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Code 66

So a bit of background; A few years back my friend decided to run a Star Wars D20 game (I think it was his first time DMing). Now My friend is the biggest Goofball anyone will meet, but he comes up with the most brilliant jokes one the spot. Anyways I was playing a  solider/splicer multiclass and found myself captured by my soon to be partners in crime. They where going through and hacking my R2 unit and asked me what I will do. This was the following:

Me: “Code 66! Code 66! Delete all porn!”

DM: (R2) “Beep boop deleting all porn *Wookie noises*.”

Whole table breaks down.

Me: OOC “God damn it (redacted).”

And thus my character from here on out would be known for owning wookie porn. He still jokes about it till this day. 

oh my god i need to find my chill before i jump at a tagged post where someone claims its “incredibly out of character” for tony to point the muzzle of a gun to his own face and risk his life in order to protect somebody else i mean EXCUSE ME but did you take 2-to-3-hour-long bathroom breaks during EVERY SINGLE TONY STARK MOVIE TO DATE

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"What's your fucking problem?!" Or "You promised you wouldn't do that anymore." Of course, Nalu ;) (have a nice day~)

How about both B)

Natsu frowned,  his body dumped on the pink settee, watching the girl pack her bag in a rather stubborn manner, her elegant fingers shoving several apples in as she shot a cautious look Natsu’s way.

He knew there was no way she was going to be convinced to stay, especially with that look in her eyes- a fire that could not be diminished. Of course he knew that look, he’d had it burning inside of him for years, this was a decision she had made on her own and even his words wouldn’t make a difference.

“Can you at least let me come with you? You don’t even know what you’re looking for…”

“Yes I do. I’m looking for her key just like I said I was.”

“You even said yourself it might not be on this continent. You expect to search everything on your own?”

“If that’s what it takes.” She grumbled, zipping up her bag slowly as she seemed to assess her packing skills with a little too much scrutiny. Maybe she was having second thoughts… that would be a good wouldn’t it? Maybe… did he want her to stay because he didn’t want her to leave? Or was this really just because he was missing out on joining her.

“What if you get hurt? I can help you-“

“No, Natsu. I might get in some bigger fights and your condition will only slow me down.”

He blinked, a little taken aback by the was she finished her sentence and she saw a flash of guild wash over her eyes as she stood at her kitchen counter with the bag in front of her.


“Th-that’s not what I meant…”

“What condition?”

“I just… it’ll be-“

“I’m not incapable. This doesn’t change the fact that I can fight. We’re a team. We work together.”

“It’s not my rules…” She whispered, yanking the bag and slinging it over her shoulder, her movements seemed to consist of irritation now had become gentle and sheepish.

He sighed slightly, trying to soften his tone. He didn’t mean to sound so offended… but the fact that she had assumed he would slow her down hurt a little more than he thought it would.

“I don’t have to fight… If it’ll make you feel better…”

She only shook her head at his words, her head lowered so her blonde fringe covered her eyes and she stepped away from the counter; her hands clutched to her brown shoulder bag, her usual blue attire worn. She was ready to go on her little adventure without him.

“Do you have to go now?” Natsu continued since it didn’t look like she was going to say anything extra, “can’t you wait till later? Till everyone stops worrying about me?”

Lucy just shook her head again, her body rigid.

“I know it’s dangerous out there, but I’m still the same, I’m still here to help.”

Still no answer…


Nothing, she just stood there frozen in place.

He frowned, glancing up at her as his sakura locks fell across his face. He sighed gently pulling himself upright in order to stand, letting his legs move him forward to face the girl who had began to go mute.

“Luce… A-Are you alright?”

He stood still, practically holding his breath as he watched the girl slowly tilt her head up; her eyes tinged with tears, but she looked angry with him rather than upset and he drove up with a wary feeling.

“What’s your fucking problem?!” Natsu flinched at her ferocious tone of voice, it loud and irritated, “Don’t you understand?! You have a  t u m o r. I thought you were dead! Why is it so hard for you to realise we care about you, and I don’t want you to get hurt anymore? I want you to look after yourself and that includes staying out of fight, jobs, anything! Please. Please. Please! I’m worried for you so just stay at the guild.”

