nato bombing of yugoslavia


I am trying to keep political posts to a minimum, but this has affected me, my family and my country. 

Today (March. 24th) marks the 17th anniversary of America’s (and NATO’s) illegal bombing of Serbia in 1999. 3000 innocent people killed, our territory stolen and the country has been in ruin eversince.
My family, friends and relatives have all been affected by this. It is the reason that I am now living in Canada. 
You can ignore this post. But it’d mean the world if you could show some respect to the tragedy that still lingers today.


March 24, 1999: NATO’s 78-day terror-bombing campaign against Yugoslavia begins, destroying the last workers’ state in Europe and setting the stage for today’s war in Ukraine.

The bombing killed between 2,000 and 4,000 civilians, destroyed many bridges, industrial plants, many civilian buildings, public buildings and businesses, barracks and military installations. It should be particularly noted the destruction of two oil refineries, demolition Avala Tower, the Radio-Television Serbia, the Pancevo petrochemical, shooting bridge building, car factory Zastava from Kragujevac, in the buildings of downtown Belgrade, Embassy of the Republic of China and many other civilian targets.

14 years ago I was watching a Spanish soap-opera with my mom and my brother when the sirens pierced the night - NATO forces invaded Yugoslavian airspace. 78 days of fear, food shortage, water and electricity restrictions, bomb-shelters and deaths were just a prologue of the years to come.
In the NATO operation Merciful Angel, set to bomb only military objects, died over 500 civilians. R.I.P.

pennamerosie  asked:

Can you explain why you dislike Bernie Sanders please? I'm curious.

Bernie Sanders, the “self-proclaimed socialist” is pro-big business (as long as he likes them; he doesn’t even want to audit or shut down the Federal Reserve System). Sanders is also pro-military when it suits him:

During congressional deliberations over authorizing the first Gulf War, Sanders declared his support for sanctions, diplomatic pressure and even the use of US forces to “pressure” Iraq into submission, while stopping, along with most congressional Democrats, just short of voting for the actual war. This caveat was dropped in 1993, when Sanders voted for US intervention in Somalia. Sanders then voted for the NATO air war against Serbia in 1999.

Sander’s also supported NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 which left over 500 civilians dead, a stance which caused one of his staffers to resign in protest.

In 2006, he voted ‘Yea’ on legislation that made the remaining fourteen provisions of the Patriot Act permanent and extended the authority of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to conduct “roving wiretaps” and access certain business records through December 31, 2009. Also in 2006 (the year Sanders moved to the Senate), well-known socialist publication Socialist Workerconcluded that Bernie Sanders was “anything but” a socialist due to his long-time loyalties to the Democratic National Convention (a tie which remains to this day). Bernie is in bed with private interests. Just because he refused SuperPAC money doesn’t mean he refuses to accept private ‘donations’. He accepts millions of dollars from unions every campaign he runs, many of which are just as corrupt as the corporations for which they work.

Sanders also voted against the original legislation that created the Department of Homeland Security, but by 2006 he had joined the majority of Congress in passing continued funding of that agency.

Sanders supported the Israeli attack on Gaza last summer but thought the Israeli army was a little heavy-handed and ‘over-reacted’ with some of its actions like bombing schools being used as civilian shelters.

So Sanders might have opposed the Iraq war, but he voted yes to authorize military force in response to 9/11. He supported the invasion of Afghanistan and voted to fund the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. He supported Clinton’s Gulf build-up and sanctions against Iraq in the 90s. He supports National Guard troops in his home state. He supports imperialist veteran groups like the American Legion and the VFW and has received chauvinist awards from both organizations. He supports drone strikes and the use of “targeted killings” aka assassinations.

Contrary to popular belief, Bernie Sanders is not the only politician running for office who promotes LGBT rights, who opposes NSA surveillance, and who opposes for-profit interests’ influence in public affairs. I’m pretty sure Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul have uttered much of the same sentiment with varying degrees of passion.

It’s amazing how campaigns work, isn’t it? You stand in front of a podium in front of thousands of people and cameras and you just say whatever it is you know they want to hear come out of your mouth. Which, apparently, includes xenophobic “close the borders” rhetoric.

Just because the guy nominally states that he won’t accept “corporate money” doesn’t mean he isn’t out to swindle you. Hey may abstain from Super PACs, but I don’t recall Sanders promising to clean house by removing the director of each bureau and agency.

Come to think of it, he does not even plan to touch the Federal Reserve whose chairman he thinks should be “prepared to stand up to the greed, recklessness and illegal behavior on Wall Street” despite the fact that each prior chairman has had a lucrative history with Wall Street before and after their tenure.

The guy is so pro-establishment that real socialists are denouncing him left and right (as they have been for years).

I dislike Sanders for the same reason I think all on Capitol Hill are scumbags.