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I’ll Be Good - Part 22 (End)

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Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – Your future after the dangerous decision you made on the rooftop, and an unexpected glimpse into your past when Natasha peaks into the file she found.

Warnings: swearing, violence

Word Count: 3911 (welp I didn’t even try to keep this short… Oh well.)

Author’s Note: I cannot believe this is the end!!! Bittersweet! I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the file piece… But I’m just going to go with it. Maybe one day if inspiration strikes I’ll revisit that part in another way… teeny sequel or something, I don’t know. Anyway, hopefully this gives everyone closure and you enjoyed reading my first fic! Yay!

For the second time in the few months since you’d first run into Natasha again, you woke to a screaming pain radiating through your shoulder as you returned to consciousness. The steady beeping of the heart monitor increased as you became more aware of the pain crying out all over your body.

Your side continued to ache where the Commander had slipped his slender knife between your ribs, but now the pain radiated over your torso with every breath. A dull ache rippling beneath a pattern of deep bruising. Exhaustion held an entirely new meaning. Every muscle ached when you slowly tried testing a few of them, checking for mobility. Finding yourself mostly free you tried to will yourself to move, hoping that if you sat up more, the shrieking pain in your shoulder would subside.

As your eyes fluttered open, Nat immediately jumped up from her chair in the corner, silently stepping closer, her sharp eyes flashing over to the crumpled form beside you. You glanced down to your side to find Bucky, dead asleep, a mess of tangled dark hair covering his face and creeping over your blanket. His head rested on crossed forearms beside you on the hospital bed and you bit back a small grateful smile, knowing how exhausted he must be. It was clear from the thick scruff on his jaw and the fact that he could fall asleep in such a precarious way, that he hadn’t left your side, not for days.

Days. You’d been here for days…

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Dating Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes would include:

Request: Yes
Headcanons: SFW and NSFW

We hope you enjoy it! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و

Dating Steve Rogers would include:

● Him telling you stories from his childhood and the army while cuddling.

● Trying to teach him about modern pop culture and him getting overly excited when he gets references about movies, music or books.

● Having a lot of movie marathons.

● Trying to teach him how to dance he is hopeless.

● Cooking together.

● Him surprising you with breakfast in bed, sometimes even lunch and dinner if you are ill or mad at him.

● Steve would try to convince you to buy a puppy.

● You end up adopting one from the animal shelter even if you don’t like dogs and naming him “Bucky”.

● The dog sometimes sleeps with you because he is in constant need of attention especially during a thunderstorm because poor thing gets scared.

● “Why is there another dog in my living room?” is asked by you at least 3 times a day.

● “I couldn’t leave it in rain!”.


● “STEVE YES” basically him being a little reckless shit.

● You can’t be upset with him more than 3 hours because of his lost puppy look.

● Hugs from behind any day everyday.

● A lot of hugs in general.

● Befriending Natasha and Bucky.

● Going shopping with Nat to buy lingerie that you think Steve would enjoy to see you in.

● Waking up to him having nightmares and cuddling afterwards to comfort him.

● Him being quite nervous the first time you two make love.

● Him being surprisingly dominant in bed but being gentle at the same time.

● Him making sure he does not hurt you during sex.

● Cuddles with you after.

● Calling him Captain in bed or soldier.

● Being called beautiful by him at least 20 times a day.

● He loves it when you only wear his shirt and gets secretly turned on.

● Taking bubble baths together to relief stress and always using a different kind of bath bomb.

● Him loving to wash your hair because he can feel you relaxing after a long day.

● Whispering sweet nothing to one another while enjoying each other’s company.

● Just healing and growing as a person together.

Dating Bucky Barnes would include:

● Having the habit to wake up at 3:00 in the morning, just to check if he had nightmares again. 

● Nat-Nat and Steve being by your side 24/7, you are Bucky’s precious (Y/N). No one is going to touch you without your permission or your boyfriend’s.

● Playing with magnets on his metal arm. He can’t tell you to stop, because you are so damn cute.

● Starting a friendship with Sam, even if your boyfriend doesn’t like him that much. Bucky gets jealous easy.

● Helping him with his depression and always being there for him when he is about to shatter like glass.

● Sweet and wet kisses on your neck while you are cooking, he can’t help himself.

● Him staring at your beautiful while you have this look in your eyes when you talk about your passions.

● Bucky being a little bit scared at first to make love with you. “Steve, I just can’t do that, what if I hurt (Y/N)?” He would tell his best friend about that.

● Steve would try to talk to him, but let’s face it; Natasha would be the one telling James what to do.

● Your first time was full of passion and love, his hands being all over you.

● Starting to have a weird kink for his metal arm.

● Taking a shower together always ends up with something really dirty.

● Men/women stop flirting with you, ‘cause he gives them that death glare.

● Him feeling terrified about the day he has to meet your parents.

● Turning out that your mother loves him like her own son, while your father is colder.

● Your younger siblings trying to touch his metal arm and play with it.

● Bucky softly laughing at them. “WOW, MOM, CAN I GET ONE TOO?!” One of them would ask.

● “They are just joking, miss (M/N).” You listened at their conversation. “(S/N), please, I don’t think it’s easy to have something like this.”  Your dad added.

● After a while, your dad would have a soft spot for him too.

● Waiting for him at night to come home after a long mission.

● Taking you in his arms and kissing your forehead. “Love, I’m home.”

● Bucky saying that, because home is where you are.

Heart stops

(A/N): I remember writing one like this for Bucky and I loved both of the requests so much! 

Request: Um… I was wondering if you could write a Nat x fem!reader where the reader is having a surgery at the hospital because she got severely injured during a mission and Nat freaked out when the reader’s heart stopped one time during surgery, so while the doctors tries to revive her Nat tearfully screams (Y/N’s) name until the reader’s heart start beating again? And it ends with Natasha kissing the reader before hugging her?

