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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m so grateful for all the friends I’ve made and all the amazing things I’ve learned while working on this blog! 

I love you all, and I hope everyone ate their fill and had fun with family! 

Also, don’t forget to be respectful of all cultures this day! 


being half native, i am beyond tired of this reoccurring theme. for all of you cryptid fans, the wendigo, thunderbirds, skinwalkers, etc. are NOT cryptids. they are a part of indigenous culture and are spirits/entities, and not anything like mothman. they are religious and cultural folklore, despite the fact that cryptozoologists try to classify them as cryptids. 

also, do not associate any non-indigenous oc’s with ANY spirits from native culture and folklore, as it is very insensitive (i.e. kylo ren wendigo, named “rendigo”) to the culture and considered white-washing. our culture, practices, and religion has already been stretched far and thin over the years. be respectful please.

A little native girl passed away in her sleep last saturday. (not the saturday that passed) She was always known to have colds and what not, including asthma. She was also a little chubby. 

Her mother took her the hospital (the one my dad is at and had a hard time convincing the nurses/docs that he needed more care). The mother was implying she had a lung infection, telling the nurses…

Let me talk about this town. It’s a racial divide even though native people also live here. White french people, native people (who come from the reserve and those that live in town), and the few black and asian people that live here. The white people don’t treat natives kindly whatsoever. They think it’s normal to be that way…

Anyways, they told the little girl and mother to go home and she died in her sleep… I’m so heart broken. This french man walked up to a random native guy and asked about the little girl that had passed. He told the native guy “ya, I saw her with her mom that night in the emergency. The nurses talked in french amongst themselves. The one nurse said maybe we should do some tests and the other nurse said she was just fat” that was referring to the little girl.

White people…. Your racism is killing us. White nurses and doctors… You are killing us. You made an oath on native lands, yet you lack empathy.


I hear time and time again the phrase ‘Native culture’. What does that mean? Because it seems to me people are still uneducated about the first peoples and our cultures. As you’ll see above, Indigenous cultures across turtle island are very diverse and unique. Each nation / tribe has they’re own language, values and cultural teachings. So, please for the people saying ‘Native American culture’ as if we are one group, educate yourself on the very different cultural groups that reside here on this land.


“Rite of Passage”

Before the Philippines fell in the hands of the Spanish conquistadores, The Maharlika was the feudal warrior class of the Tagalog Region.

For the Maharlika, to become a man and a warrior, a boy begins training at an early age to prepare himself for the rite of passage. During puberty and when the moon is visible in the day light, he must hunt a ferocious beast and return with its deadliest body part as trophy. The more dangerous the beast, the manlier he becomes.

The Maharlika Initiate performs a ritual of sacrifice using a white fowl’s blood to create markings on his skin, as he follows instructions carved on a bamboo cylinder. The blood marks temporarily give its bearer protection, enhanced strength and speed; it can also enchant weapons to acquire magical properties.

The Sarangay was one of the favorite prey of The Maharlika Initiate and although a herbivore, turns hostile and attacks when provoked or threatened; it stands up on its hind legs to intimidate the threat and the natives mistaken it for a half-man monster. The Spanish Conquistadores slayed the few remaining ones for bounty, resulting to their extinction. Their ivory horns were highly valuable exports, traded via the Manila-Acapulco Galleon in the 16th and 17th century.

*This is a work of fiction, intertwining myth and history into magic realism. Magical blood markings and the reimagined sarangay creature were based from folklore. The rite of passage and the extinction of the creature are metaphors for the non-progressive traditions/practices of the natives and the Spaniards’ attempt to destroy the pagan roots of the ancient Philippines while exploiting the land.


Comcaac people, also known as the Seri, are an indigenous people located in Sonora, Mexico. They are known for their ironwood carvings. Though maybe not true for all, Seri people don’t consider themselves Mexicans, they consider Mexicans as people outside their land. The sea turtle is a sacred animal to them, it’s said that when the earth was covered in water, a leatherback sea turtle flipped mud on its back and created their home Tiburon Island. Their population is around a thousand and they’re not part of any language family, their language is an isolate.