Natori Asian 6

This is a Natori Asian 6 half mask.  As you can see, the mask itself slightly larger than a DVD case.  The mask, while being realistic, is stiff and fixed in position.  Attached to the back are two straps used to hold the mask in place and use buckles to stay together.

izumisays asked:

Although now it occurs to me that she could also be a firebender assassin? Maybe Natori stole a spare mask of hers because he accidentally broke his usual one. :D --- she could be his old master, with mask (and a whole lot of emotional baggage) inherited uwu, like, her thinking high expectations of him and him feeling that he doesn't really live up to them? :> just a suggestion!

*stares*  That is an awful idea you are awful I love it. :DDDDD

I think I’d want her to be closer in age to him than that – for all that she’s a youkai who’s hundreds of years old and knew him as a small child, their age difference has never really felt that great to me? 

I could absolutely see her as an older student of the same master, though.  (Maybe the different mask designs indicate some sort of “lineage”? tbh that probably makes more sense to a society of assassins than everyone having completely individualized masks, anyway.) Who was kind to him when he was younger, and who continues to be friendly and supportive, and who he looks up to and aspires to.  Kind of a combination big sister / senpai figure.

(100% agree that either way, he thinks she has high expectations he’s not meeting. because this is Natori.)