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Jasminum sambac is in the olive family Oleaceae. Commonly known as Arabian jasmine, it is native to eastern Asia including India, Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Philippines. Arabian jasmine is an evergreen shrub that can grow up to 10 feet tall, producing terminal cymes of highly fragrant white flowers. These flowers are used in a variety of ways by many different cultures. Arabian jasmine is the national flower of the Philippines, and it is used to create floral decorations for holidays in this country and other southeast Asian nations. The flowers are used as the main ingredient of Jasmine tea, and are also commonly used to make perfumes. The most common use of the Arabian jasmine is as a garden ornamental, where it is cultivated in many areas across the globe.

Cornelia Sorabji (1866-1954) achieved a number of significant firsts in her native country of India and abroad. She was the first female graduate of Bombay University, the first female lawyer in the entire country, and the first woman to study law at Oxford University in 1889.

Her mother, a strong advocate of female education, had founded several girls’ schools in her native city of Pune. Upon being accepted to Oxford University, she became the first Indian national to study in the UK. She returned to India after her studies, and represented particularly women and minors in court, sometimes pro bono.

It’s really sad to see that even in the lesbian community, white girls are still seen as more desirable. Like where are the Tumblr famous Latina lesbians, or the Asian or Black or Middle Eastern or African or East Indian or Native? Like, hi! Lesbian POC exist too. Not just white girls. We have love to give too. We have value. We matter. Our blood is the same color. Our love is no less.


.so apparently america needs a crash course on caribbean culture…first they slander rihanna and now nicki… for the record this is not appropriation. this is their culture.

.as a little jamaican girl i find this to be beyond annoying. every time there is some foolishness in the mediaalong the lines of: why is nicki minaj appropriating indian culture…….

.first off there is several things wrong with that statement.

-firstly, why are americans still calling native american people indian.?. india is in india. native americans HAVE names for their nations [not tribles, nations]. Navajo, Black Foot, Cherokee to name a few. fix yourselves.

-secondly native american head dresses are way different than carnival head dresses. also the head dresses are reserved for specific people within their nation for specific purposes. they also have a VERY distinct style to them that are different from carnival head dress.

-thirdly how do you NOT know about carnival.?. the caribbean isnt the only place in the world that there is carnival. carnival happens in several different countries. hell, even in new orleans… in america. but you want to play dumb now because its nicki and rihanna.?.  

.we are carrib indian people. caribbean people look like this. caribbean people dress like this. when we have carnival we HAVE carnival. during caribbean carnival everyone is expected to dress the part to participate. people will don themselves in the most elaborate, often handmade costumes. how can you appropriate your own culture people.?. educate yourselves. stop your foolishness.

.but you cannot because you are too busy columbusting cultures and claiming it for yourself, right.?. because you’re edgy, right.?. because marc jacobs created mini buns but not bantu knots. and rows are new, but african hair braiding and cornrows are not.?. and gelled baby hair is new.?. right.?. okay. so we’re ignoring all the white indie coachella attendees, eh.?.

.this is why black people drink tea.

Christopher Columbus was an idiot
  • Christopher Columbus: *receives traded goods from India such as silk, tropical fruits/ nuts, other exotic stuff*
  • Christopher Columbus: I want to go to India. I know, I'll go this way because I like to jump to conclusions!
  • Christopher Columbus: *Sails to America.*
  • Christopher Columbus: *sees all the non-tropical land and temperate forests*
  • Christopher Columbus: *meets natives who do not have silk, don't speak Hindi, wear goddamn animal skins and live in tents. Obviously not an advanced society that can trade across an ocean things they obviously don't have*
  • Christopher Columbus:
  • Christopher Columbus:
  • Christopher Columbus: THIS MUST BE INDIA.
Unusual Herbs: Calamus

This is technically a root, but it was too interesting not to add to the list

- Also known as Sweet Flag, or by it’s scientific name, Acorus Calamus. Other nicknames include Myrtle Grass, Sweet Cane, Sweetgrass and Gladdon

- A member of the Acoraceae family, it is native to India, southern Russia, Siberia, China and central Asia

- The root is commonly powdered and put into sachets for healing, as well as using the seeds as beads for the same effect

- It’s also grown in order to bring good luck, and can be kept in the home for protection

- It is said that it is used to control others or a situation, and so is often used in spells for this purpose, by sometimes powdering the root and sprinkling it where they need to

- Magical uses include; peace. love, strength, luck, protection, money

More Unusual Herbs;






Limnophila aquatica is in the family Plantaginaceae. Commonly known as giant ambulia, it is native to southeast Asia, including India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. Giant ambulia is an aquatic species most closely related to snapdragons and foxglove. The stems can grow to over 2 feet long, and encircling the stems are whorls of finely dissected fern-like leaves. Because of the attractive foliage, giant ambulia is very commonly used in aquariums where it is planted in clumps. In the wild, and in open aquariums, stems that emerge from the water produce small axillary clusters of white and purple flowers.


