Whitehawk and Crowe - Wi`kiwa`m Ahsin (Tipi Rock) (by glonnie15)

a performance of Native American Church songs or Peyote ceremonial songs.

I often hear misunderstanding, even stereotypes of Natives and the use of peyote. I personally organised, set, and attended these meetings. My step-father was heavily involved in peyote meetings, sundance and sweat ceremonies.

I usually do not speak about things like this, I chose to do, share this with the tumblr natives, that know these things.

  • Standing All Alone
  • Verdell Primeaux
  • Hours Before Dawn

“Standing All Alone" by Verdell Primeaux and Johnny Mike.  From the 2002 album Hours Before Dawn.  

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A Crow song I’m trying to get down, if I remember the translation correctly, it means, “on this day bring us good luck. I’m praying to the Creator at this time, bring us good fortune. I’m singing to you, Holy Medicine.” I had it down and I wanted to sing it for Shinali but I lost it when I started singing it. I would like to practice it more, I need to bring my gourd and drum to jam with my relatives.

If you having a bad day, hopefully this song cheers you up.