-Anon request

Dating Natasha would involve…

  • Moving in with her at the Avengers Tower
  • Learning and discovering more about her past, and helping her move on from what she’s done
  • Passionate kisses stolen in the dead of night
  • Becoming close friends with Clint- who also told you about his wife and kids because you and Natasha love to visit with him and take them all out on picnics
  • Training with her
  • Offering advice at inappropriate moments (generally about how Thor should have sorted out Loki years ago)
  • Hot, fiery sex
  • Taking her on dates into the city

-Anon request

It was supposed to be kept a secret relationship because you valued what you had with your boyfriend, Pietro, and wanted to keep it something special just between the two of you. Also Fury had made it quite clear that he wouldn’t be happy if any of the Avengers started dating each other.

Well, that and the fact that his sister kinda sorta scared you.

And the two of you keep it quite well hidden, until a certain incident…

Another tiresome SHIELD meeting and you were grumbling to yourself as you slumped up the stairs and through the designated meeting room door. Spotting Pietro, you walked over to take a seat next to him.

“Morning, Piet,” you smiled, squeezing his hand under the table.

“Morning, Princess,” he replied with a similar smile.

Everybody froze.

“Wait, what?” Natasha blurted.

Pietro’s face paled and he bit his lip as he looked at you, realising what he’d just said. “Oops,” he offered with an awkward shrug.

You could feel your face flush scarlet and peeked a glance to Fury who was frowning at the two of you.

It seemed, as you finally left the meeting- hand in hand- that Fury wasn’t as opposed to the relationship after all, merely advising that it didn’t come between you during missions and any angst was kept well behind doors.

But Fury wasn’t the problem.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?!” Wanda demanded as soon as you were out the door.

With a gulp and quick glance to Pietro, you decided to just be out with it and told her, “Wanda, we both really wanted to tell you but with Fury’s rule and all and the fact that we both just wanted to keep it just for us for a while…”

Her reaction surprised you when her eyes welled up, a smile spread across her lips and she enveloped you both in a tight hug. “I love you both so much and I think this is beautiful, but if you ever keep anything from me again I will make your head implode.”



Coming Home From a Mission and Pietro Can’t Find You- X
Pretending You’re Going on a Blind Date to get Pietro Jealous- X
Talking About How You’re Going to Announce You’re Going to be Parents- X
Annoying Pietro With Emojis- X
Pietro’s Keyboard Getting Stuck On Romanian- X
Trying to Shut Down Pietro’s Flirting- X
Pietro Being Shocked By Your Powers- X
Wanda Telling Pietro Your Feelings For Him- X
Steve Giving Pietro Your Number After You Save Pietro- X
Pietro Confessing His Love After You Keep Putting Yourself in Danger- X
Asking Steve On Advice to Tell Pietro You Like Him and Pietro Answers- X
Pietro Switching His and Wanda’s Contact Names- X
Pietro Tries to Use Emojis to Tell You How He Feels- X
Giving Pietro the Silent Treatment- X
Pietro Being Jealous of Your Relationship With Bucky- X
Pietro Texting You After You Die- X
Pietro Thinking You’re Cheating- X
Pietro Cheering You Up- X
Pietro Bribing You to Hang Out With Him- X
Pietro Confessing His Love to You- X
Getting Jealous That Pietro is Flirting With Other People- X
Pietro Sending Random Stuff to Get Your Attention- X
Having a Pepe War With Pietro- X
Telling Pietro Your Water Broke- X
Pietro Confessing His Love For You After a Mission- X
Pietro Sending Pickup Lines- X
Getting Pizza at 3AM with Pietro- X
Pietro Bothering You While You’re Doing Schoolwork- X
Getting Your Period When You’re Supposed to Go Out With Pietro- X
Asking Pietro Permission to Date Wanda (1)- X (2)- X
Pietro Texting You During a Mission (Part 1)- X (Part 2)- X
Teasing Pietro At a Party- X

Accidently Yelling at Wanda Instead of Pietro- X
Pietro is “dead” and Wanda Asks If You’re OK (Part 1)- X (Part 2)- X (Part 3)- X
Wanda Sending You Cheesy Pickup Lines- X
Wanda Reading Your Mind- X

Thor Struggling with Emojis- X
Helping Thor Discover Emojis- X
Thor Getting Jealous When You Hang Out With Loki- X
Using Emojis With Thor- X

