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THE HEAVEN GATES OF YOUR INBOX HAS OPENED! So here's my kinda weird question What would the boys of Naruto smell like? Do they have a distinct or preferred scent? Especially Naruto kakashi Sasuke itachi Iruka shikamaru madara sai gaara Yamato neji rock lee etc. (Sorry if it's too long) 😅😅

Trust me when I say there is a TON to answer!! But we are happy that our followers can enjoy content from this blog~

Smell Headcanons!!

Naruto smells like…ramen. The instant kind on most days, if he frequented Ichiraku recently then he smells like their kitchen.

Kakashi smells like cheap colonge. He found this tip in one of his Icha Icha novels, but gawked at the price of the expensive stuff.

Sasuke smells really organic. It’s not a specific smell, really, more just like a natrual smell that human bodies have if they bathe properly using unscented soap. After a battle he smells like fire coals because of his fire and lightning jutsu burning everything around him.

Itachi smells like wood or tea. He also has that natural scent that Sasuke has. Because he’s always pulling Kisame aside to visit tea shops, the scent of those places linger.

Iruka smells like paper and ink. He’s surrounded by both things at the academy. After he retires he smells like Chinese mugwort because he loves the bath house.

Shikamaru smells like his bed sheets. He washes them often because he sleeps so much, so it’s that fresh out of the dryer scent that clings to his body.

Madara smells like sweat because this man never stops moving. But it’s that pleasant dewey sweat scent, not necessarily body odor. When he does have a chance to rest, he smells like mugwort like Iruka.

Sai sometimes smells like ink, but for the most part he smells like soap. The plainest soap you can imagine, he smells like that.

Gaara has an earthy scent like freshly dug up dirt. It’s from moving all that sand around. He finds it a little embarrassing, however, and chooses to cover it up with a crisp body spray that is supposed to smell like the ocean.

Yamato wears expensive colonge when at home, but on a mission he avoids using it to keep him from being detected. Naturally he smells of pine wood. Also, Kakashi asked Yamato if he could use his colonge, to which he refused. Sorry Kakashi.

Neji smells like fresh linen. This guy is anal retentive and always needs fresh clothes, so the fabric gives him that scent.

Rock Lee smells like spandex, or that weird smell that new clothes you ordered online come with. Neji had to teach him how to correct the scent of his clothes; as a result Lee now smells like laundry detergent. He’ll learn to be more subtle one day.

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one day michael is gonna kiss someone on stage like.... hes gonna plant one right on lukes mouth in the middle of a concert and not even realize or go up to calum like "u good?" and kiss his cheek or just kiss ashton's temple after the final bow... i cant believe how much they all love each other

im suprised he hasnt yet at this point i wouldnt be shocked or amazed it seems almost natrual for him to

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I have no absolute clue if you are doing these things anymore. (And if requests are not open please just delete this.) But can you do a Vernon and Joshua friends with benefits. Please and thank you!

I can always try xD


  • Started out as cuddlebuddies
  • But then Hansol started getting handsy
  • It progressed natrually so you let him 
  • Tries to make time for you despite his tight schedule
  • Not every meeting ends up in sex
  • You can also just hang out and have fun ya know
  • You do a lot of classic games and turn it into stripping games
  • Stripping chess
  • Stripping checkers
  • Stripping Monopoly
  • But Also strip cards against Humanity


  • The only reason the two are no together is bc of the dating ban
  • Boi literally plan to put a ring on it as soon as Pledis allows him
  • Does the most romantic things for you
  • Like sends you [your age] number of roses without a clear reason
  • But still calls you Bruh on the phone
  • Bc he still wants to convince everyone that you are just a friend

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Ok I meant father dad like headcannons Please xD 2p axis and 2p Canada lmao

(Whoops mun is a kinky bastard.)


He’s the strict, when young, and he lets them do almost whatever they want. But they WILL be going on camping trips with him. They’ll grow up to be one with nature honestly.


He’s the carefree dad. He’s open minded, and let’s his kid do whatever. But they WILL know how and when to kick ass.


Strict. His child on their own, is natrually in touch with the rules. He makes sure they can behave. But also that they have more fun than he did as a child.


He thinks he’s a horrible father. But hsi children will be the spitying image of him. He’s the beat dad ever. He gives them whatever they want, but he’s able to tell them know if they haven’t earned it or if they don’t deserve it. His kids lover their dad. And he loves them.


i tthink the internet natrually creates a desire to not be vulnerable because there are so many people who could mock you at a moments notice just by its nature with like, no consequences, and i think for people who sort of, went through a lot of formative shit on the internet (such as myself) the ….. willingness to be vulnerable in any situation is much harder and almost… an anti-value? something that is revulsive instinctually. at a very extreme level. anyway i used to be uncomfortable with my legs being visible at all and after (poorly, im kind of incompetetent at a lot of things) shaving them im finally comfortable wearing knee-hole jeans without leggings underneath! i know this seems like a silly breakthrough but its actually pretty big for me

My Personal Headcanons for 2p Italy

- eye contacts
- seriously, they’re eye contacts
- His eyes are natrually hazel
- favorite color is maroon
- just as much a fashionista as Flavio, but doesn’t show it??
- Like, his closet is full of Armani and Versace
- No fancy knife collection, he just collects butterknives from different countries (kinda like how people collect spoons)
- Beanies
- Has a calico cat named Meatball
- Wears hats
- Has wayfarer glasses too, but like I said, he wears eye contacts
- Kinda hipster???
- Owns a lot of watches
- Binge watches Netflix in sweatpants
- Knows Latin and French, on top of Italian and English
- Rivals with Allen
- Picks fights, loses
- Heteroflexible baby
- Small crush on Ollie, beause he’s really cute
- 5’ 9"

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"Do you ever intentionally make yourself a thirst trap for the female residents of Garden or is it all just natrual?"


“…. I might… have a tendency to utilize my exceptionally handsome genetics to sway situations where I am able to curry favor…but–” 

“– Honestly, no. Not intentionally. I’m a naturally charming guy, most days.”  

Why Watching Fairy Tail Subbed is Better than Dubbed

1) Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Erza, Juvia, Gajeel, Levy etc. are all TEENAGERS!!!! Or in their EARLY TWENTIES. They sound like they’re waaaay older. The worst is Gray, Erza, and Juvia. The voices are really not matching with their images.

2) It’s Erza, not Urza. Eh-rlu-zah.

3) Happy’s voice…..His voice doesn’t sound like a cute kid. It sounds like a middle aged woman straining her voice to sound like a little kid.

4) Everyone sounds like a robot. It doesn’t sound natrual. Like, at all.

5) Subbed is just better. Because it’s the original way that it was made. It only makes sense.


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Original illustration and number 10 mermaid toward my art project (which I hope to finish soon…hopefully.) Trying to add more abstract lines to the backgrounds. Haha, for some reason I think she kinda looked like Miley Cyrus (in the face) when I was drawing her.
- Natrual Time: 3 hours
- Tools: 0.5 Mechanical Pencils, Faber Castell Ink Pens.
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