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So i’m just pussyfooting around on Etsy, you know trying to buy some vintage clothes for cheap, cause you know, broke.

When i stumble upon all of this…

And in the DESCRIPTION of this product, it says that she found inspiration from her friend who has long, black hair and i gave her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t know what type of bonnet she was imitating until i saw that she put Imitation of a Native American Headdress (war bonnet). So apparently, a sacred battle symbol can be turned into a warm, fuzzy beanie, “unlike the actual headdress with actual feathers” AS IF IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE USED FOR WARMTH IN THE FIRST PLACE. A Warbonnet is NOT to be used as your “fashion in-style” or your “warm and stylish hat for the cold season”. A warbonnet is representative of men who were in battle: warriors and chieftains. They were not meant to be mocked, or to be “imitated”. PLEASE stop this.

When people tell me that it’s okay for them to __(insert offensive comment/stereotype/appropriation)__ because their great grandmother was  __(insert random tribe/ethnicity here)__.


March for #SORR (Sing Our Rivers Red) and #MMIW (Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women - who in the U.S. are murdered at TEN TIMES the national rate) in Denver. US events are held in solidarity with our First Nations sisters, who have been fighting to see justice from the Canadian government for ‬25 years (see Denver’s march was organized by ‪#‎CNAIS‬ of the Colorado University - Boulder.