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“I’m Ojibwe…A Two-Spirited person is considered gay in the Ojibwe tribe, or in the Dakota/Sioux tribe…The Great Spirit considers us to have two spirits, it’s been like that since the beginning of time, that you can actually be with another man, or a woman can be with another woman…The Ojibwe Tribal Nation, the elders consider that you were born this way. This is how the Great Spirit, the Creator made you. And that you are two spirits in one…You’re not knocked down for it, or anything like that. Sure, other members are going to say stuff under their breath. But when it comes to having our ceremonies, we go first at the Grand Entrance, which is the beginning of the powwow…Rather than being told that it’s an abomination, it’s very accepted. It’s more accepted, I think, than any other religion or any other race…We’re actually seen as being higher in the tribe, one step below an elder, which is pretty cool…”


White Light/Black Rain and Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee are both available on HBO onDemand right now. If you have it, watch both of them.

Just be forewarned:

White Light/Black Rain is a documentary about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and is extremely graphic.

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee is a film adaptation of the book of the same name, which deals with the actual events of the Battle of Little Big Horn and the Wounded Knee massacre, as well as residential schools and the relocation of Natives onto reservations. It is very heavy, very emotional, and there is no happy ending.

But I still think you owe yourselves to learn about both if you have an opportunity to.

Also @ndns coopting blacklivesmatter or think its fine using nativelivesmatter to “spreed awareness” of native issues. A majority of the ndns killed, especially by police have been disabled and their deaths were mostly of ableist reasons. Yet yall dont want to mention that… why? Is it not only you hate black people but also disabled people because most wont let disabled natives talk abt being disabled and native either and yall use a person disabilities against them too.

Also anthor funny thing abt ndns who support and coopt blacklivesmatter, dont care abt black ndns, disabled ndns, non cis ndns and more apparently. Like wow, i get it yall only care abt cishet able bodied/minded allsitic mono ndns… like.. wow… why do yall hate all of hs who dont fit those molds?

This is probably one of the most depressingly heart-wrenching photos I’ve ever seen. Native American children taken from their families and put into school to assimilate them into white society. the slogan for this governmental campaign ’“kill the Indian to save the man”. no official apology has ever been issued. never forgotten.

Support Native Americans

•support dark skinned natives
•support light skinned natives
•support white passing natives
•support natives whose first languages are their tribal languages
•support natives who cannot speak their tribal language
•support native children who have to teach themselves about their tribal culture
•support natives living on reservations
•support native kids who get asked if their parents live on a reservation
•support native kids who are taught to be embarrassed and ashamed of their heritage
•support métis people who might not know their heritage
•support métis people who aren’t native passing
•support native people who stick to traditional hair and dress styles
•support natives who practice their tribal religion
•support natives who follow mainstream fashion
•support natives who are told they’re “too Indian”
•support natives who are told they’re “not Indian enough”

•but above all, listen to what we have to say about our cultures, our histories, our future, our issues and our people.


The Thunderbird appears in many Native American legends and is said to be larger than a condor. 

Some said that the Thunderbird accompanied thunderstorms and that lightning flashed from its eyes. It was said to feed on killer whales. Some called it Piasa, or ‘devourer of man’ and believed the bird required sacrifices or it would attack a whole community.

The Ojibway of Lake Superior said that a Thunderbird fought with Mishipishu, a snake like monster of the lake. In more recent time, the Sioux Medicine Man, John (Fire) Lame Deer told of the Thunderbird and said that the he believed that they had gone to the furthest parts of the earth, unhappy with the dirty and impure civilization of the whites. 

Sightings of the thunderbird go back centuries and fossil records have shown that birds with wing spans between 12 and 18 ft existed alongside early man.