Warnings: swearing, almost death

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor, @sxph-t

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   Nat pants as she follows alongside the stretcher, unable to stop her eyes form wandering over (Y/N)’s beaten and severely bleeding body. Blood spurted from a wound in their chest and Nat watched fearfully as the color and life drained from their face. Their breath was shallow, their hand weakly squeezing Nat’s as they attempted to splutter something but the never ending flow of blood across their throat and chest made it nearly impossible to breathe, much less talk. 

   (Y/N)’s hand was slowly loosing it’s grip, each second it grew weaker and weaker until (Y/N)’s hand slipped from Nat’s, falling onto the bloodied table with a thump. 

   “Miss Romanoff- Miss Romanoff!” A doctor jogged beside her, attempting to catch her attention. “I’m sorry but you can’t be in this part of the hospital, it’s restricted-” 

   “If you think I’m going to leave (Y/N) like that, laying on some stretcher all alone then you’re fucking crazy,” Nat growls, jogging to catch up with the stretcher, now turning into an operating room. 

   “You can’t go inside the room at least,’ The doctor states, placing a hand on Nat’s shoulder. “You can watch from outside but you’re not allowed in, is that okay?” Nat gulps, watching as tubes and wires are attached to (Y/N), an oxygen mask placed on their face, and the doctors surrounding them begin to wash up while others run around grabbing supplies. Honestly it wasn’t okay, Nat wanted- needed- to be in there with (Y/N) but if she had to wait outside while they operated then so be it. 

   “Yeah,” Nat breathes out, nodding. “Yeah, that sounds good,” 

    This mission was supposed to be simply, a merely exchange of Intel and Nat and (Y/N) would be done but what had started as mere deception quickly turned into something larger. One minute it was Nat and (Y/N) and two other guys, working out a negotiation on some info when one of them slipped up, making it obvious that they weren’t who they really said they were, that they weren’t really there to exchange the information these people had wanted. It could have been so easy, so damn easy, Nat and (Y/N) could have easily taken the two men down but it happened in a flash- a quick glimpse of light across a blade and suddenly (Y/N)’s chest and throat had been sliced, spurting blood immediately. Needless to say Nat took care of the men and rushed (Y/N) here were she was now waiting outside the operating room, watching as the doctors tried miserably to save (Y/N)’s life. 

    The doctors were trying their best to stop the blood, to keep (Y/N) alive, to keep that heart of their pumping but despite their best efforts it was seemingly failing. The blood continued in heavy spurts and their heart levels were depleting rapidly, going from normal one second to nearly 10 beats the next. Nat rose fearfully from her seat, pressing a hand to the glass before her as the doctors hurriedly rushed around, grabbing gauze, tape, anything to stop the blood, but it simply wasn’t working. Before Nat could even comprehend what had happened (Y/N)’s heart dropped, the line attached to the heart monitor going completely still. 

   “(Y/N),” Nat whispers as the doctors move around, all yelling medical terms at each other. “(Y/N),” Nat repeats, this time louder. Her eyes were glued to (Y/N)’s open chest, the blood having stopped spurting, rather a light trickle now. The doctors had succeeded a moment to late. “(Y/N),” Nat’s voice quakes, her eyes blurring with tears. God no, no, this couldn’t be happening, they had to revive (Y/N), oh god, what would she do without them? With a heart wrenching sob Nat fell to her knees, her hands remaining on the window as she sobbed, her whole chest heaving with the effort. “(Y/N)!” She wailed, her voice hurting from the restraint of trying not to scream in pain. 

   “Miss Romanoff if you’d kindly follow me-” 

   “No!” Nat screamed, wrenching her hand away from a nurse who’d attempted to grab it. “No! I’m not leaving this spot, I-I’m not-” 

   “Miss Romanoff, please follow me,” The nurse tugs on her arm once again, urging Nat to follow along. 

   “No! Let go of me!” She screams, the whole hall seeming to shake with the intensity of it. “I’m not leaving them!” Nat could vaguely hear the sounds of triumphant yells from some other room, actually rather close if she thought about it. 

   “We did it!” A muffled voice cried. 

   “We’re not done yet,” Another piped up. “We still have to stop the blood,” Nat scrunched her brow, biting her lip as she hoped- prayed- that the doctors were talking about (Y/N), that her (Y/N) was still alive, that they’d been able to bring them back. With shaky legs Nat stands, almost crying once again when she saw the steady up and down of the line, their heart rate nearly normal once again. The blood had stopped to almost a trickle as the doctors worked quickly and thoroughly, saving (Y/N)’s life. 

   Nat jolted up in her seat, a cold sweat across her skin as she recalled the nightmare she had just had. It was (Y/N), their heart had stopped, but rather than coming back to life they had died on that table with Nat standing outside their room, unable to do anything to stop it. Nat looked to her left, her heart only calming slightly as (Y/N) laid in bed, their chest rising and falling, shakily, but still rising and falling. Bandages covered their neck and chest, keeping their wound safe from the hospital air, bits of blood still coated their skin, and they did have a few bruises here and there but they were alive and that’s all that mattered to Nat. 

   “Nightmare?” (Y/N) rasps, their voice…different than the last time Nat had heard it. 

   “(Y/N)?” Nat questions, her voice soft as thought saying anything louder would disturb the silence. 

   “In the flesh,” (Y/N) cocked their lips up, a smile overtaking their features. 

   “Oh god (Y/N),” Nat murmured as she reached out to hold (Y/N)’s hand, her thumb gently running along the bruised and bloodied knuckles. “I- I thought- “ Her words get caught in her throat, freezing as she tries to articulate them. “Your heart stopped and-” 

   “Please,” (Y/N) smirks, using their little strength to give Nat’s hand a small squeeze. “You can’t get rid of me that easily, plus, I’d miss you if I died,” (Y/N) gives Nat a sleepy smile, their eyes twinkling almost fondly. “Will a kiss compensate for all that?” (Y/N) asks, their sleepy smile turning into a sleepy albeit mischievous smirk. 

