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what do you guys think is the best portrayal of Native American's in pop culture? I'm really curious because I just don't know what I can trust to offer a decent portrayal of their culture and people from it.

Only two movies come to mind, made by Natives, of course.

Smoke Signals and a movie by and about First Nations people Rhymes for Young Ghouls

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“My practice is collaborative and research-based. I am in pursuit of an on-going excavation of historical Native American imagery and material culture. I like to bring these “artifacts” to life in a contemporary visual arts context.” –@wendyredstar. 💯 We talked with the 2016 #BettyBowenAward winner, to discuss her art and creative process. 👉 Tap our #LinkInProfile to read the full interview.

#PNWArt #SeattleArt #WendyRedStar [🎨: “Peelatchiwaaxpáash/Medicine Crow (Raven)"by Wendy Red Star, 2014.] via Instagram

I just saw this beautiful girl on my walk to class! I love her message and that she is willing to stand in the rain for what she believes in. #stopculturalappropriation

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Because you may have Native blood, but do you have the heart to pump it?

If a person of colour tells you that what you’re wearing is offensive then don’t wear it.

Disclaimer: This comic only applies to those [“you” meaning those who wear headdresses where it does not apply to them or their culture, hense cultural appropriation] or have in some way done offense in the term of cultural appropriation and this post was created specifically for said people in order to perhaps gain a better understanding of why cultural appropriation is offensive to many Native Americans [and to whom it applies within any person of colour] and strictly for educational purposes. This post does not mean to offend those who have done some sort of act of unintentional offense to Native Americans in the past by means of cultural appropriation and presently understand the offense that was made and regret it.

Truth vs. Twilight

In collaboration with the Quileute Tribe, this site seeks to inform Twilight fans, parents, teachers, and others about the real Quileute culture, which indeed has a wolf origin story, a historic relationship with the wolf as demonstrated in songs, stories, and various art forms, as well as a modern, multi-dimensional community with a sophisticated governance system. We also hope to offer a counter narrative to The Twilight Saga’s stereotypical representations of race, class, and gender, and offer resources for a more meaningful understanding of Native American life and cultures.

For Indigenous Peoples Day, we’re pleased to share this art work by Jonathan Labillois titled “Still Dancing,” which originally appeared in Volume, 9 Issue 2 of Girlhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal. This issue featured a special section on Indigenous Girlhood

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white people, who intend to use (dreadlocks, tribal tattoos, afros, “chola inspired makeup”, mehndi, bindis, sugar skulls, hula skirts, sombreros, intentional darker shades of foundation, Native American headdresses, Historical PoC icons etc…) in their Halloween costume,  Please get away from me. Culture is not a costume, be something yours for once on Halloween. Looking for something funny as a costume? Donald Trump, he’s a joke be him for Halloween. Looking for something cute? A mermaid, they’re mystical.
Please respect other people’s cultures, don’t appropriate, then ask why we(PoC) are hostile towards you. Do not mock one of the important things in our lives. 

Cultural Appropriation Print #1 via Native Realities Press

“Think that headdress is a good accessory?  Think again!

Captain Paiute, the Indigenous Defender of the Southwest, tells it like it is in this one-page illustration created exclusively for INC Comics!  

Printed on glossy cardstock, this print is a great way to show your support for authentic representations of Native and Indigenous people.

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