Thor and Loki Fight Over You But You Like Them Both- X

Asking Steve to Help Relieve Some Stress- X
Steve Texting Natasha When You Won’t Answer on a Mission- X
Steve “Looses” You in Wal-Mart- X
Steve Getting Worried When You’re Caught in a Shooting Situation- X
Steve Admitting He Likes You- X
Steve Not Being Able To Find You Because You’re Getting High- X
Your Dad (Steve) Not Being Able to Find You- X
Steve Getting Worried Since He Hasn’t Heard From You- X
Steve Getting Jealous of Tony- X
Steve Helping You Calm Down- X
Giving Steve the Silent Treatment- X
Steve Helping You Get Over Drinking But You Get Drunk- X
Sending Steve the Lyrics to the Captain America Cartoon Theme- X
Hiding From Steve and His Cuddles- X
Steve Gets Flirty- X
Sassing Steve- X
Steve Confessing His Love For You- X
Tony Steals Your Phone and Texts Steve (Your Boyfriend)- X
Things Being Awkward After You and Steve Kiss- X
Texting Steve About Him Being a Virgin- X
Trying to Be Cute With Steve- X
Steve Comforting You During a Thunderstorm- X
Sending Steve a Goodbye Message Because You’re Dying- X
Steve Getting Jealous of Pietro- X
Steve Getting a Boner at a Party- X
Nat Texting Steve When You Go Missing on a Mission- X
Steve Cheering You Up When You Feel Bad About Yourself- X
Having a Simple Convo With Steve- X
Steve Having a Crush on You(Tony’s Sister) and Asking About Your Powers- X
Steve Comforting You When Bucky Upsets You- X
Steve Getting Upset When He Learns Your Boyfriend is Abusive- X
Asking Steve Advice About a Dress- X
Steve Bringing Home Puppies- X
Steve Buying You Things When You’re On Your Period- X
Steve Feeling Guilty and Asking You to Forgive Him- X
Steve Confessing His Love Through Acronyms- X
Asking Steve For Help With History Homework- X
Steve Comforting You After a Family Member Dies- X

Clint Telling You He Likes You- X
Clint Texting You After You’ve Been Feeling Bad About Yourself- X
Laura Thinking Clint is Cheating On Her With Nat- X
Getting Jealous that Clint is Always With Nat- X
Clint Asking You to Join His Archery Club- X
Clint Watching You From the Air Vents- X
“Accidently” Texting Clint- X

Bucky Gets Jealous- X
Bucky Looses Something Important of Yours- X
Nat Setting You and Bucky Up On a Blind Date- X
Calling Bucky “Boobchanan” Which Annoys Him- X
Accidently Texting Bucky Instead of Nat- X
Trying to Cheer Bucky Up- X
Texting a Drunk Bucky- X
Texting Bucky When You’re Bored- X
Bucky Finding Out You Like Him When Tony Changes Your Contact Names- X
Texting Bucky That You’ve Gone Into Labor- X
Bucky Asking You to Come Home While You’re At Wanda’s- X
Bucky Comforting You After Your Dad Dies- X
Bucky Asking For Advice- X
Bucky Admitting He Likes You When You Breakup With Your Boyfriend- X
Bucky Saying How Smart You Are When You Pass an Exam- X
Bucky Having a Nightmare and Needing to Make Sure You’re OK- X
Asking Bucky to Cut His Hair- X
Bucky Getting Jealous and Confessing His Feelings For You- X
Bucky Confessing His Feelings After You Breakup With Your Boyfriend- X
Having a Secret Relationship With Bucky- X
Sending Bucky an Emoji Story- X
Bucky Awkwardly Confessing His Love- X
Bucky Helping You When You Feel Insecure- X
Accidently Sending Bucky a Picture You Drew of Him- X
Texting Bucky During School (Part 1)- X (Part 2)- X

Bruce Noticing You Working and You Asking Him to Help- X
Asking Bruce If He Likes You After Something Tony Says- X
Texting After a Nightmare- X
Bruce Staying Late in the Lab- X
Bruce Flirting and Asking You Out- X
Bruce Getting Jealous of Tony- X
Cuddling With the Hulk- X

Telling Nat You Like Steve- X
Nat Encouraging You to Tell Wanda How You Feel About Her- X
Nat Texting You After You Die- X
Nat Thinking You Like Tony When Really You Like Her- X
Nat Tries to Make Cookies- X

