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Lakota Fry Bread
¼ cup sugar
3 teaspoons baking powder
2 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup water (or just enough to make a soft dough)
Oil for frying
Mix all the dry ingredients together. Add water, mixing carefully. Divide the dough into four
pieces and pat each into a round, flat shape. Add 1-2 inches of oil to a large skillet and heat
to 350. Fry each round until crisp and brown on both sides.

if kory and kara are brought into season 3 of young justice (like I hope they will), I want to see them bond w/ m'gann over being from another planet. I want them to have an alien girls’ night where they talk about their homeworlds, and joke about the differences in cultures between them all. I want to see them cheer each up other when they’re homesick, share native recipes, and swap stories. I want to see my favorite alien girls be friends.

3 Sisters Stew

This book is great, and a historical reference with lots of information about different tribes from Canada, America, Central America and South America. 

The only hard thing about this book is the tribes are all so different. Since different regions offer different ingredients it would have made more sense to me to organize this book by region, not the typical, meat, vegetables, soups etc. Having said that it’s pretty cool to see the things that come natural to me (from history), and the things that don’t. The instructions also read like the way someones mom tries to explain a recipe. 

I’m happy with any book that focuses on native recipes, from any region.

Also can we talk about the glare from the guy on the cover (!?). 

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Favorite thing do with their s/o?

Norway: Reading. When alone with you, he gets really clingy. He loves to wrap himself around you and cuddle in close while the two of you read a book together or separately. As long as he’s near you he’s content.

Denmark: Den loves cooking with you. He enjoys teaching you native recipes from his country. They’re usually pastries or something sweet to eat but he also knows some main dishes that are to die for.

Iceland: sharing music. Ice loves all kind of music and he enjoys showing you his favorite songs as well as listening to your favorite songs. He thinks music and the songs you listen to can help to figure out a persons personality so he uses this time to figure out some new things about you he may not have known before

Sweden: DIY projects. Sve loves to do any kind of crafty or building activity with you. He enjoys being able to make something with you the two of you can look back on and remember the fun times you spent making the craft.

Finland: anything really. Fin’s content just being around you. Wether it’s helping you with work, making dinner, or watching a movie. If he had to pick something though, he’d probably love to sit with you by the fire and share funny stories you two had experienced

Call for Submissions on Galactic Imaginings | Sovereign Apocalypse Zine Issue #2

For the next issue of SOVAPOC we are seeking submissions from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and storytellers. Please send in submission by 20 February 2015. To send in your submissions or to get in contact email us at

In this issue we are provoking conversations around creation stories and contact with outer space and other ancient “civilisations”. We are interested in unveiling mainstream perceptions of our stories as myths and conspiracy. However other themes are also welcome.

We are accepting an array of content including: poems, prose, interviews, native recipes, drawings, paintings, photographs, collages, digital art, comics, or whatever medium you use to express your sovereignty. We also strongly encourage submissions in Indigenous languages.* If your submission is telling the story of others or is passing on significant intellectual property in the form of traditional knowledge, traditional cultural expressions or genetic resources please follow protocols and seek permission where appropriate.

*Please provide English/Aboriginal English/Innernet English/Kriol translations where possible.**

** Translations not hunned percent necessary.***

***Fuck English.****


Give Delphine the return she deserves in Season 4. 

I want Cosima to notice her absence. I want her to be hurt and confused when she doesn’t answer her phone calls because even after she found out about Shay, Delphine never ignored her. I want to see Cosima genuinely wanting to apologize to Delphine, to fully make amends for the way she acted, and I want her to become even more agitated when she just can’t seem to find Delphine anywhere. Not even DYAD has answers.

Then I want her to get a phone call. Unknown number with an unrecognizable voice on the other end, giving an ultimatum detailing the conditions of Delphine’s return and stating in no uncertain terms that time is running out before Delphine will die without the appropriate medical treatment.

I want to see Cosima lose her shit. I want everything to come crashing down on her, the guilt of how she treated Delphine, the gut-wrenching thought of her possible death, the furious frustration that so much had been lost between them when it didn’t have to be, the absolute panic that she might not be able to save Delphine’s life. I want her to become a hurricane in her all-consuming need to save her.

I want sacrifices to be made for the sake of Delphine. I want to see someone protest that the conditions for Delphine’s safe return are too heavy, that it would just be too much for someone who isn’t family, and I want Cosima to rip them to shreds for it because Delphine is the only fucking reason the Leda clones are all still alive and together and like HELL she isn’t family. I want Sarah and Helena and Cosima and Felix to go to the ends of the earth to save her. 

I want Delphine to be safe. Injured and traumatized but safe. I want Cosima to shake when she sees her, I want her to bury her face in Delphine’s hospital sheets and beg for her forgiveness. I want to see Delphine forgive her because of course she does, she only did everything because she loved Cosima. 

I want Delphine to be welcomed home. I want her to feel loved and secure for the first time in too long. I want her to get to know Krystal, properly this time. I want her and Felix to discover that they actually get along remarkably well. I want to see Kira have one conversation with Delphine and immediately give everyone the side-eye because how did you guys seriously not know she was on your side. I want Delphine to talk with Helena about native Ukranian recipes and compare them to her native French delicacies. I want the Clone Club to feel whole, genuinely complete, because of Delphine’s presence.

I want Cosima and Delphine to make love, weeks, months after Delphine has recovered. No discussions or sudden, spontaneous kissing and stripping of clothes. I want them to know. Just know that it’s been so long, too long since their two selves have become one. I want them to be familiar, moving in the dim light with an overflow of emotion because I missed you so much and it’s alright now. I want to see Cosima freeze dead in her tracks when she sees the scar. I want the breath to catch in her lungs as she feels the fresh wave of guilt. I want her to kneel, tears heavy in her eyes, and with reverent, trembling lips kiss the place where Delphine nearly died for her. I want their pit of the soul, can’t live without it love to be done full justice.

I want Delphine to get the return she deserves in Season 4.


Sambucus racemosa is in the family Adoxaceae. Commonly known as red elderberry, it is native to much of North America where it grows in riparian areas close to rivers and streams. The fruits of this species are toxic if eaten raw, and can cause nausea and vomiting. However, many Native American recipes use the berries after they have been cooked for some time. Follow for more plant facts and photos!