   “(Y/N), you just died on the operating table, I’m not gonna kiss you when you’ve just gotten out of surgery-” 

   “Please? It’ll make me feel better,” (Y/N) mutters, hoping Nat would give into their pained and sleepy puppy dog eyes. “It’ll make both of us feel better,” (Y/N) continues on, tracing their thumb over Nat’s own. 

   “Fine,” Nat mutters as she leans over, being careful of (Y/N)’s wounds. “But just one,” (Y/N) smirks as their lips press to Nat’s, damn near perfect if they said so themself. Nat doesn’t kiss them for long, scared of hurting them more than they already were. Nat pulls away after the momentary kiss, much to (Y/N)’s dismay, 

   “One more?” (Y/N) asks in that sweet sleepy tone again. “Please?” And Nat can’t help but to oblige, the thought of (Y/N)’s heart stopping spurring her into the kiss further. Well, if there was one perk to this it was going to be the constant need for affection that both (Y/N) and Nat had. 

Holy fuck this is so bad, I’m so sorry! 

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Clint and Natasha

  • Who is a night owl: Both
  • Who is a morning person: Clint
  • Are they cuddlers: Hell yeah
  • Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon: Natasha is usually big spoon. Clint is very okay with this.
  • What is their favourite sleeping position: 
  • Who steals all the blankets: Depends on whos more tired and wants to be comfortable.
  • What they wear to bed: nude or sometimes underwear
  • Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt: Clint loves it 
  • Who falls asleep mid-conversation: neither but sometimes Clint
  • Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares: Nat
  • Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep: Both
  • Who can’t keep their hands to themself: Both

-Send ships for sleep headcanons-

“Companions react to trying to calm Sole down after nightmares.“

Part 2

Nick Valentine - They usually made some turns and flips in their sleep, but tonight it felt almost light they’ve tried to run into the wall. He got up from his chair and went up to see if they’re okay, only to find them sitting on his bed, their arms around their knees, shaking, maybe even crying. Nick instantly knew what this was about and sat beside them, his arms making his way around them without a word. He rocked them softly and hummed into their ear, before they slowly drifted off again. He went down to his office again, only to return with a little pile of papers and folders, staying close to them while he was working for the rest of the night.

Piper - She was finishing her latest article and let Sole use her bed until then. She suddenly heard them gasp for air, their whole body jerking up with more shallow gasps. She is used to Nat having nightmares very often and is used to it - she even heard that children are more likely to have bad dreams. She wraps her arms around Sole, just like around Nat and whispers many ‘it’s okay’ and ‘it was just a dream’, before they calm down. When they do, she brings them along back to her table and lets them watch her as she works. They even offer some useful advices.  When the work is done, instead of sending them to the Dugout, she makes them stay and lies down beside Nat instead. Not as comfortable as having her own bed, but she doesn’t want Sole to be alone tonight.

Preston - He would never ever admit it, but he loved sleeping close to Sole. After what they had done for him and for the people, he felt like he’d do anything to protect them and being so close made him feel safe. He was a light sleeper, when they made a quick turn or caused more than a little noise, he was already awake, but seeing that everything is okay had him sleeping again in no time. However, now he woke up to their fast flips and turns, until they shot up with a soft yelp. He observed their face for a while, seeing the realization replace their fear and surprise. He sat by them and held his hand on their shoulder, squeezing it reassuringly. He’d take a watch for the rest of the night, making sure he’s by them at once, might another bad dream hit them.

Strong - He was watching the surrounding while they slept, observed for any signs of danger coming up. When he saw Sole crying, holding their knees to their chest and shaking, he approached them and looked around him, despite no one being around. He kneeled up to the bed and asked: “Human have bad dreams?” When he got a nod as an answer he continued in a hushed tone. “Strong have bad dreams sometime. They make Strong scared.” he stops for a while, before going on again: “Bad dreams not real.” he finishes and places a large hand on Sole’s shoulder before going away again, to kee his watch.

X6-88 - He wasn’t surprised, when their sleep was disturbed by nightmares, they sure have been through a lot. In moments like this, he was glad he didn’t have to sleep and didn’t experience them. He approached their shuddering form on the mattress and asked them what was the nightmare about and they seemed to relax after a while. “Try to get some more sleep, sir/ma’am. A difficult day awaits.” he says at last and lets them rest some more.

Bonus!Maxson - He decided to take a walk over Prywden at late hours. The Commonwealth sky never ceased to amaze him; for a world so destroyed and chaotic, the night sky seemed pure and bright. As he returned to his quarters, he heard a scream muffled by the door of room, which belonged to Danse and now belonged to Sole. He knocked on the door and walked in, slightly worried. He saw them sitting on the bed, their arms around their shaking form. “Paladin?” he asked, before stepping closer. “Those dreams aren’t real. Don’t let them get to you.” he said with a voice which had considerable amount of experience in it. He did have many nightmares quite often and knew how they can mess up with one’s head. He was at the door again, humming a soft ‘Get some sleep, Sole’, before he left.

Safe (Bucky x Reader)

Request:  Hello :) Can you please do a Bucky Barnes imagine where the reader has a nightmare and the avengers try to calm her down but she refuses their help and begs for Bucky since he’s the only one to make her feel calm/safe? Thank you so much! xx 

Words: 618

Warnings: Mention of nightmares 

You woke up with a start, breathing heavily. You could still hear the screams, still feel their hands grabbing for you. Just thinking about it made you burst into a million sobs. Shaking uncontrollably you could tell you were on the verge of a panic attack. 

