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Dating Natasha would involve…

  • Moving in with her at the Avengers Tower
  • Learning and discovering more about her past, and helping her move on from what she’s done
  • Passionate kisses stolen in the dead of night
  • Becoming close friends with Clint- who also told you about his wife and kids because you and Natasha love to visit with him and take them all out on picnics
  • Training with her
  • Offering advice at inappropriate moments (generally about how Thor should have sorted out Loki years ago)
  • Hot, fiery sex
  • Taking her on dates into the city

-@shieldrecruitedme request

Y/F/N= Your full name

Y/L/N= Your last name

“Excuse me, Y/F/N?”

You looked up from your battered copy of Harry Potter and raised an eyebrow at the smartly dressed guy facing you. “Yes? Can I help you?” you asked, noting the page number and setting the book down on your desk.

Currently, you were at your work- a hospital where you worked as an ill-paid receptionist. Your colleague was late, as always, and you were filling in for her, otherwise you wouldn’t be at work this late -it was about eight at night- on a Friday. But what else were you going to do? You never went out anymore, anyway.

“I’m Agent Coulson,” the guy told you, waving a badge under your nose, which you paid little attention to. “I’m here about your powers, Miss Y/L/N.”

Your raised eyebrow rose a little higher and you stifled a snort. “My what?” you asked. “Look, Mr Coulson, I don’t know what you’re talking about but I do have work I need to be doing…” Your gaze inadvertently slipped towards your book.

“Yes, I’m aware, but Y/N, I do insist that you come with me-” he tried again.

“Umm, look, dude, I don’t plan on coming anywhere with you, alright?” you told him firmly. This guy looked official and he was coming into your work and talking about your powers- you’d been careful! How could anyone have found out?- something couldn’t be right. Backing away from him, he sighed and nodded toward two men behind him who came swiftly around your desk.

“W-what?” You struggled against them when you felt something scratch your arm and saw that the one on the left had injected you with something. “Oh, fuck,” you mumbled just before you slipped into unconsciousness.

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Sinabi ko na hindi muna ako maglolove life, pero bat ganun? Bat ako na-inlove? Hindi ko alam kung paano, hindi ko alam kung bakit. Basta ang alam ko lang pag-gising ko may gusto na rin ako sa kanya. Ang effort nya kasi, tapos ang sweet pa. Sya nga yung cheerleader ng buhay ko eh. Kasi nung mga oras na down na down nako at wala akong kakampi sya lang yung tumayong kakampi ko. Sya lang yung nasa tabi ko nung sobrang dami kong problema at parang gusto ko nang sumabog. 

Ngayong kami na, sisiguraduhin kong aalagaan ko na rin sya gaya ng pag-aalaga nya sa akiin at lagi na rin akong nasa tabi nya. Sobrang saya ko, hindi ko alam yung pakiramdam. Ngayon nalang ulit muling tumibok yung puso ko. Kaya laking pasalamat ko sa kanya. Busy man ako sa school, sisiguraduhin kong magkakaroon ako ng oras para sa kanya. Thank you Lord dahil binigay nyo sya sakin. Salamat.


For N&K….Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality. No one can become fully aware of the very essence of another human being unless he loves him. By his love he is enabled to see the essential traits and feature. :) are you smiling now BF & BFF #Love #Friendship #NatNat (Taken with instagram)

Ako pa! :)

Ang dami kong tinatype sa computer kagabi. Humiga muna ako dahil masama nga ang pakiramdam ko nang biglang nagsalita yung kapatid ko: “Kaya mo yan! Ikaw pa!” Nakapikit ako pero napangiti at naluluha ako dahil sa sinabi niya. Kasi autistic talaga madalas ‘tong kapatid ko e. Araw-araw kaming nag-aaway. As in, araw-araw. Pero nung sinabi niya yun kagabi, natouch ako, srsly. Malaking bagay sakin yun. Nadagdagan tuloy motivations ko. The feeling na nanggaling yun sa taong hindi ko naman talaga ine-expect di ba? Kaya.. “Kaya ko 'to! Ako pa!” :)

 As life’s pleasures go, food is second only to sex. Except for bacon oh and a great sandwich. Now that’s better than sex, unless the person doesn’t know what their doing and burns your bacon or forgets you don’t want tomatoes…..that’s the part where you have to smack a bitch (POw pOW) Like a Boss ;) #GoodEat #DunkinDonuts #NatNat (Taken with instagram)

  • NATNAT:Masakit ngipin ko Ma.
  • MAMA:Pabunot mo na yan.
  • NATNAT:Hindi naman masakit yun Ma di ba? Kasi may amnesia?
  • MAMA:Anong may amnesia? Anesthesia yun!
  • Ang benta sakin ng Amnesia. HAHA. =))