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give me carmilla speaking 12 different languages. give me carmilla teaching laura some of those langauges, starting with french and german, which laura already knows bits and pieces of but not nearly enough to keep up with carmilla. give me carmilla saying things in relatively rudimentary french, and laura saying, “i know you said something about an apple, but what was the rest of it?” and carmilla patiently, amusedly repeating the sentence back to her in english. laura making progress and understanding more and more, so that carmilla starts quoting french poetry at her but refusing to translate the couple words or phrases that laura’s missing because “you should be able to get that by now, cutie”; laura blushing anyway because she understands enough to get the gist (and then teasing carmilla for being a giant sap). carmilla saying really raunchy things in german while they’re in public, just to see laura get all flustered. the two of them switching to french mid-conversation for the sake of privacy in front of other people. carmilla making some comment in german and laura responding in english, understanding each other perfectly. give me the subtleties and nuances of phrases unique to every lanuage, give me a new level of communication and understanding, give me my multi-lingual world-travelling power couple


ʻĀweoweo Scales Burnout tops, Kealopiko (Kanaka Maoli)

Designer’s statement:

One of the ways our kūpuna captured and represented the beauty of nature is through hāluʻa, or designs carved into kapa (bark cloth) beaters. These designs are transferred to the cloth through beating, leaving a watermark - a design seen when the kapa is held up to the light. This use of repeating patterns representative of elements in the natural world is the inspiration behind this design. Fish scales are both functional and beautiful - they form a protective outer layer while also giving many fish a fabulous appearance. These are scales of the ʻāweoweo, a handsome red fish know by the Latin name Priacanthus meeki, a.k.a. “Hawaiian bigeye”. This tasty little buggah does have big eyes, but it also has few bones and lots of meat, making it a favorite among many. The young of this fish are called ʻalalauā and when seen in great quantities meant an aliʻi would soon pass away (see ʻŌlelo Noʻeau 1382 - Ka iʻa ʻula weli i ke kai). These fish are nocturnal, coming out at night to feed on planktonic (floating) animals. They are found on reefs throughout the Hawaiian chain.

What Non Natives dont realize either when it comes to cultural appropriation or stereotypes is how much these experiences stick with us. I can think of many instances from the time that I was a child of the way I dealt with micro aggressions and was treated inferior. When they wear a dead Native on a tee shirt, dress up in a costume, or get a Native tattoo, its an exotic exploit, an after thought. They do it once and IF their settler colonial privilege is challenged they trivialize it by deeming it a useless argument or “not a big deal” and they move on with their lives. For us to deal with their games of dress up its a message of dehumanization that we see reinforced daily through all facets of life. The realities of oppression through the various statistics on top of the historical trauma is a reality that Natives can never just wake up and choose to ignore. Every little microaggression is just a reinforcement of settler colonial systems that were established from the origins of America with the intent to terminate and erase Natives. Every little image that hints at the vanishing Native trope is a contribution to federal policies and settler intent to erase Natives. 

I’m seeing a lot of the  Lexi, 19 posts and I have a few things to add to them:

  • Don’t attack her for her looks. That has nothing to do with her beliefs. Trash her terrible opinions all you want, but don’t bring this down to a fight about how she looks.
  • Her shirt is in very poor taste, Fall Out Boy or not. The dream catcher is a sacred thing to us Natives, but I know the shirt options at Hot Topic is limited so yeah. (there are other options btw for shirts)
  • Fall Out Boy has ALWAYS sided with the protesters. They are pro-protest. 
  • Fall Out Boy is very open in it’s thinking (protesting, lgbtq+ rights, human rights) (ex. 20 Dollar Nosebleed, ending of the Uma Thurman video, You’re Crashing But You’re No Wave, a glance at Patrick’s twitter or Pete’s twitter most of the time)
  • Pete Wentz is bi-racial (his mother is Jamaican)
  • Patrick Stump (and I’m sure the rest of FOB as well) do NOT support the Ferguson police at all. Patrick at least has stated his opinion on them on his twitter.
  • Fall Out Boy would absolutely not support the use of them to help get this girl popular nor would they support her beliefs.

Just had to point out a few things. Basically, don’t bring this whole thing down to an argument on how “ugly” this girl looks, when there are a lot more issues to be discussing here. Her looks should not even be mentioned when there are several different things to point out here.