Kiki says listen to this and let the spirit inside you come out.

Shaiko-hachi (Japanese flute for meditations)

Played Shaiko-hachi last night accompanying my wife with a guided meditation for peace and tranquility at Kind Spirit Yoga Studio in north-central Austin.  I play in a style which could be best described as Native American, even though the instrument itself is Japanese.

My particular Shaiko-hachi was created by a very talented friend, Alyssa Allen, over a decade ago, & I’ve often played this instrument at church meditations, and occasionally at weddings when requested.  It’s pitched to a B-flat, & so very deeply pleasant.  I’m now getting accustomed to performing 30 or more minutes on my Shaiko-hachi as background for my wife’s lovitations

The Shaiko-hachi is an amazing instrument for note/pitch-bending… which allows for a lot of artistic flair.  Note/pitch-bending is much more difficult on all Native American flutes that I own, or have seen. 

It’s also nice how my bagpipe practice (at least with regards to the chanter) lends itself to the Shaiko-hachi.  Both are vertical instruments with finger-holes, though my Shaiko-hachi is pentatonic, & does not have finger-holes for my middle fingers (left or right).  A lot of the exercises for the bagpipe chanter translate interestingly, if not directly, to my Shaiko-hachi.


Working up my chops. #7centersyoga #sedona #nativeflute #rocknroll

Took time from MC and performing at Native Rhythms festival to instruct young player on playing. He was confused why he didn’t win. I gave him a free lesson and guidance before heading back to work. A photographer caught the candid moment. Photo by Marsha Harris. #nativeflute #nativerhythms #randygranger