Since you were staying at the Avengers Tower with the rest of the Avengers including Bucky, you knew that by now JARVIS had alerted Tony about you. JARVIS always told Steve when Bucky would wake up from a nightmare and since you and Tony were really close, you knew JARVIS would have told him by now. 

Your bedroom door swung open and in came Tony, Clint, Bruce and Natasha but no Steve or Bucky. Where was he? They all quickly came to your bed and sat down around you, all with worried expressions. 

“What’s the matter Y/N? Nightmare?” Nat asked, soothingly. Nat was your other closet friend next to Tony. 

You couldn’t even get one word out, all you did was sit there and cry some more. Your breathing quickened and by now you were flipping out. You tuned out their voices as they kept trying to calm you down. Only one person was on your mind right now and he was not in the room. 

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I’m by your side

(A/N): I love fics like this 

Request:Can you do a fluffy Natasha imagine where you’re Nat’s girlfriend and one night you were crying in your sleep due to having a nightmare about Nat dying until Nat rushes to your bedroom and comfort you with hugs and kisses before you and Nat fall asleep while cuddling with each other?

Warnings: some nightmares, mentions of death

Tags: @mcuimxgine

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    There was nothing you could do, you were tied down gagged, beaten to a bloody pulp and now there was nothing to do, no energy to fight back against the horrors of what were to come. 

     "Please,“ you sobbed through the blindfold in your mouth. "Please don’t do this,” all you got was a harsh smack to your already swelling face and a whispered threat. 

     "Shut the hell up,“ some man growled, his hand in your hair yanking you back, hard. You whimpered in pain but mostly in fear, in fear of what they were going to do to your sweet Nat. She too, lay before you, much more beaten, blood oozing from every hole in her face, her body beginning to bruise from all the abuse. Despite all this she gives you a little smile, just a quick quirk of her lip, just enough to show you that she was still conscious enough to know what was going on. 

    "She’s a traitor to her own kind, she sold us out, closed down our business,” Some man walks around her, a bat in hand, the end of it covered in both of your guys’s blood. “And she’s gonna pay,” The man with the bat smirked before bringing it down upon Nat’s head. The sickening crunch had you sobbing a chant of her name, a string of “Nat’s” over and over again. But the man didn’t stop there, he brought the bat down again and again until one side of Nat’s head was completely bashed in, blood coating the warehouse floor. 

    The man, satisfied with his work turns to look at you, smirking madly.

    “Now it’s your turn-” he takes one step towards you before you suddenly jolt awake, sitting up rigidly in your bed. 

    You clutch the sheets tightly to your chest, swear covering every inch of your skin and tear cascading down your face. You tried to convince yourself it was all a dream but when you reached out to Nat’s side of the bed she wasn’t there. There was no familiar warmth, no pleasant weight settled there, no soft snoring like you were used to and then you were falling deeper into that hole, that pit of pure fear and anguish. 

   You can’t help yourself when you begin calling for Nat, sobbing her name as you curl in on yourself. 

    “Nat!” You yell in between sobs, your entire body shaking with the effort. “Natasha!” At your second cry the door to your bedroom Immediately swings open, a very concerned Natasha standing there. 

     "(Y/N) what’s wrong? What happened?“ You sob loudly, reaching out for her because there was no way your legs were going to work at the moment. Immediately Nat rushes to your side, enveloping you in the tightest and warmest hug you’d ever received. ”(Y/N), baby, what’s wrong?“ She whispers frantically as she runs a hand over your hair, attempting to soothe you. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" 

     "Y-Y-You’re alive,” you sob, clinging to her even tighter. 

     "Of course I’m alive baby, why wouldn’t I-“ Nat pauses, her words coming to a stop as she comes to a realization. "Did you have another nightmare?” You nod frantically, sobbing even harder against her shoulder. “Oh baby,” she whispers, holding you a bit softer, much to your dismay. “It’s okay, it wasn’t real-”

     "I-I-It felt s-so real,“ you cry, the images of her bashed in skull only making you sob harder.

     "You’re gonna make yourself throw up,” she whispers, beginning to run a hand up and down your back. “You need to calm down sweetheart, take a deep breath with me,” You attempt to breath in with her but a sob gets in the way, causing your breath to hitch. “That’s okay,” Nat nods a bit, “you’re doing better though. Can you do it again for me?” You do it again and again and again until your breathing had evened out, only a few hiccups every now and then. “Okay,” Nat whispers, her hand still rubbing up and down your back. “So you had a nightmare, that right?” You nod against her, sniffling weakly. “Do you wanna talk-” you immediately shake your head no, your breath hitching at the thought of having to retell the story of what happened. “Okay, that’s okay,” Nat quickly reassures, “well then, is there anything I can do to help?” You nod your head immediately, the movement causing your aching head to hurt even worse. 

     "S-stay with me, p-please,“ Nat nods, immediately letting you go only to slide in bed next to you. You cling to her like a koala, making sure she wasn’t going anywhere.

     "I’m sorry I left you,” she whispers, brushing back some of the hair from your eyes. “I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want to wake you up with the TV," 

     "Y-You’re not g-going to leave a-again, are you?” Nat immediately shakes her head, gripping you a bit tighter. 

     "No baby, I’m not leaving you, I’m gonna stay right here as long as you need me,“ You nod your head, sighing against her shakily. It was okay, everything was okay. You had Nat in your arms, she wasn’t leaving, her head was intact as far as you could tell, everything was alright. 

    "I’m not leaving you,” Nat states with an air of finality, all the while pressing a reassuring yet firm kiss against your forehead. “Go to sleep my love, I’ll be okay,” and you believed her, so long as you had her by your side you believed her.


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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Hiya, I have a Steve Rogers request. Reader lives in the same apartment building as Steve and Steve lives under readers apartment. Steve hears reader crying to sleep almost every night so he’s curious and finally asks what’s up with the reader.

