She think this is a phase 😩

I was in the kitchen last night making me some pomegranate (because it’s delicious and it was a three for five deal at Kroger! turn up turn up!) when I over hear my mother talking to grandmother on the phone. Earlier while we were out at a beauty supply, she told me to try on a wig because it was similar to how I wanted my hair. I told her I needed a wig cap when a lady near by said,” she can’t fit a cap over all that hair!” ( my hair was in this Bantu knot out, fro hawk thing it was really cute) anyway my mom told my grandma that I’ve always had thick hair, and by me being natural, it has gotten thicker. But she wishes that I would hurry up and get out of this “phase” and go back to heat styling because my hair is “prettier” that way. Self love is not a phase. I refuse to go back to the days where I hated my hair for not being alredy straight so I wouldn’t have to deal with the kinks and curls God gave me. It took me years to finally see beauty in what I was born with and not what I manipulated it to be. I’m going to keep rocking my curls for and loving my self for years to come in what she thinks is a “phase” and keep being fabulous ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ.