While many know Acosia Red Elk of Red Elk Studios as a Champion Jingle Dancer, she is also an up and coming fashion designer. Check out her designs with photography by Whitney Minthorn.

Models featured are MC Minthorn, Tramaine Moses, Montaylor Fuentes,…acosia-red-elk/

New Mexico Fashion Week 2015

(courtesy photo by: Sharidynn Denetchiley)

**it was amazing to be invited to be apart of New Mexico fashion week 2015…& it was a Great honor to walk for the lovely super talented sharidynn denetchiley, i had the pleasure of modeling one of her beautifully custom one of a kind jewelry…a piece that was worth at least $1000.00; that was a little nerve racking–to be able to protect the entire night, double checking if its still around your neck lol. I loved the body paint that was incorporated in are set; which was done by the super talented artist patrick *CloudFace* burnham…last but not least all the models that where apart of this grand event new & old friends made that night… “everyone has a dream–you gotta dream–don’t ever give up on it, because when your dreams die–you die…”**


Native Americans to look out for! 

Lizz Rivera -Pesato Mea. She hails from Northern California and proudly represents Wyott/Washoe/Mexican.Some like to call her “ super woman “ because she is constantly on the go! She stays busy with her own salon and is also an editor for NINK magazine. In between that she is also a full time model and mom! She is definitely breaking boundaries and stereotypes.

Photography by : Cady Grabrell Photography




My first runway show was probably about 4-5 years ago. To walk in another one and completely feel utterly confident in myself this time around was a wonderful opportunity. I remember waiting in our lineup, about to walk out and I looked at my reflection in the window next to us and just started smiling. Thank you #cherthomasdesigns for allowing me to help showcase your amazing talents and hard work with your masterpieces :)
Designer: Cher Thomas
#confidence #growthgamestrong #nativedesigner #nativemodels #runway (at Huhugam Heritage Center)


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The city is at its best in the cooler weather. It’s not just the fast pace and chilly weather that make the case for the cooler season in the city; major fashion trends make their way to shops and it’s easier to layer on clothing. This is the best time of year to try out your new statement piece. Get the urban slicker look right with warm long sleeves, easy layers and tough-guy boots. As presented by Native model Juwan Lakota.

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Call for Entry! Currently accepting submissions for Native models, stylists (hmua), and volunteers/interns! Also a few slots open for fashion designers. Members of media encouraged to RSVP.

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