A/N: First, apologies for not posting in so long!  I’ve been a little busy and I was also lacking motivation, but I’m going to try to post a little more regularly (I say this literally every time).  I tweaked this prompt a little bit, but I’m generally pretty happy with how it came out.  Thanks!  And tagging the wonderful @pleasecallmecaptain.


2:47 am.

Steve nudges the door open, doing his best to avoid the creaky spots in the floor boards.  Battered and bruised, just back from a mission in Belarus, he limps across the room, still in uniform.  He pulls the freezer open and grabs a bag of frozen peas.  Gingerly, he presses it against his black eye and winces.

Steve leans against the counter, enjoying the peace and quiet.  Well, almost quiet.  His ear catches a faint sound and he looks around, confused.

Eventually, he realizes that the noise is coming from the apartment above his.   Your apartment.  Immediately, he’s on edge.  

Then suddenly it hits him.  The faint sound is sobbing, the kind of sound you make when you’re trying not to cry, but just can’t stop.  Steve’s heart breaks as he looks up at the ceiling, wondering what to do.  All he wants is to go up and do something, anything to make you feel better.  But he knows he can’t.  The two of you are virtually strangers.  And besides…

Steve can’t bring himself to go to sleep, but he also can’t seem to make his feet move out and up to you.  He stays in his kitchen, losing track of time, listening until he hears your sobs quiet.

He goes to bed, heavy with the knowledge that not even Captain America can solve every problem.


1:24 am.

Jakarta, this time.  Steve’s arm is broken, in a sling.  He knows he’ll be healed in a few days, but he hates the feeling of his arm tucked uselessly against his chest.  It’s a reminder that every mission is dangerous, even for him.  A reminder that one day, he might not come back home.

He pauses in the middle of the room, listening, and again he’s greeted by the sound of you, crying as sobs turn to intermittent whimpers.  He listens to your heart-wrenching sobs, staying awake, eyes fixed on the ceiling until the sound becomes more gradual and fades into fitful sleep.




Steve sets his shield down, wetting a washcloth and pressing it to the cut above his eye.  He listens for you, but is met with silence.  He smiles, letting out a breath of relief he hadn’t realized he’d been holding.

Suddenly, he hears a muffled scream.  He grabs his shield from the ground, but quickly realizes that the silence has been filled with a familiar sound.

And then suddenly it all clicks into place for him.  He lowers his shield to the ground and hurries out the door and up the stairs.


You hear three knocks on the door.  Soft, steady, then silence.  You peer out through the peephole and find yourself staring at your neighbor…Steve, was it?  You grant yourself a few seconds to look at him, really look at him.  

He’s handsome, there’s no doubt about that.  But there’s something else about his face.  Something familiar.  You shrug off the feeling and open the door quietly, doing your best to hide the fact that you’ve been crying.

“Steve, right?” you ask.  He nods slowly, his face expressionless.  “What’s up?” 

You see the split second look of panic on his face and you know he’s here because he heard you.  But then he composes himself and a small smile slides onto his face.

“I was wondering if you had any ice packs?  My freezer’s totally empty.”  The statement is smooth, effortless, and somehow you know it’s a lie.  But you don’t mind.  

You take in his appearance, suddenly noticing the cuts and bruises peppered across his face and body.  What was it that he said he did again?  You nod and invite him into your apartment.  You gesture toward the couch and move into your kitchen.

You return with a ziplock bag of ice and a first aid kit in your hands.  Steve takes it from you gratefully and presses it on a growing bruise on his chin.  You open up the first aid kit and pull out a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

“It’s okay,” Steve starts.  “I can patch myself u-“

“Could you stop moving?”  Truthfully, now that he’s here, you don’t want him to leave.  You know that once he does, you’ll be alone.

Steve complies and you dab at the wound.  He winces and your hand trembles.  “I’m sorry, I-“

“It’s fine,” he says gently.  You clean away the blood, struck by how natural this feels.  You’ve only just met him and yet you’re dressing his wound like you’ve done it a thousand times before.

“So, how’d you get this?” you ask quietly.

“Um,” Steve replies.  “I’m…I work with the Avengers.”  You look up at him, studying his face.  Then a piece of the puzzle clicks in your head and your face lights up with recognition.

“Oh,” you say.  “You’re Captain America.”

“Yeah,” Steve says.

“That must be why you look so familiar,” you say nonchalantly, turning back to his cut.

“You thought I looked familiar?” he asks.  There’s something in his voice that makes you feel unsure of yourself, some emotion that doesn’t seem to fit.

“Yeah,” you say, although you can’t quite shake the feeling that you’re wrong.  “That must be it, right?”

“Right,” Steve says quietly.  You reach into the kit, looking for something to put on the cut.

“I, uh,” you stammer.  “I put some tea on.  I needed it and you’re welcome to stay, if you want.”  Steve smiles, pained.

“That sounds nice,” he says softly.  You find some gauze and start to dress the wound.  “I have them too.”  Your fingers freeze.  You stare ahead, determined not to meet his eyes.



“What are yours about?” you ask, forcing your hands to keep working.

“Someone I lost,” he says.  “I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again.”

“Can you tell me about her?” you ask.  “If you want to, I mean?”

“She’s incredible,” Steve smiles.  “She has a way of helping you see the best in yourself, and the best in other people.  She’s…I don’t have the words to describe her.”

“What happened?” you ask hesitantly.  Steve’s face tightens and he looks down at the floor.

“She was…this group of people, they’re called Hydra,” he says, his voice low.  “They took her.  I don’t even know what they did to her.  I found her after…too long.  We were on our way out, and they blew up the building.  We both made it, but whatever they did to her and the explosion…it was too much.  Her memory was just…gone.”  

