation.

Maybe Natsu will turn into a more animalistic form like the other Etherious Demons from the Book of Zeref when they turned into their Etherious Forms.  When Jackal was losing a fight to Natsu, he started to transform into his Etherious Form from his humanoid form into a animal like form.

Hiro Mashima gave us in image of Natsu transforming into a dragon for the next coming movie of Fairy Tail.  Maybe this is Natsu’s Etherious Form.

Maybe Natsu does not have a transformation at all.
Fairy Tail: Chapter 503

So… this chapter was kind of “meh” in my opinion. 

I mean, Mashima, what the hell kind of start is this? There was absolutely no reason this was necessary except for fan service. I mean, it wasn’t as if you burned her clothes off this time, you just blatantly took them off. Come on, dude. It’s getting old. 

There is the Lucy we all know and love! Fearless, pissed, and egging the enemy on. You want to take away her sight? Fine, she’ll deal. You want to take away her clothes? She’s so used to it by now that she doesn’t give a damn. Just don’t hurt her nakama, otherwise you’ll get a load of hurt. 



I just want to hold Happy and give him so many hugs. That poor little guy has been bearing the weight of this news for so freakin’ long. And now that Natsu is basically without reason, Happy might be the one who has to explain. He’s going to have to tell his friends, his family, that their nakama is really a demon, that he’s one of Zeref’s most powerful weapons. 

My heart feels for Happy, so much.

Even though I hate the fanservice, just look at Brandish and Evergreen. They are so done with Lucy’s shit. Even they are sick of Lucy’s clothes’ disappearing act. But I love their sassyness (although if they were sassy for a different reason, I’d totally be okay with that). 

Is anyone else afraid that this is more E.N.D. talking than Natsu? Because I feel as if E.N.D. is trying to return to Zeref not to destroy him (as Natsu would do), but to rejoin him, and shit, if that’s the case, and Natsu has lost all reason, Fairy Tail will no longer be the joyful adventure is has mostly been to this point. 

Okay, so maybe their joyful adventures stopped during the Tartaros act, but ya’ll know what I mean. 

Of course, you did, Mashima! Obviously, the first person Natsu is going to encounter after becoming E.N.D. would be the man who wants to end his life. Like, really? Didn’t want to drag it out anymore or something? 

(Btw, Gray still doesn’t know that Juvia is alive, so I feel like he’s lost some sense of reason, too).

ARe those horns on Natsu’s head?? Or is it just his hair that’s looking oddly similar. Cause that would be so freakin’ amazing if all the fanart that has been created since the bomb of E.N.D. dropped was actually accurate (or rather, inspired Mashima to draw E.N.D. as so). 

I’m so excited for this! I mean, not for all the angst that I’m sure is going to follow, but I’m excited to see E.N.D. and where Mashima is going to take this part; how everyone fits in and what kind of battles will go down. 

E.N.D. is finally ready to release havoc on us all.

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