Hospital updates from Fanie herself!

Hey guys, Stefanie here. I’m unfortunately still in the hospital, but lucky enough to be posting and getting around my room myself. I’m hoping by tomorrow or Friday to be walking around the unit with a bit of help.

They’ve found a few issues that we weren’t aware of before, which is delaying my release from the hospital. I’m seeing a new neurologist, who is great and who is putting me on a long lasting anti convulsant (fingers crossed this one works) and waiting to see another specialist as soon as I get to the top of the list.

As soon as I’m stable(ish) they’re going to release me into the care of a mother or responsible adult, and when Kath gets back I’ll be with her. They trust the nurse more than the roommate apparently.

Almost 36 hours hooked up to this machine monitoring brain my brain waves and theit interaction with my heart. And a bow to jazz it all up <3

Thanks for all the prayers and positive messages guys. I’m sure I’ll be out soon.

Hi guys, it's Mariah again, with an update from the beautiful Stef.

“I’m still in the hospital on oxygen and monitoring devices. The seizures are bad but the doctors are monitoring closely. I won’t be out until Wednesday at the earliest. Right now we have no idea what’s wrong, but know that the doctors and nurses are doing everything they can.”

All of you who are close with Stefanie remember to send her some extra love and check in with her if you can. She loves visits and hugs and teddy bears. Keep her and the doctors in your thoughts and prayers over the coming days.


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I bet you're faking being sick too. Bitch.

oh ffs.


I don’t really know what I’m doing here.


Or here.


apparently I did this with my phone. OH GOD I’M BRILLIANT.

and finally this

me and my friend Nat 


Only publishing this because I’ve gotten 8 this week. 3 were from actual people with usernames though.

Hi guys, Mariah here.

I’ve just been in contact with Stef, who has informed me that she was admitted to the hospital unexpectedly Wednesday afternoon, with neurological symptoms and they are unsure of when she will be released.

Unfortunately this is all I know at this point, but am sure Stefanie will update those of you she is close with when she is released, or will have me contact you if she is unable to in the near future.

Keep her in your thoughts, hearts, and prayers. Send her lots of love and messages to find when she returns.


Tumbling from a friends iPhone. Still alive and pretty lucid for now. Mariah will keep you as updated as she can. For those of you in town message her for hospital room details.

Thanks for the kind messages.

it’s 1030pm and i’ve had a busy day.

i filled criminal harassment charges and i’m waiting to hear from the detective about a peace bond (restraining order for you americans)

i went to the auction

i went to a knitting circle

i went to a meeting about a lecture im giving next week

and i had no less than 6 seizures.

so im a little fucking tired and don’t have much fucking brain power.

i really wanted to skype k, but i just… think bed is a better idea.

Today has been a good day.

Yes it has.

I went to the bank.

I went to my university and got the stuff to apply for re-admission after a year and a bit away from classes.

I am going out for supper (major stress but with the help of friends I can do it).
Suck on that anorexia. 

I stayed out of the house all day and interacted with real people.
Fuck off social anxiety.