Chariots of the Gods (1970)

Documentary based on the books of Erich Von Daniken concerning the ancient mysteries of the world, such as the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, ancient cave drawings, the monuments of Easter Island, etc. and the fact that these things and modern civilization could have been influenced by extraterrestrial visitations thousands of years ago.

Also available on Netflix.



Ixora coccinea is in the family Rubiaceae. Commonly known as jungle geranium, it is native to Southeast Asia, including India and Sri Lanka. Jungle geranium is an evergreen shrub that can grow up to 6 feet tall. The flowers are arranged in a spherical terminal cluster, with blooms that come in a variety of colors. Because of its long boom times, different flower colors, and evergreen nature, the jungle geranium is widely popular as a landscape shrub in subtropical climates in the United States and around the world.


Visualizing the World in Layers with Paper Artists @harianddeepti

To see more of their intricate paper art, follow @harianddeepti on Instagram.

Hari Panicker and Deepti Nair (@harianddeepti) create extraordinary worlds out of the humblest of materials: paper. The married couple, who split their time between their native Mumbai, India, and Denver, Colorado, have collaborated in paper art for six years, creating pieces that feel like the heir of Balinese shadow puppets. “I’m a graphic designer by profession,” Hari says, “which is more structured. She [Deepti] paints; she’s more organic in her process. Paper is one medium where we can merge.” When asked if they ever disagree, they both laugh. “I think she’s a very tough critic, but that’s good,” Hari explains. “The final outcome is really more magical.”

They may fight now and again, but the couple tends to be inspired by the same things: “We look at something and immediately visualize it in layers.” The most exciting part of the process comes at the end when they finally light the piece. “That’s when what we’ve been working on is revealed,” Deepti says.

Watch Priyanka Chopra Get Completely Smeared in Paint for Holi

Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC

Priyanka Chopra has a jam-packed schedule, with the second season of Quantico underway on ABC and Baywatch being released in theaters in May. That means she wasn’t able to travel back to her native India to celebrate the epic and beautiful Hindu spring festival of Holi, which is also aptly referred to as the “festival of colors.”

But not to fret, as the actress celebrated it with none other than Jimmy Fallon. While appearing on Monday’s The Tonight Show, they took turns painting each other’s faces to channel the festival:

“Happy Holi with @jimmyfallon tonight,” exclaimed Chopra in an Instagram post that showcased her bold and bright face point. The caption continued, “U should see what he looks like! Lol.”

Happy Holi with @jimmyfallon tonight!! U should see what he looks like! Lol 🍭Tune in tonight at 11:35 EST

A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on Mar 13, 2017 at 3:28pm PDT

Happy Holi!!!!

A post shared by Jimmy Fallon (@jimmyfallon) on Mar 13, 2017 at 3:25pm PDT

But we all know that few episodes of The Tonight Show end without a game! Fallon brought in Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood and her bandmate and fiance Zach Villa for a round of Tandem Sculptionary: “like Pictionary but with clay” as described by the late night talk show host. The guys paired off and Fallon ceremoniously wrapped his arms around Villa while sculpting a blow dryer, as the game’s rules dictated.

Though his art skills were sub par, they ended up gaining the point. But Chopra and Wood put them to shame by guessing “volcano” in mere seconds. Naturally, they celebrated their small win with a fun dance.

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The game wasn’t over just yet, with Fallon and Villa giving up their next point by failing to guess “burrito”. Chopra and Wood were victorious yet again with an expert “dolphin” guess and took home the gold with their vampire clay sculpture during the final showdown. Leave it to Fallon to make literally everything fun.

Watch their Tandem Sculptionary sessions in the video above.

Assassin Vine

A tree infested with Assassin Vine, also known commonly as “Assassin’s Rope”. A magical and somewhat self aware vine from India, it is known for strangling those who walk beneath it. It differs little from non-deadly varieties, only having a red-brown sap due to the blood it stores. As such it is wise to simply move quickly when near such vines.

While known to be originally native to India, with there being a solid fossil record of the plant across the Indian subcontinent, the plant has been found across southern Asia and even has sister variants in North America and Oceania.

While the plant is dangerous and has been known to kill people, it is not generally considered a harmful plant, as it does not actively seek to kill, and is instead opportunistic. However infestations of the plant are dangerous and should be carefully managed.

Assassin Vine sap can and is used in certain Blood replenishing potions, as well as certain sleeping potions. Pollen from the biannually produced flowers have also been used in some formulas of the wixen drug fairy dust, though these have led to asphyxiation, and is highly inadvisable.

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