“The Morning in Thebes” Ahkmenrah x reader fanfic

AN: Hello there sugarplums! - that isn’t odd right? A really lovely anon has requested a story this Monday asking me to write something with Ahkmenrah paired up with a teenage reader. I want to mention that I gave my all on this story and been researching some things so the story sounds as realistic as possible. I hope you will enjoy the fact that I have chosen Ancient Egypt as time and locations in this story. If you liked this please give it a like ;)

Title: The Morning in Thebes
Pairing: Ahkmenrah x reader
Fandom: Night at the museum, Rami Malek
Rating: mention of love making but other than that it’s alright
Word count: 707

- - - - - -

Thee sun began to reveal the lovely halls of the immeasurable and glorious palace in Thebes. Each hieroglyph, drawing, stone and sheet, slowly unleashed centimetre by centimetre. The most wonderful beauty in the entire kingdom was waking up. By all means, that meant that the servants had awakened, rushing through the hallways; some making royal breakfast, some making sure the bath has prepared well, sheets, dust – everything had to be completed at the early hour. But one servant was waking up somewhere she wasn’t supposed to.

Ra’s light was sort of scrolling over her face, making her body mechanically wince and hiss at the sudden red-ish and warm feeling. “I am late - ” she thought to herself before beginning to stand up. But before she could place her feet on the ground she felt a pair of two strong arms pulling her back in the bed and getting wrapped around the frame. “Nobody will know.” The owner of the arms said in a bit husky morning voice, pulling the girl’s body even closer.

So the last night really did happen. I thought it was one of those hopeless dreams I would always have about the Pharaoh. But, this one actually came true… If I recall correctly, this has lasted up until late last night, Khonsu was shining more than ever, and his moon was so full and gorgeous. Since it ended so late, no wonder I don’t have the proper strength to get up on my feet, although, I do prefer not to do that now. I mean who would miss on an opportunity to cuddle with this tremendous man.

This feeling was interrupted by a loud thug sound coming from the big wooden door at the edge of the spacious room. The pharaoh covered your body. Not that he was afraid of people finding him with company in his bed, he just didn’t knew how would people react to seeing a servant there, a servant that is usually in the charge of cooking. It was Khumnrah, bursting into his brother’s chambers and yelling out. “You better start getting ready because the breakfast will be served soon. It will be a bit late this morning because there is a servant missing, tss typical.” He said before pointing at the sundial on the window. “Don’t allow it to reach its fourth period before coming out. It would be an even bigger disgrace of having you as a brother.”

Khamunrah yelled before exiting the chambers. They’ve noticed my absence, great. You’ve thought to yourself in a sarcastic manner before peeking though the sheets. Even though you two were really young, just eighteen summers in this world existing, you two knew what love was, and you knew it was there.-  I difference from your cooking this morning .

He moved his hand gently to touch and cup your evidently blushed cheek, giving it a little caress. “Have I ever told you that your beauty matched those that Hathor describes?” You blushed even more, if possible. Slowly extending your arms up to lace them around your lover’s neck.

“You keep pampering me with your kind world my pharaoh… I will never be quite sure have I managed to express my gratitude to the fullest.” He couldn’t help but let out a little soft chuckle to your kind and modest words. Those are the things he adored about you. He also loved your patience, adorners, and willingness to explore, adapt and serve without expecting anything in return. He loved you.

But of course, it eventually the time for you to get ready and join the other servants in the preparation. After all, you cannot afford to be punished by someone that is tiny bit higher than you in the hierarchy. You slowly stood up and began gathering your clothing and getting dressed, not even giving a damn anymore that he was standing there behind you, watching your every more. Because he didn’t wanted to miss any chance to admire your frame.

With a soft peck on his nose you said your goodbyes and left the chambers. Making your way towards the food preparation rooms. Because after you, you didn’t wanted your future husband to have a bad meal in his life.

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Everyone in the museum selects in secret one person to be saved by the tablets magic everyone at the museum is killed. Who would they choose?

jed and oct would pick each other of course

attila would pick larry

larry would probably pick teddy or ahkmenrah- teddy if he was feeling sentimental, ahk if he was feeling practical (since the tablet IS ahkmenrah’s after all)

wea would choose teddy

teddy would choose wea if he was sentimental, ahk if he was practical

lancelot would pick himself- but like not for selfish reasons, he’d just honestly believe himself the most capable of taking care of the museum bc he’s a dummy

“Late night snacks” Plus chapter. Rami Malek x Reader

AN: Hello there! So a dear friend of mine @moonismycave had suggested something like this around a week ago once reading my fic “Late night snacks.” So I was thinking, why not? It sounds really cute. But honestly this was all I could come up with but in my opinion is really cute. I hope so,me of your guys will like this as well. Thank you in advance!