She practically bit her lip off, the focus clear in her eyes about how hard she was trying to not let those tears escape her eyes.

He blinked, letting his hands clamp at his sides as he watched her eyes train on him like she truly just wanted him to listen. To listen and hear every word she was speaking. And he did hear, but he knew well enough that it was not wise to travel completely alone. Even he every time he travelled, he always had Happy.

He wasn’t even sure how to respond, and he knew he’d held his breath because he had to take in a quick one before he started gasping for air.

“Now will you drop this? I’m going.”



“Sure….” He whispered, glancing down feeling like he’d been scolded.

“Okay good.”

“I just… I want to help too… Everyone else is already out on jobs, and you’re gonna leave too? I’ll be here doing nothing…”

“What you’ll be doing is recovering.”

The boy sighed, fed up of hearing things like that. How was he supposed to recover? He felt fine, and Brandish has shrunk his tumor right? So he was going to be fine for at least another goodness knows how many years. It wasn’t like he was just going to have to stop using magic forever… even if it would completely solve the problem.

“Can you take Happy with you then?”

“No. He can stay with you.”

“I don’t want you to go by yourself.”

“I work with spirits, Natsu.”


“I’m sorry Natsu. I know how it feels to be left behind.”

That sentence was so dry it made his throat hurt. But she looked so sad…

He tossed back a cross expression, even if he didn’t mean it; crossing his arms as he still faced her; she was wiping her eye with her hand. Trying to hide the tears that had developed he assumed.

“Please don’t go…”

“You promised you wouldn’t do that anymore.”


“I’m going.” She let her eyes meet his again, that fire burning in those brown eyes once more.

“I know.” He replied.

PLL 214 clue

Sara is staying in Charlotte’s old room (from Radley)… Sara’s room numbe in The Radley is 214…

This reminds me of the Caleb / Hanna / Jenna / Spencer/ Toby situation involving this number. This isn’t just because the number was involved in both situations but because it is coming off to me as a complete parallel.

**A main one? In BOTH situations, Caleb was helping the girls hack into a phone, or at least he was supposed to be.**

214 started off as a “clue” Toby gave to Spencer which he stole from Jenna’s room. It was in Braille which initially led Spencer to think it said “bad,” but it really meant 214. Spencer then was tricked by Jenna into believing that Jenna was staying at a local hotel in that room; there was flute music and props to trick her.

During the same time, Hanna had asked Caleb to hack into Jenna’s phone, which if I’m remembering correctly, the girls got from Toby. When 214 turned out to be a bust for Spencer’s investigating, the girls heard Caleb having suspicious phone conversations. It turned out 214 was Caleb’s locker combination that Jenna had because they were using his locker to exchange information Caleb was supposed to be stealing from Hanna. Jenna wanted her phone records because she WANTED THE VIDEOS.

Lucas has been tied to Jenna AND Jason (who is the one who started the whole NAT video club) and I wonder if that plays into the story. I only ask because as mentioned above, 214 could’ve meant “bad” in Braille too. Toby provided the clue, Jenna used the combination and got Caleb to spy on Hanna hoping to get NAT club videos from a club Jason started; Jenna knew one of the girls had access to the videos.

Now, Caleb is cloning Yvonne’s phone (who is linked to Toby) for the girls because they suspect they can find information about the new big bad in it, just like they thought they’d find out who A was. When Caleb cloned Yvonne’s phone, the section that said Phillips, Y had the number “421” which is a variation of 214 as well. Are these clues or have the writers lied to is when they said there are no coincidences in rosewood?

If it’s true that Sara is staying in the room to learn more about Charlotte, maybe she’s looking for information about the people who put her in that room in the first place .. There have been Sara / Jenna parallels and when Jenna was searching for something, it led to something NAT related.. Maybe Sara’s search will too. Alternatively her motives could be “bad” which would only satisfy me if she ended up being the real Bethany Young.

Only You Can Hear Me

“Only You Can Hear Me” SNK Modern AU: The line that divides life and death is very thin. Two outcasts soon discover this, as their fates somehow intertwine between the two worlds.

