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who are your closest friends on here

welp that’s a hard question

i mean at the moment it’s deffo kate (kiilii) and thea (natkiss) they’re my home skillets

and then the bang gang of tam (ruevolution), dori (avoxia), marva (donnermaysilee), emma (crestaodair) and then there’s people like bryony (clarswald) lewis (evrdeens) and nick (finnickiodair) oh and josh (brokenfinnick) and chrissi (freethemockingjay)

especially tam she’s my babe

and dori is my girlfriend obv

but yeah those are all people i’ve been tinychatting with recently i think 

i’ve probably left people out i’m so bad at this

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  1. favorite song?

probably icarus by bastille

  1. favorite bands or singers?

BASTILLEEEE but i like alt j and imagine dragons too

  1. Harry Potter or Hunger Games? (lol this question must be causing you pain sorry)

eurgh probably the hunger games oops

  1. High School Musical or Les Miserables?

les mis obv

  1. your OTP?

ummm idk im not much of a shipper but maybe romione or amy/rory

  1. Death Eaters or Dumbledore’s Army?

DA obv

  1. if you’d get a tattoo, what would it be and where would you put it?

ahh idk i kinda want a small one maybe on my ankle or forearm but idk what it’d be simple and classy

  1. if you were in the Hunger Games, what weapon would you choose and why?

ooh i would use knives for throwing and slashing and stabbing ooh

  1. round neck shirt or v-neck shirt?

eh idk v-necks are ok but i don’t own any so round neck

  1. what instrument do you play? or if you don’t, what would you like to learn?

lol i used to play the piano. I’d like to learn to play the piano like well

  1. favorite school subject?

well i only do maths chem biology and french so probably maths

my questions:

  1. favourite band/singer?
  2. how/why did you first join tumblr?
  3. how long have you been on tumblr?
  4. do you remember how you and i first started talking (bc i probably don’t)?
  5. least favourite colour?
  6. do you have a favourite thememaker? If so, who?
  7. what are you wearing?
  8. when was the last time you shouted at someone?
  9. what did you get for your last birthday/christmas?
  10. any plans for the summer?

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letthemeatcannedsardines answered your question: so what music do you guys like?

The Darkness, The Libertines, Ween, most celtic rock bands and Molotov Jukebox. :)

moltove jukebox are obviously the greatest!

natkiss answered your question: so what music do you guys like?


natkiss replied to your post: so what music do you guys like?

me; making unrelated comments about how much i love you since forever

ily 2 thea xoxox