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Are you even native American

Hello nosey nonnie.

Yes I am Native American, but I don’t look it. And no it’s not one of those my great grandmother was Cherokee. I am 2nd generation off the rez Tuscarora, Iroquois Turtle Clan.

This is me and my mother. Yes she is my birth mother, I just got very fucked over in the genes department. I swear I’m adopted but we have many photos of the birth and have several paternity and maternity tests to prove that I fell out of this woman’s vagina.

Here are some more pictures cause I’m pale and I honestly don’t think you believe me:

(My mom actually made every piece of jewelry I am wearing and hand beaded that vest as well).

And here’s pictures of the woman that I blame for my bad genes: My grandmother.

I get told I look like her all the time AND I HONESTLY DO NOT SEE IT, but because I get told I look like her all the time I BLAME HER.

On the left you see my grandpa (full blood native) in his headdress, on the right you see my cousin (also full blood), the great medicine man Mad Bear, here’s a book about him since you seem to be so nosey.

And in case you doubted me, here are a few pictures of me when my ma and I were on the powwow circuit.

This is me with my ma’s regalia (if you call it a costume I will shank you) because a) she had a bad leg day and couldn’t dance and b) mine was not ready and made and I JUST REALLY WANTED TO DANCE. (This is also the day I got burnt ON MY FUCKING HAIRLINE WHERE MY HAIR WAS PARTED. THAT FUCKING HURTS!)

Here’s me in my fancy dance shawl. There aren’t that many pictures of me because a) I fucking hated them b) it’s normally seen as disrespectful to take pictures of dancers out of the circle without their permission and my ma and I were always dancing at the same times AND I NEVER LET ANYONE TAKE MY PICTURE AT THIS TIME IN MY LIFE.

So yes, my family is a very rainbow family, I just happen to be the one WHITE passing one. No really…

Here’s me (in the middle if you can’t guess), Bebe and Audree. I like to call this the ABC Rainbow of the Printup family (because my first name is Cheyenne…..I swear our parents DID NOT PLAN THIS). 

And this is another pic of me and Audree YEARS later

Am I Native? Yes

Do I look traditionally Native? No

Does that mean I am not going to label myself as native? HELL TO THE FUCK NO.

Please reblog and share so that people can understand that there are white passing people of color. Yes even some that pass as white as me. We do exist and no that does not give you the right to basically white wash us. I am proud of my native roots and I will share everything and anything you want to know. The more educational resources we can get out there the better. DON’T BE AFRAID TO SHOOT ME AN ASK. I LOVE IT, but please do not be a dick like this one and phrase it so accusingly. Much appreciated, thank you!

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You do know that using the term smudge is cultural appropriation from the Native Americans. They have a whole entire ritual that goes along with it that is taught and passed down. You should probably start using smoke cleansing instead unless you'd like to lose more followers

Smudging was not invented by Native AMericans, but was used traditionally by other cultures for thousands of years before them. They do not own it.

Smudging is also an English word to describe the practise of cleansing with smoke. No Native actually uses the word ‘smudging.’ “Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing” is a practise used by the Navajo and may be subject to being cultural appropriation, but ‘smudging’ is a broad term for cleansing a space with smoke.

A third point, I have contacted and been contacted on and offline by many Native Americans and have been told that using this term is not 'cultural appropriation’.

Good luck next round!

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Is the problem with smudging that it is considered cultural appropriation? Or is that white sage is endangered or both? If one cleanses themselves with rosemary incense instead and calls it smudging is it still an issue? Not trying to be mean, just trying to understand.

The term smudging is not ours, smudging is a Native American term. Smoke cleansing is just fine though! White sage is endangered and I would always recommend using something else (other herbs, incense, a cleansing spray, etc) bc of this, but even then, it’s not called smudging unless you come from a NA group that calls it this, otherwise it’s just smoke cleansing. (:

Peaceful Sleep Sachet

My sister recently told me about the recurring nightmares she has been having and how much they upset her. The nightmares have been so bad, she was starting to become afraid of sleeping and her room made her feel uneasy.

 So after buying her a dreamcatcher (yes, it was Native made) and smoke cleansing her room, I made her this sleep sachet to help protect her from nightmares and make her feel more at ease when going to sleep.

I decided to use quite a few items for this particular sachet, mostly because I wanted to make this a bit stronger considering how bad my sister’s nightmares were. But feel free to use as many or as little of these as you feel fit. 

Items needed:

  • Rosemary (prevents nightmares)
  • Thyme (wards of nightmares, restful sleep)
  • Lavender (peaceful sleep, protection)
  • Jasmine (helps induce sleep)
  •  Peppermint (peaceful sleep)
  • Chamomile (restful sleep, reduces stress)
  •  Anise (prevents disturbing dreams and nightmares)
  • Amethyst (good dreams, calming, soothing, protection)
  • Apache Tears (protection)
  • Jade (reduces stress)
  • Turquoise (soothing, calming)
  • Pink Mangano Calcite (reduces nightmares, eases fears)
  • Chrysoprase (restful and peaceful sleep)

I personally did not cast a circle or light any candles for this particular spell bag, but if you’re so inclined feel free to do so now before you start putting everything together. 

Place all the items in a black sachet. Concentrate on your intent while adding each item into the sachet. Focus on having peaceful sleep and being protected from nightmares.

Once you’ve added everything, place the sachet under you pillow while you sleep. 

Hopefully this helps anyone that also suffers from nightmares and uneasy sleep.

Holy water and rosaries and smudging...

Just had a long discussion about this with someone.
If you’re not getting it from a priest/holy water site (like Lourdes) and are making it yourself, it’s Blessed Water, not Holy Water.
If you’re not praying a Marian devotional/Novenna, it’s prayer beads not a Rosary.
If you are not Native American, it’s Smoke Cleansing, not Smudging.
Knowledge, Reverence, and Respect please.

I’m not saying that one is any less effective than another or anything else like that. They are just not the exact same thing.