-Anon request

Dating Natasha would involve…

  • Moving in with her at the Avengers Tower
  • Learning and discovering more about her past, and helping her move on from what she’s done
  • Passionate kisses stolen in the dead of night
  • Becoming close friends with Clint- who also told you about his wife and kids because you and Natasha love to visit with him and take them all out on picnics
  • Training with her
  • Offering advice at inappropriate moments (generally about how Thor should have sorted out Loki years ago)
  • Hot, fiery sex
  • Taking her on dates into the city

Voting for my little Nat Nat to win AFP.

Natalie is my fav because she gave this game a good run, made it into jury and tried to make some moves for herself. She’s responsible for getting the gears going to eliminate P*ulie, even though Big Brother credited solely Bridgette. She also got Victor out, which wouldn’t have been a bad move if the battle back didn’t screw her over.

She still continued to play hard even after all the houseguests made fun of her body to her face. She was constantly called fake, to the point that in the end, she stopped being her bubbly, peppy self. She felt that she wasn’t allowed to be herself.

CBS gave her a villain edit when Vic and Paul assumed she was referring to James, and said she was throwing him UTB when in the feeds she mentioned she was referring to Nicole.

She doesn’t have a lot of money, and 25 grand could help her immensely.

This post is NOT to put down any other house guest, these are just my personal reasons for my choice of AFP, no judgement from me if you disagree… Unless you’re voting for P*ulie, then you can block me.