In 1990, November was officially recognized as National American Indian Heritage Month.  The years since have proven to be both a political and artistic resurgence for Native Peoples. 

The Native American and Indigenous program became a formal addition to Sundance Institute in 1994, and as we reflect on the last 25 years of honoring Native American Heritage Month, we also want to recognize the contributions of Native filmmakers supported by the Native American and Indigenous program.

Smoke Signals (above)
Directed by Chris Eyre
1995 Directors Lab
1998 Sundance Film Festival

Directed by Heather Rae
2005 Sundance Film Festival

On the Ice
Directed by Andrew Okpeaha MacLean
2009 Directors Lab
2011 Sundance Film Festival

Directed by Billy Luther
2011 Sundance Film Festival

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Film stills by Cybelle Codish (Grab) and Sebastian Mlynarski (On the Ice)