Rating: M // Words: 1.6k // Pairing: Eren x Mikasa

A/N: Whoops. I really have no way of explaining this. Basically, it’s yet another multi-chap story, and I am very sorry about that. On another note, happy birthday to my queen, Mikasa Ackerman!

Preview Ch 1: Hush…

Through the callused shell of her skin and bones, deep into her core, past all the silence, there’s a loud, loud, loud scream, aching to be heard, ignored—and none of them, none of them, ever hear it.

[ / AO3 ]

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i get what you're saying & i agree but in the end, intention doesn't matter when it comes to action, just its consequences. for all the good he intended, he fucked up. and i feel like some fans dont really acknowledge that. like, your fave is fallible. not every part of him is redeemable. idk, i dont completely agree with you wrt wanda and his reaction to the vision being justified but anyway. didn't mean to offend with my question, i'd seen people say that before and they were valid q's imo

“intention doesn’t matter when it comes to action, just its consequences.”

it’s fine and thanks for following up, but yeah that right here ^^ tells me we have some fundamental ideological differences going on (kind of…………….. anyway i’m not gonna elaborate on my long boring def not-as-straightforward-as-yours stance on the intentionality vs consequentionalism debate here at 3 AM, maybe some other day)

in any case, i wasn’t making a case for tony’s good intentions, what i was saying was that circumstances beyond his control are ignored in favor of the argument that everything tony did is a result of inherent character flaws. that wasn’t a “tony fucked up, but he meant well” argument, it’s more like, tony fucked up significantly due to circumstances that are being overlooked, and the fact that they’re being overlooked is unfair and will probably be narratively exploited by civil war if the movie does any justice to tony’s side. i mean idk maybe this is my comics background speaking too loudly, but in the comics civil war is the arc where tony is spat on the face and blamed for an event he took absolutely no part in, it is the arc where he is cornered by government people in a locked car and explicitly coerced like “do this thing you don’t want to do because remember that time you took down a plane with women and children inside? (which happened while you were under mind control but we don’t talk about that part)”, it is the arc where he’s approached about the hulk like “you know, his damage is your fault if you didn’t do anything to prevent it” and ultimately it is the arc where steve dies due to a supervillain plot completely external to tony but to this day that death is still pinned on him – civil war, in the comics, is the all-time “tony being unjustly blamed for shit and absolutely taking the fall” arc

and now we don’t know exactly what’s the mcu deal, but even beyond the matter of tony’s supposed culpability, we do know that there are bajillion of other movies that are not just tony, there are tons of other events that contributed to current political instability in the mcu, and the avengers are being scapegoated for them  

steve is saying “no, you don’t get to do that” (and tbh you can totally see his cynical, “seriously guys? seriously? y’all created us and now you’re blaming us for acting?” on that scene on the first trailer where steve is supremely bitch-facing at ross’ speech)

whereas tony has an intense reservoir of guilt, and he’s like “actually……….. yeah they get to do that”

and absolutely, the accountability argument is objectively valid (and i agree with it, i whole-heartedly agree with the idea tony sides with), but there’s a reason why this isn’t a black-and-white conflict. it’s not just a philosophical debate. sure, supers fuck up, sure, they can’t run uncontrolled, so people are creating a board to monitor their activity – but who controls the board? how does that work? the government is just switching the balance of power there, they have a valid point but they’re not being methodologically noble, and at least if you go by the comics, they have this whole accountability speech but they are knowingly being exploitative of people’s fear and guilt in order to amass control 

(one of many reasons why 616 tony actually hated his side as well, he openly weeps when he’s talking about the sort of people he had to work with in order to see his side of things through. he went with it because he agreed with the rationale, and even if he didn’t like the method, he thought that somebody needed to be in the system to make sure it wasn’t these guys laying siege on superhumans – his initial “join me, steve!” approach in casualties of war was, in fact, join me so that we can fix this from within the system. ideas are great but he doesn’t like what the government is doing, he wants to perfect it, it just so happens that his approach is different from steve’s)

anyway this was a massive self-indulgent digression because 616 tony is my favorite, the point is: tony’s objective culpability is being seriously twisted in the mcu as well, so far as i see it, and his willingness to take the blame is totally being exploited