Kevedd secret Santa 2013~!

Ok, so a week ago or so I suggested doing a Kevedd themed secret Santa, so let’s do it!

Your gift as a Secret Santa doesn’t necesarily need to be a drawing, if you do fanfics then do a fanfic, or cosplay, go nuts!

Ok, so this is how it’ll work:

Everyone who wishes to participate must hit Like <3, you can reblog too so other kevedd fans can find this and participate as well, but I’ll be using the likes to know who desires to participate.

You have till december 17 to sign up (no need to ask for permission or anything, just hit like), and that day I’ll give you all a name and that’s who’ll you make the gift towards and will deliver on december 25th/26th (I understand some might not be able on the 25th because of family reasons and shiz)

If you sign up, you’re compromissing to do your gift, don’t be a butt and jump out last minute, because you’ll be leaving someone without their gift.

As for asking what you’d like, make a post, like this one, and put on a prompt of what you’d like, per example, Kevin and Edd having hot chocolate or something, and in the tags use “Kevedd Secret Santa”.

You can ask for another pairing, of course, since I understand some have more prefference for, per example,rev!kevedd, NatEdd or KevNat or even Nave and Plim. As a secret santa you should draw what the person who you got asked for, after all, it’s a gift for them, and you’ll get what you want, so it’s fair for everyone :>

I understand that it’s possible you get someone you don’t have a good relationship with, so just ask nicely to another person to switch persons, and if they’re cool, then everyone’s happy! But don’t do it unless you don’t have a good relationship with that person, just because you might want to get your bff or crush.

Let’s try make this a fun Kevedd X-mas ya’ll :D

i had some time to sit down and actually write, yeah? and i decided to work on one of the prompts I got a while back

its supposed to be natkev

and all nat wants to do is talk about his lucky socks and how he’s not as easy as pie, you gotta work for that ass

and i can’t write seriously anymore. i can only do crack. i give up.

is this what they call writers block?!?!?!?!

also my throat hurts and the husband was sick all weekend with the plague :( so maybe I’m too whiny to take anything seriously right now