His story stirs something inside of you.  He turns to you and you see his face fall.  He reaches up and brushes a tear off of your cheek.  You hadn’t even realized you were crying.

“Where is she now?” you asks, your voice just above a whisper.  Steve looks at you, then back down at his hands.

“Safe,” he replies.  “She’s safe now.”  

You open your mouth to say something, but you’re cut off by the sound of the teapot whistling.  You get up and excuse yourself to the kitchen, where you prepare two cups of tea.  You bring it back to the living room and hand the mug to Steve.

“Thank you,” he says and takes a sip.  His eyes widen and he looks down at the tea.  “There’s…milk and sugar in here?”

“Yeah,” you say.  “Two spoonfuls and a dash of milk.”  You stare down at your black tea and your brow furrows.  “Weird.  Well, if you prefer black tea, you’re welcome to-“

Steve shakes his head.  “This is perfect.”  The two of you sit, drinking your tea in silence.  

“I don’t know what my nightmares are about,” you say suddenly.  Steve looks up at you and you continue.  “I…I rarely remember them.  When I do, the memories are vague and almost…hazy.  I remember shadows of people, and darkness, and the cold.”

“Do you know why they happen?” Steve asks, almost tentative.  

“No,” you answer truthfully.  “I don’t, I mean…I was in a car accident almost half a year ago.  They said it made me forget some things.  Just like that person you lost.”  Steve nods.  

“Yeah,” he echoes.  “Just like her.”  The two of you sit in silence, both lost in thought.

“Well, I don’t want to intrude any longer,” Steve finally says.  You open your mouth to protest, but he cuts you off.  “It’s late, and I’m sure we both have early mornings tomorrow.”  He walks toward the door, and stops.  He turns back to face you.

“I just want to say,” he trails off.  “If you’re ever…if you ever want to talk, and it’s late…my door is always open.  Well, I mean, I do lock it, and I’m out on missions sometimes, but I’m usually home and I’m usually up late-“

“I’ll keep that in mind,” you say, as a smile spreads across your face.  “Good night, Steve.”

“Good night, (Y/N),” he replies.  “Sleep well.”


3:52 am.

Steve hadn’t realized how long he’d been at (Y/N)’s apartment.  He opens the door to his apartment to find Natasha sitting on his couch.

“Nat,” he says, his voice tired.

“Steve,” she replies.  “I think we both know why I’m here.”

“She’s having nightmares, Nat,” he pleads.

“You were never supposed to make contact,” she replies.  “Not unless she approaches you first or she’s in danger.”

“I’m here to protect her!”

“You can’t protect her from dreams.”

“I can damn well try.”  Natasha sighs.

“I hate the rules as much as you do, Steve, but that’s how it has to be.”  Steve runs his hands through his hair, shaking his head.

“She remembers me,” he says simply.  “I know she does.”  Natasha’s gaze softens.

“As much as I want to believe that,” she replies gently.  “You heard the doctors.  After what she went through, with Hydra and the explosion, her odds of ever regaining her memory…they’re not great.”


“Steve, the (Y/N) that you knew is gone.  You have to accept that and try and move forward.”


“Funny how new facts pop up and make you doubt that there’s any goodness in life. Everyone pretends to be normal and be your friend, but underneath, everyone is living some other life you don’t know about, and if only we had a camera on us all the times, we could go and watch other’s tapes and find out what each of us was really like.”

- Palo Alto // James Franco

Companions react #1

SS has a nightmare, how the companions soothe them

Cait: she’s had her own share of nightmares over the years, they are so frequent she’s just got used to them. But Sole was one person she least expected to be bothered by the nightmares, since they go out picking fights with Super Mutants and Raiders all the time, the thought just never crossed her mind.

they had just gotten finished clearing out super mutants from the near by mall, too tried to return to the nearest settlement, the two of them agreed to spend the night there, and Cait would take first watch so sole could get some rest, it didn’t take them long to pass out which made Cait happy, Sole never slept well and seeing them look peaceful, made her heart swell. After what seemed like forever, just as Cait was drifting off to sleep as well, she heard a whimper, she quickly lifted her head up, looking over at sole who looked like they were in distress, tightly holding the sleeping bag in their fits and sweat was running down their face. Cait quickly crawled over to Sole, shaking them gently “Sole..” She whispered gently, which made them instantly look better, their hands let go of the sleeping bag, grabbing Cait’s arm instead, she just chuckled, laying down next to them. for the rest of the night, Cait ran her hands through Sole’s hair to keep them calm, and it worked.

Curie: Curie may be experienced with almost everything the world has to offer, but nightmares, she’s not really familiar with those, not knowing exactly what to do when sole had one.

It had been a long week for the both of them, a very exhausting one at that, the both of them were so exhausted, neither one of them undressed when they got back to the settlement they were staying at. Sole laid face first on the bed, their boots hanging loosely from their feet as they slept, curie laid in a ball next to sole, her head on their shoulder. When sole started mumbling stuff in their sleep, curie pushed it off as something they normally did, but when Sole started yelling, curie almost fell from the bed. She quickly sat up, looking sole over, they weren’t hurt, they were perfectly fine, she was confused and just sat next to them, hoping the whole thing would be over soon, curie would ask them about it in the morning.

Piper: She never really had nightmares, but Nat had them a lot, so she knew what to do when Sole started having one.

Piper sat at her desk, going over the current paper she was writing at the moment, making sure the spelling was correct and what not. Sole had stopped by to just say hello, but they ended up passing out on the couch, not like piper cared so much, she enjoyed having them around, even if they weren’t conscious. piper hummed softly to herself, writing away until a scream startled her, she looked over in soles direction and frown slightly at the sight of sole is distress. she slowly got up from her chair, kneeling in front of sole running a hand through their hair “shh, its alright blue” she spoke softly, making sole look somewhat relaxed “i’m right here, i aint going anywhere.”   

