The Mysterious Little People of Alaska

The most common name for them is Inukin and they’re generally small in stature but big in strength and supernatural powers. They dress like Natives and have Native habits like smoking, but pull off their hats and hoods and you see their pointed little heads and ears.

In 1993, the Arctic Sounder ran accounts, republished in the Anchorage Daily News, from people who had seen or heard stories of Inukin. Flora Penn described seeing a little man sitting on the root of a driftwood tree smoking a pipe while she was out berry picking with a friend on a trip up the Noatak River in Northwest Alaska. 

“He had a pointed head, a big nose and pointed ears. We tried to hide and watch him for about an hour. He just smoked and looked around. Suddenly he jumped up and began to run toward the high mountains,” Penn told the Arctic Sounder.  Old stories say that the little people used to stay with the big people long ago. Until one time a little person’s child was playing with the big people’s kids. Just playing and a dog gobbled up the baby of the little person. Ever since then the little people could never stay among the people. 

Joe Sun a villager recalls a story her heard “I hear from my parents in the Maniilaq area that there was this man hunting. He had a real rifle. (Not the old kind that you had to load through the barrel with a rod.) He saw a caribou he wanted to get close to, to have a shot at it. He saw another person trying to hunt this caribou too. When this man, a big man, got close to shoot the caribou it changed into a little man. The big man jumped at the little man who escaped and began running and climbing up the mountain.”

Peaceful Sleep Sachet

My sister recently told me about the recurring nightmares she has been having and how much they upset her. The nightmares have been so bad, she was starting to become afraid of sleeping and her room made her feel uneasy.

 So after buying her a dreamcatcher (yes, it was Native made) and smoke cleansing her room, I made her this sleep sachet to help protect her from nightmares and make her feel more at ease when going to sleep.

I decided to use quite a few items for this particular sachet, mostly because I wanted to make this a bit stronger considering how bad my sister’s nightmares were. But feel free to use as many or as little of these as you feel fit. 

Items needed:

  • Rosemary (prevents nightmares)
  • Thyme (wards of nightmares, restful sleep)
  • Lavender (peaceful sleep, protection)
  • Jasmine (helps induce sleep)
  •  Peppermint (peaceful sleep)
  • Chamomile (restful sleep, reduces stress)
  •  Anise (prevents disturbing dreams and nightmares)
  • Amethyst (good dreams, calming, soothing, protection)
  • Apache Tears (protection)
  • Jade (reduces stress)
  • Turquoise (soothing, calming)
  • Pink Mangano Calcite (reduces nightmares, eases fears)
  • Chrysoprase (restful and peaceful sleep)

I personally did not cast a circle or light any candles for this particular spell bag, but if you’re so inclined feel free to do so now before you start putting everything together. 

Place all the items in a black sachet. Concentrate on your intent while adding each item into the sachet. Focus on having peaceful sleep and being protected from nightmares.

Once you’ve added everything, place the sachet under you pillow while you sleep. 

Hopefully this helps anyone that also suffers from nightmares and uneasy sleep.

anonymous asked:

(ravenwolf anon) Also, what's up with smudging? From what I can tell it's burning plants in ritual, is there something bad about that?

Hey there!

Smudging is definitely something that is in conflict with the community. It’s not so much a matter of the ritual itself so much as what the word implies. Smudging itself is actually a specific Native American smoke cleansing ritual, which is why it’s frowned upon for other witches to use that term. It’s a matter of cultural appropriation - a topic that is neither easy to delve into nor without controversy.

Instead, to avoid offense, it’s best to use the term “smoke cleansing.” In this manner, you’re not implying the use of another culture’s practices, and instead are referring to the more universal practice of using smoke to cleanse or bless an object or space.

Hope this helps!
Blessed Be! )O(

Holy water and rosaries and smudging...

Just had a long discussion about this with someone.
If you’re not getting it from a priest/holy water site (like Lourdes) and are making it yourself, it’s Blessed Water, not Holy Water.
If you’re not praying a Marian devotional/Novenna, it’s prayer beads not a Rosary.
If you are not Native American, it’s Smoke Cleansing, not Smudging.
Knowledge, Reverence, and Respect please.

I’m not saying that one is any less effective than another or anything else like that. They are just not the exact same thing.