Fanfic Title: Late night snacks II
Fandom: Rami Malek
Pairing: Rami Malek x Reader
Rating: Suitable for all ages
Word count: 452

- - - - -

Once approaching the cliff, Rami parked the rented blue car near the edge of the mountain, with a perfect view on the city and of course the sky. With small and slow movements you placed your bag on the seat and exited the car with a bag of sandwiches in your hands. Gently yet firmly you climbed on the front part of the vehicle and settled down.

“Wow it does look absolutely wonderful.” You’ve mumbled to yourself, not taking your eyes off the dark blue sky. “I knew you were going to like it here. I was arriving to Cannes near this road around this time and instantly thought of you, as cheesy as it sounds, and I coul- oh wow” he was interrupted by the magical scene of a twenty something girl stuffing your mouth with the last several bits of the greasiest sandwich ever in her mouth. Some of the stuffing dripping down on the wind shield. “How you do manage to eat like this and be lady like later after the meal. Like, how are you maintaining your figure?”

You giggled silently to yourself before taking a tissue out of the bag to clean your mouth and chin. “Honestly, I have no idea.” With a cheeky smile you began lifting your dress a little bit, removing your sneakers afterwards, allowing the gentle French breeze to rush over your exhausted legs. Rami of course couldn’t help but stare a little bit before joining you on the car, sitting right next to you.

Gently you placed your head on the older man’s shoulder, relaxing. “Thank you very much, for taking me here… Me admitting this or not, this was exactly what I’ve needed tonight.” Rami couldn’t help but smile softly and extend his hand a little bit, to caress and stroke your lovely locks. “You won’t admit this either but you’re so cute.” He said with a little chuckle. “Where will you be going tomorrow, home? To the states?”

“Hm, baby where you go I’ll follow.” You said with a little chuckle, yet again sounding serious. Looking up at him you smiled softly. “I am serious though I will go wherever you go because I need to relax and you know how to relax me.” He smiled softly and placed a little kiss on your forehead. “So I am guessing it is settled. Tomorrow morning we are taking a plane to, California?”

“Yes to California indeed. I miss your house the most, it’s so comfortable looking, and just simply the perfect place to not worry you know.” You smiled softly and nuzzled your nose against his. “Hihi” With a little giggle you began relaxing onto his side and closing your eyes.


Okay so @demilarrydaley is going to see Spamalot and I mentioned the Lancelot song and 

hank azaria played Lancelot in the original Chicago production of Spamalot so natm fans, please don’t have any heart attacks while watching this

#dirty13-Tighty-Whities are big turn on for me and I’d love to see Chris in some. I image him coming out like the banana scene in NATM. I stand there in awe as he approaches me. I kiss him as I run my hands down his body and to his bulge. I rub his cock through the fabric. Soon he is rock hard and tenting, his head peaking out of the briefs. I keep teasing him, stroking his cock, but keeping him in the briefs. After awhile longer, I finally pull down his briefs, his cock springing out. I take him my mouth and sucks him until he’s almost ready to cum. I quickly pull his briefs back up and let him blow his load into them.



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Do exhibits exactly age? Can they bear children?

*Octavius reads the question aloud to Jedediah*

Jedediah: Well, given that we are exhibits…

Octavius: We can’t exactly age, no.

Jedediah: At least not physically, y'know.

Octavius: Mentally, of course, we can age, as long as the tablet is there to keep us coming alive each night to have the chance to age.

Jedediah: As for children, uh, I ain’t know. *embarrassed* I’m assuming’ no, though. I dunno how that’d work.

Octavius: *nods* Yes, that would make for quite an uncomfortable pregnancy.

Jedediah: An’ we can’t really grow, so…

Octavius: Right. Nobody has mentioned anything about it previously, so I do not think exhibits are able to bear children, either.


“I wish I could party with you every night”, you said to Ahk.

“Well, you can come here every night if you want” he said smiling.

“But I have a day job and classes to attend…”

You really liked him, even if he was a 4,000 years old mummy.

“Oh c’mon you guys” said a quiet voice, “Can’t you just enjoy the moment?”

You realized it was Jed that was taking to you. You blushed not knowing why. it’s not like it was obvious you had a crush on Ahk, but you were scared people might find out.

“Yeah, he’s right, let’s go back to the dance floor” Ahk said before grabbing your hand, “We’ll find a way to see each other”

You smiled. Whatever was going to happen tomorrow, it didn’t matter tonight.