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After an extended hiatus, my zine wife Amber and I are happy to report that our Etsy store is back open! Also, after much labor, printing snafus, and other unforeseen mishaps, our 4th issue in the Native American Feminist Musings series is now available: Empower Yoself Before You Wreck Yoself #2! This issue includes: my first ever comic featuring Rez Cat taking on #NoDapl, an interview with Cecely Todacheenie about being a skating badass, plus lots of poetry, artwork, photography, short stories and more. Also, thank you to all of the wonderful ladies who submitted and were willing to share their vulnerabilities and strengths with us. Tatum Bowie, Kogee Clark, Jessica Gonzales, Bree Manson, Erica S. Qualy and Eryn Wise, sending you all much love and light. Amber and I are also happy to announce that our zines are now available in eBook format which are easily downloadable. But if you’re old-school and still prefer a paper copy, we have those available in black and white with a free button to boot. And lastly, this zine is dedicated to those at Standing Rock, the Attawapiskat youth and the missing and murdered Indigenous women of Canada. Happy Galentine’s Day! Ahehee’!

attn lgbtq+, queer, trans, 2spirit ndns on tumblr:

would anyone by interesting in collaborating with me on a zine on the topic of lgbtq+ indigenous people? I’m still just dreamin about what would be in it, but I’m thinking poetry, essays, art of all kinds, anything that celebrates us! message me or reply to this if you have any interest, let’s link up and make something awesome.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is a floating stack of frybread in space. Also, Native Zinestress will officially be closing her doors tomorrow Sunday June 18th! It breaks my heart but my zine wifey and I have decided to focus solely on our solo projects. So if you’d like to order Empower Yoself Before You Wreck Yoself, The Nizhoni Beat or ShiK’is ShiHeart, now is the time because they will officially be going out of print. Thanks to all the folx who have been so supportive of this project over the last few years. It was a beautiful and educational experience and I’ve met so many wonderful people because of it. Muah!

Dark skinned and visibly non white folks don’t have the privilege of getting to choose to identify as POC. That choice is made for us.

No matter who you are, feeling like you have to defend your identity never feels good. That’s such a shitty, small feeling to have someone tell you who you are, instead of asking. That’s always going to be disempowering. But the reality is, white is the default in our society. People seen as white receive privileges from being “the norm” in the grand scheme of big powers like media and politics, but in other, smaller ways too. Things so often taken for granted, like ”nude” clothing and “skin tone” band aids, are made for light skinned people.

I can’t speak to the experience of being seen as white, but I feel like for some white passing POC, it must be a really invalidating experience to know your race and culture are a part of who you are, but to not have those things be seen, either in the context of your family, out in the world, or both. But still, there’s that choice. When you’re non white, that becomes your main identifying trait. You are not default or “the norm.” Dark skinned and visibly non white POC don’t get many opportunities to be seen in mainstream society as individuals. Although there are a plethora of diverse stories to be told, we’re so often used as diversity, but not seen as diverse. We don’t get to be dynamic. 

It doesn’t feel good to have your identity challenged by a stranger, or to feel like you have to aggressively defend who you are, no matter the case. But still, whether people want to acknowledge it or not, white passing POC folks get to choose to be recognized as POC. There’s privilege in having choices. 

Dark skinned and visibly non white folks don’t have the privilege of getting to choose to identify as POC. That choice is made for us.

call for submissions: indige•zine issue #3 spring: rebirth: renewal

in honor of the warmth & life this season brings, we are looking for all things spring, rebirth, and renewal. share with us your original artwork, songs, poetry, selfies, and even recipes for fresh spring dishes. tell us what spring and renewal means to you, to your indigenous communities, and to indian country as a whole. think green, blossoming and sunny!

indige•zine will be taking submissions from now until april 25th. please send us your work at with a brief bio (your name, your nation, what you do). shonabish!