Tony Messaging You Until You Leave Your Room- X
Surprising Tony With Random Knowledge- X
Tony Getting Jealous When You Make Your Own Suit- X
Wanting to Be Tony’s Sidekick and Him Giving You a Hard Time- X
Tony Teasing You About Your Contact Names- X
Being Worried About Your Dad (Tony) While On a Mission- X
Having an Accident in Tony’s Lab- X
Asking Which Liquor to Buy- X
Your Water Breaking While Tony is on a Mission- X
Tony Confessing He Loves You- X
Tony Texting You After You Die- X
Tony Confessing His Love After You Almost Die- X
Asking Tony on a Date- X
Tony Checking Up On You When You’re Sick- X
Drunk Texting Tony- X

Loki Telling You He Loves You Before You Go Into Surgery- X
Dating Thor but Being in Love With Loki- X
Loki Flirting With You- X
Loki Sweeping You Off Your Feet- X
Loki Being Stuck in the Tower With Tony While You’re Away- X
Telling Loki You’re Pregnant but He Thinks You’re Joking- X
Finding Out Loki is Alive- X
Loki Confessing His Love- X
Fighting With Loki- X

Planning a Girls’ Night With Nat and Wanda- X

Getting in a Fight With Pietro and Wanda Telling You How Upset He Is- X
Being Bisexual and Having To Choose a Maximoff- X
Wanda and Pietro Only Texting in Romanian to Confuse You- X
Having a Love/Hate Relationship With Pietro- X

Telling Steve You Like Bucky So He Tells Bucky to Make a Move- X
Having Two Personalities: One Flirts with Steve, the Other With Bucky- X
Bucky and Steve Finding Out You’ve Been Flirting With Both of Them- X
Telling Bucky You Like Steve So Bucky Tells Steve to Make a Move- X
Bucky Asking Steve What He Should Do About His Crush On You- X

Nat Pointing Out You Call Bucky “James” So You Ask Him If It’s Weird- X
You and Bucky Pretend to Hate Each Other but Really Love Each Other- X

Steve Trying to Be Serious but You and Tony Sending Him the National Anthem- X
Tony Teases Steve and Telling Steve You Like Him- X
Steve Asking Tony (Your Best Friend) If He Should Ask You Out- X
Tony Setting Steve Up on a Date- X

All of the Avengers
Having a Meme War With the Avengers- X

Vision Liking to See You Blush- X
Asking Vision For Cuddles on a Bad Day- X
Vision Asking For Help When Thor Brings Cats to the Tower- X

Brock Rumlow
Trying to Break Up With Rumlow- X

Bucky Asks Tony For Help to Propose to You- X
Tony Sets Bucky Up On a Date- X


Dean Getting Jealous That You’re Always With Sam- X
Dean Sending You Positivity About Your Body- X
Dean Getting Upset When You Finish a Hunt For Him- X

Sam and Dean Texting You After You Die- X

Accidently Texting Cas- X

Harry Potter

Harry(Your Best Friend) Discovering Draco is Secretly Your Boyfriend- X

George Texting You In Class- X

Draco Saving You From a Bully- X

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hey Natnat💜 hru doing

already screaming internally X’D

sweeeetttyyyyyyy long time no heard!!!! :’’’’’’OOO, how are you??????? and many of you!? o gosh i din’t know that the preparation for the university will take me a lot of time :’’’O

???? and you????? :’’D

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Got any Cruznat headcanons?

  • They walk their dogs together
  • They make frequent trips to the beach just to enjoy the scenery and take a few pictures
  • Natalie makes sure to give Cruz a quick kiss before every race
  • There are days where Chick puts Natalie into a worse mood than usual. Cruz can just tell when that happens and always has something planned to cheer up her gf
  • Cruz dedicates most of her wins to Nat
  • Nat can’t help but be a little biased when presenting her stats on Cruz. She totally didn’t round up her percent chance of winning to the tenth decimal or anything pshhh
Natasha X Reader

