Tia Wood’s red dress old style jingle special for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women at Gatherings yesterday


“I groaned as I limped into our bedroom that night to find Rhys sitting at the desk, poring over more books. ‘“I warned you that Azriel’s a hard bastard,” he said without looking at me. He lifted a hand, and water gurgled in the adjacent bathing room.

Even removing my clothes would entail using muscles that had nearly given out. A chair scraped in the bedroom, followed by cat-soft feet, then- ‘“I’m sure you already know this, but you need to actually climb into a bath to get clean- not just stare at it.”’ I didn’t have the strength to even glare at him, and I managed all of one stumbling, stiff step toward the water when he caught me. My clothes vanished, presumably to the laundry downstairs, and Rhys swept me into his arms, lowering my naked body into the water. With the wings, the fit was tight, and-

I groaned from deep in my throat at the glorious heat and didn’t bother to do anything other than lean my head against the back of the tub.

‘“I’ll be right back,” he said, and left the bathroom, the bedroom itself. By the time he returned, I only knew I’d fallen asleep thanks to the hand he put on my shoulder. “Out,” he said, but lifted me himself, toweled me off, and led me to the bed.

He lay me down belly-first, and I noted the oils and balms he’s set there, the faint odor of rosemary and– something I was too tired to notice but smelled lovely floating to me. His hands gleamed as he applied generous amounts to his palms, and then his hands were on me.

My groan was about as dignified as they came as he kneaded the aching muscles of my back. The sorer areas drew out rather pathetic-sounding whimpers, but he rubbed them gently, until the tension was a dull ache rather than a sharp, blinding pain.”


First part of NDRV3 childhood photos is done! Please don’t edit/repost or use as reference without permission, ok? ♡

Next part→ Kaito Momota will come soon~

Tfw you’ve been sitting in an otherwise empty parking lot for the past 20 minutes because a.) you shit the bed and forgot today was Sunday, a day not made for people who wake up earlier than 11am apparently because nothing’s open yet, and b.) your debilitating anxiety mandates you must arrive everywhere at least 15 minutes early, when some Bob Cut Barbara drags her obnoxious Escalade into the parking spot right next to yours in what is, may I remind, an otherwise empty lot