Hancock: Ah, nightmares, a mans favourite thing in this entire earth, hancock gets them regularly, but chems always take any dreams away. That’s really the only way that he knows how to deal with them.

Hancock smiled a bit as he watched sole, finally having a good nights rest after all of the traveling they’ve done the past week, as much as he enjoyed his time with Sole, it was exhausting. He tilted his head when he noticed tears on Sole’s cheeks, he slowly reached out to them, shaking them until they opened their eyes. “Nightmare?” When Sole just nodded, Hancock reached into his pocket, pulling a thing of jet out. He held it out to them with a gentle smile, but instead of grabbing the inhaler, they grabbed his wrist pulling him towards them. Once Hancock understood what they wanted, he laid next to them, holding sole close to himself. “This is better.” Sole muttered into his chest, which made him smile

MacCready: ever since he lost Lucy, his nightmares haunted him, they were so bad he’d wake up in the middle of the night sobbing, gripping his pillow out of anger and sadness, they were a never ending nightmare, he understands what sole is going through.

It was probably around 1 in the morning, and Mac couldn’t sleep, he sat in a chair across the small hotel room that they had rented, going through all of the comics both Sole and Himself had collected on their travels, he was extremely happy about all of them, missing the adventures his mind had taken him in when he was a child. As MacCready happily reads one of the comics, a quiet gasp grabs his attention, he slowly looks up, frowning slightly as sole seemed to be fighting with their own mind. He pulls his feet off of the table, making his way over to them, as he sits down he rests his hand on Sole’s shoulder but they quickly grabbed his arm, wrapping themselves around it, mumbling a soft ‘don’t leave me.’ Before looking peaceful as they fell back into their deep sleep. MacCready let out a soft chuckle “not planning on it boss.”

Danse: he had seen every type of nightmare, from every solider in the brotherhood of steel, he of course would have a few of his own every now and then, but he was used to seeing others have them.

Danse was walking around the prydewn, it was currently curfew and the Paladin had to make sure that all the other soldiers were in bed, unless they had work that was given directly from the elder, then it was acceptable to be up. As the Paladin was making his way through the Knights quarters, he noticed Sole squirming in their cot, a thin sheet of sweat cover their face as they mumbled things under their breath. Danse sighed softly to himself, quickly making his way over to them before it got worse, he stood next to them, his presence only seemed to calm Sole down, which made a bright blush appear on his face as he noticed this, he quickly looked away from their sleeping form, mumbling “it’s alright Solider.” Before walking away.

Preston: nightmares…one thing that he never learned how to deal with, they still even mess with him to this day, but he’s learned how to handle them from time to time.

Preston was doing his daily scouting, well, it wasn’t really day, it was more of a 2 in the morning scouting. He whistled softly, enjoying the cold breeze the night air had to offer him. He enjoyed his time alone during times like these, that’s really the only reason why he’s such an early riser. As Preston made his way down the street, his peaceful toon slowly died out as he stood in front of Sole’s house, he could hear them crying softly, crying out ‘helps’ and ‘don’t leave mes’. Preston bit his lip, hesitant about walking into the Generals house but he soon decided that they needed him so he just walked right in. “Are you alright?” He spoke softly as he walked into their room, Sole was sitting up in their bed, holding their head between their hands as they cried softly, Preston set is rifle down into the dresser, pulling Sole into a tight hug. “It’s alright general, I’ve got you.”

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Sole or the companion has a nightmare and cuddles turn to comfort sex??

((This took awhile to fill out but I’m happy with the result, thank you for your patience <3 ))

Cait: She’s the one who initiates it. Cuddling is fine but she knows it’s not the best way to distract Sole is through something physical. Either beating someone’s head in or through each other. And right then they had each other.

Codsworth: When he woke up hearing Sole in the middle of another nightmare he was near frantic to comfort them, waking them up and making them a cup of tea. Then he cuddles close, with all the hugs and kisses he can muster. They both end up comforting each other, soft touches slowly turning more intimate until they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Curie: She won’t stop babbling as she sits on the side of the bed, talking about all the encyclopedic knowledge she has about nightmares and the various ‘cures’ people had come up with, with alphabetical order. By the time Curie reaches the suggestion of a distraction as a cure Sole smiles and kisses her. “I have a good idea for a distraction.”

Danse: He holds Sole close, hand tracing patterns on their back as Sole’s head rests on his chest. It’s the calm after the storm once Sole stops trembling from their nightmare, Danse helps make them feel safe. He’s almost back asleep when he feels Sole’s lips on his and he smiles knowing they’ll be keeping him awake for awhile.

Deacon: Deacon knows that there isn’t any joke in the book that could make Sole’s nightmare any less scary so he tells them to close their eyes so he can surprise them. And Sole smiles as they do just that because calling it a surprise is a lie, they know they’re going to get a kiss even before they feel his lips. What does surprise Sole is that when they open their eyes his clothes are gone. How the hell does he do that so fast?

Hancock: “Nightmares suck.” He states and would be wrinkling his nose if he had one. “I mean ya got all that other shit to deal with and then your brain has to be a scumbag to?” He shakes his head and hugs Sole close. “And your stuck with a guy who looks like a nightmare, that can suck. But he can also be a great time, a much better time than some bad dream ya dig?”

MacCready: “Hey hey none of that.” Mac says as soon as Sole’s awake, wrapping his arms around them and nuzzling into their neck. “Just think about us right here right now okay? That helps me pull back from a nightmare, thinking of you.” His cheeks go a little pink and he smiles, kissing their cheek. Their quiet for a moment, laying gentle kisses on each other’s face, their cheeks, forehead, before the kisses grow bolder and more heated. Then neither of them sleep that night.

