Mauna Kea Protectors Arrested After Successfully Shutting Down TMT Construction

Construction of the $1.4 Billion telescope has been shut down until further notice. More than 700 protesters marched on to the summit to stop the TMT.

Watch a 3-part video series on the Native Hawaiian defense of the their sacred mountain: Mauna Kea TMT Showdown June 24th. 



Reminder that “NDN” is a term that only Indigenous North Americans can use, it’s a slang term for “Indian” that we created as short hand that describes us, our experiences, while also creating a subtle mockery of being called something that we are not. If you’re non-native, please don’t use “NDN.” Do us the justice of saying Indigenous, Native American, First Nations, don’t cut your effort short. 

It took him 14 years and thousands of hours, but Aaron Carapella finally created a map that represents what Turtle Island looked like in 1490. It shows where roughly 590 Native nations were located and gives their indigenous names, instead of the names given by Europeans.


Indigenous Realities Masterpost:

Indigenous Americans are killed by police at just about the same rate as Black Americans. Indigenous women face the highest amount of rape, with 34.1% of our sisters becoming victims.  Indigenous women face the highest amounts of domestic violence, 39% of our women being brutalized in these relationships.  Suicide rates are higher among Indigenous peoples than any other nonwhite race.  Indigenous Americans have the highest rates of poverty. There are thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada, prompted by poor government policy, the highest rates of sex trafficking, and generalized disregard for our sisters’ lives.  40% of American Native reservation homes are deemed inhabitable, meaning our families are trapped in homes where there is not running water, proper heating, or proper sewage.  American Natives face the most unsafe school conditions, being subjected to more drugs, alcohol, and violence on school grounds than any other race.  Indigenous women make only 59 cents to the white man’s dollar. Clicking around these links will allow you to recognize even more terrible truths, and will perhaps allow you the understanding as to why our brothers and sisters are struggling. We’ve faced a genocide and are on the brink of an extermination, but we will not give up. We can no longer allow other activists to remain complacent in our silencing. 


‘Super Indian’ Takes On The Romantic Stereotypes Of Native Americans

In 1969, a Minnesota-born artist by the name of Fritz Scholder painted a portrait he dubbed “Indian with Beer Can.” The image shows a stark figure in sunglasses and a cowboy hat, sitting with his arms crossed and teeth bared before a can of Coors. Unlike many studio paintings that came before it – the ones that pictured Native Americans as indomitable or mystic figures detached from Whiter society – Scholder’s portrait was mundane, lower class, uncomfortable. It didn’t shy away from the taboo of alcoholism in indigenous communities, nor did it cover up America’s distaste for acknowledging poverty and alienation in the Indian Nation.

Happy Aboriginal Day!!

I have been noticing that almost everyone when they say Happy aboriginal Day, they always holla at north America, Canada and Australia but completely forget about our Native people in Central and South America, in which we are the mayority.(mostly assimilated but still)

Don´t forget about us

We go hard for our roots too!

Shout out from Costa Rica!!