Y/n has logged on

Y/n invited Nat

Nat has logged on

Hey girly!- Nat

You are not going to believe this!-y/n

Ohhhhhh Gossip! give it to me-  Nat

Hold on im screen shotting the messages- y/n

Oh my gosh let me guess its Bucky?- Nat

Dude he wants you ._.- Nat

No he doesnt hes drunk!- Y/n

You want him!- Nat

EWE no way- y/n

Really? than why is there a winky by his name?-Nat

When was this anyway?- Nat

Like two days ago-Y/n

But hold on i have more!- Y/n

Ohhhhhhh im excited- Nat

Okay OKay so did you message him?-Nat

I did ;)- y/n

And And ???? WHat hapenned?-Nat

Damn girl get it ;)- Nat

You are on that ;)-Nat

Bucky has logged on

Uh Oh-y/n

Shit -Nat

Uh wtf guys?-Bucky

This is all in your imagination!!- y/n

y/n we are at the movies and you are typing on your phone i can see you!-Bucky

SHit busted-Nat

Nat has logged off

Ha ha dont make me start rubbing your thigh ;)- y/n

Oh you bad little girl;) i can do worse- Bucky

Oh really prove it- y/n

Bucky has logged off

Y/n has logged off

Tony has logged on

Ewe wtf im a seriously done with all of you!-Tony

Tony has logged off

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If you don't mind me asking, could you please do a headcanon post for dating Wanda and Natasha (together), please?

  • Wanda is the youngest, so she’s a little unsure about it all at first and just about relationship stuff in general, but you and Nat make it clear that she doesn’t have to do anything she’s uncomfortable with and that first and for most it’s about her being happy. She quickly acclimatises to it all. 
  • You have private mental conversations with Wanda to tease Nat
  • Nat has private mental conversations with Wanda to tease you
  • Back massages after a long day.
  • Sharing the tub (which at first is really hard to work out, but you make it work (thank god for Tony’s large tubs)
  • The annoyance of people think you’re just three friends when you’re not
  • The wonderful satisfaction of surprising people when you make it clear that you have a very wonderful, very romantic, and at times sexual relationship with these two beautiful women. 
  • Nat beats up the horn dogs who make creepy comments about the nature of your relationship.
  • Wanda also quickly gets good at standing up to creepy people too. 
  • You are very proud of her. 
  • Sparring with either of them is always funny and also kind of hot. 
  • Wanda is a better cook than you and Nat combined. 
  • You rarely sleep with the covers on because between the three of you you all get very warm very fast. 
  • The struggles of buying birthday presents without buying the same birthday present as the other partner. 
  • Nat brushes yours and Wanda’s hair, and on occasion you can convince her to wash it because you’re lazy…but also because it’s very relaxing.

Voting for my little Nat Nat to win AFP.

Natalie is my fav because she gave this game a good run, made it into jury and tried to make some moves for herself. She’s responsible for getting the gears going to eliminate P*ulie, even though Big Brother credited solely Bridgette. She also got Victor out, which wouldn’t have been a bad move if the battle back didn’t screw her over.

She still continued to play hard even after all the houseguests made fun of her body to her face. She was constantly called fake, to the point that in the end, she stopped being her bubbly, peppy self. She felt that she wasn’t allowed to be herself.

CBS gave her a villain edit when Vic and Paul assumed she was referring to James, and said she was throwing him UTB when in the feeds she mentioned she was referring to Nicole.

She doesn’t have a lot of money, and 25 grand could help her immensely.

This post is NOT to put down any other house guest, these are just my personal reasons for my choice of AFP, no judgement from me if you disagree… Unless you’re voting for P*ulie, then you can block me.





To be completely honest, I just really love the idea of Derek accepting robotic implants after some sort of accident renders certain parts of his body completely useless, and then going through some training in order to use the new parts for JUSTICE. And then, of course, Stiles is the engineer working in the department in charge of who gets what parts and repair schedules and oil changes and routine checkups to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

All in all, I just want Stiles detaching Derek’s arm (million dollar piece of equipment, but who cares about that) and waving it around wildly in the middle of his lab (nerd lair) to be a thing that happens. 

And of course Derek always has to wear suits while he works. I don’t care how torn up they get. Always. (But he sucks at keeping his tie on properly. Stiles always nags him about it)

Ako pa! :)

Ang dami kong tinatype sa computer kagabi. Humiga muna ako dahil masama nga ang pakiramdam ko nang biglang nagsalita yung kapatid ko: “Kaya mo yan! Ikaw pa!” Nakapikit ako pero napangiti at naluluha ako dahil sa sinabi niya. Kasi autistic talaga madalas ‘tong kapatid ko e. Araw-araw kaming nag-aaway. As in, araw-araw. Pero nung sinabi niya yun kagabi, natouch ako, srsly. Malaking bagay sakin yun. Nadagdagan tuloy motivations ko. The feeling na nanggaling yun sa taong hindi ko naman talaga ine-expect di ba? Kaya.. “Kaya ko 'to! Ako pa!” :)