Nick: “Hey kid that looked like one hell of a dream ride.” Nick runs the back of his good hand over Sole’s cheek to wipe away a tear. “Wanna talk it out?” He holds them close and listens to every word, letting Sole talk themselves out of their terror when their done they kiss his cheek thanking him for listening. “Anything else I can do to help you out?” They then kiss his lips and push him done to the bed. They know exactly how he can help.

Piper: She wakes up with Sole cuddled up to her back and she knows it’s another nightmare. “Awe Blue you really have the worst luck when trying to sleep don’t you?” She turns to face them, kissing them softly. “Ya know story time helps Nat sleep after a nightmare and I think I saw a book lying around here so wait a minute.” She searches the place and comes back to bed with a badly beaten pulp novel. “Well it ain’t somethin’ I’d read to Nat but it should be fun.” It turns out to be the raunchiest pulp smut novel either of them had laid eyes on and they end up dropping the book in favour of real love making.

Preston: “Babe wake up.” As soon as he knows Sole is having a nightmare he gently shakes them awake and pulls them close. “Sorry General but it looked like you were having a real bad one this time,  maybe a walk will help clear your mind a little?” He holds Sole’s hand for the short walk around the settlement, thumb rubbing across the back of Sole’s hand as he kisses their cheek. When they get back to bed they both flop back onto the mattress and wrap their arms around each other, neither feeling like sleeping much as they cuddle close. The warm cuddling turning to slow lazy sex as they held each other.

X6-88:  “You have nothing to worry about, I will terminate any threat within your proximity.” X6 states, not leaving any room for doubt when Sole wakes from another nightmare. Holding someone is unfamiliar to him but he tries for Soles sake, silently searching his memory of relationship knowledge to find something that could be helpful. “May I suggest that I distract you from your nightmare?” When Sole agrees X6 doesn’t hesitate, and Sole finds themselves very distracted.

romanogers headcanons

• steve being a true gentleman and opening doors for natasha and pulling chairs out for her and all that and initially she scoffs at him and is just like ugh i can do it myself but secretly really likes it but of course she doesn’t show it

•steve taking natasha out dancing and its oldschool and its corny and she rolls her eyes at him but loves it anyway and he twirls her around and she’s laughing and gorgeous and steve is just thinking ‘god i am so lucky’

•natasha and steve curled up on the couch watching old films that steve loved pre-serum

•natasha usually waking up before steve but on the rare occasion she doesn’t (usually because steve made it a point to wake up so early) steve makes her breakfast in bed

•steve bending down to kiss her because she’s a shorty + steve kissing the top of her head just coz

•steve kissing all of nat’s scars

•one of them getting nightmares (Nat of the red room and Steve of the war) and the other just holding them in their arms whispering soothing words into their ear

•steve learning russian for nat and being bad at it initially but nat being super encouraging (and after he becomes more fluent,nat whispering dirty things into his ear in russian when they’re in public/at work just to see him turn beet red)

• natasha loves junkfood but steve acts like her mom and nags at her about portion control

• steve taking natasha out for lots of dates when they have the time. They go to piers, carnivals and arcades and are super competitive with one another and when one wins, the other has to endure their gloating (they each end up with way too many bears and stuffed animals)

• natasha teaching steve how to flirt/talk to women because he’s almost completely hopeless but he learns pretty fast and BANTER

•romanogers (◕‿◕)♡

anonymous asked:

Companions reaction to Shaun (you the kid one you can adopt) coming to find there parent because of nightmare? (I guess this is more for the companions that have been romanced )

All romanced companions, I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to write them being interrupted doing the do by Shaun coming in or no. You can send a message and I’ll do that if you like. 

Preston: He’s pretty good with kids, always plays with the ones at the settlement if he has time. So when Shaun comes into their room sobbing, he’s already picking him up. He rocks him to sleep, laying him in Sole’s and his bed after he falls asleep.

Piper: Nat has nightmares all the time, so she uses the same tactics she does for her. She takes him back to bed and tells him the stories that don’t go into the newspaper, the good ones, where there is no evil in the world. They fall asleep in his room, where Sole drapes a blanket over them when they find them.

Curie: She is new to nightmares too, new to the disoriented terror of waking up sweaty and breathless, scream caught in your throat. She’s already learned why nightmares happen, because knowing why something happens takes away your fear. She tells him it’s all chemical reactions in his brain, it works sort of, he’s asleep half way through her lecture.

Cait: She’s not really sure how to handle this, never having the experience of going to her parents after a nightmare. They had just told her to suck it up, but she knows that’s wrong. Instead she tells him about her time in the Fight Zone, telling him of how she lost her tooth. Sole isn’t pleased when he asks to go to the Fight Zone.

MacCready: Lucy always held Duncan close when he came to them after a nightmare, murmuring soothing words until he fell asleep again. He knows he isn’t the most comforting person, but he tries anyways by humming to him, just like he would to Duncan. 

Danse: There aren’t many children on the Prydwen, so a crying child in new to him. He knows he should comfort him, so he holds him awkwardly while they wait for Sole to come back. When Sole gets home, they find them asleep on the couch, Shaun laying on Danse’s chest as they both snore.

Hancock: Normally he deals with nightmares with chems, but Shaun’s a kid, plus Sole would kill him if he did that. Instead he build a pillow fort with him, claiming no monsters can get in. They fall asleep in it, only waking when Dogmeat collapses it on top of them.

Nick: He doesn’t get nightmares, so he’s got no clue what to say to him. Instead he lets him sit on his lap as he works on cases, good hand running softly through his hair as he dozes between sleep and groggy awareness.

Deacon: Makes up the wildest, fakest story he can think of, making Shaun laugh until his stomach hurts and his nightmare is forgotten. Then he lays down with him, telling himself he’s just making sure he stays asleep, it isn’t long before he’s sleeping. Or is he? Sole can’t tell with his sunglasses on.