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People gather on the steps of the Capitol in Santa Fe, New Mexico in support of “The Journey for JoVita” a rally and march against drunk driving

Photographer: Edward Vidinghoff
Date: 1989
From the Santa Fe New Mexican Collection, Negative Number HP.2014.14.745

Caption: “More than a thousand marchers converged on the steps of the Capitol Monday marking the end of ‘The Journey for JoVita’ an anti-drinking-and-driving march that started in Gallup, NM, 12 days ago. Many carried signs bannering the group’s collective message for the Governor and the state legislature.”

The Descent of Quetzalcoatl, 1

This is from the mythological sequence describing the descent of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, to the Underworld, to recover the bones of the ancestors from the Lord of Death, in order to create the new, and current, race of men. At the top, the Teótl gather in Tamoanchan, the Twelfth layer of the heavens, to order Quetzalcoatl and his Spirit Animal, Xolotl, the dog-god, to descend to the Underworld to recover the precious bones. Below, they descend on a rope adorned with eagle plumes, which symbolically represents the Milky Way, through the subsequent 11 layers of the heavens, before they enter through the belly of the earth Goddess, Coatlicue. These layers are, in order, the Red, Yellow, and Blue heavens, the Daytime and the Nighttime Skies, the heaven of shooting stars, the heaven of Venus, the heaven of the Sun, the heaven of the stars, and the heaven of the moon and clouds. Below is the surface of the earth and the imperial city of Tenochtitlan.

The painting is the preliminary drawing for the painting, which will be painted in full color. A print of the preliminary drawing is available on my Etsy store at this link.

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hi dross! i was just wondering (even tho you've already told us for some of em), what are the ethnicities/nationalities of ur human characters? (sorry btw i'm ESL and stupid so i'm not sure which word is the right one to use lmao)

Man I get that stuff mixed up too, dont worry bout it!!
BUT UH GOD THAT’S SO MANY where to begin…i’ll try to cover. like. all of my bases? 

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Está traducido al Español despues del Inglés.

The Descent of Qutzalcoátl, part 1. The finished painting, and details. Here, Quetzalcoátl and Xolotl descend through the 12 layers of the heavens (there is a 13th layer above them), in order to enter the underworld and recover the bones of the ancestors, to create the new race of men. They descend on a rope adorned with eagle plumes, which represents the milky way, and enter through the nave of Coatlicue, Teótl of the Earth. This is available as a poster on my Etsy shop, at this link…/the-descent-of-quetzalcoatl-1-fine-a…

El descenso de Qutzalcoátl , parte 1. El cuadro terminado, y varios detalles. Aquí, Quetzalcóatl y Xólotl descienden a través de las 12 capas de los cielos (hay una capa de 13 por encima de ellos ) , con el fin de entrar en el inframundo y recuperar los huesos de los ancestres, para crear la nueva raza de hombres. Descienden en una cuerda adornada con plumas de águila, que representa la Vía Láctea, y entran a través de la nave de Coatlicue, Téotl de la Tierra. Si tienes interes en una impresion de mi obra, y vives en Mexico, escribeme aqui!

Please allow me to introduce myself and my work. I am a native New Mexican, whose most recent work of fiction is Daughters of the West Mesa, based on a true story of the discovery of 11 female remains, and an unborn fetus, found west of Albuquerque. I write  poetry and in the past have academic textbooks. Suzanna is the name of my trilogy about a 13 yr. old girl married off to a 32 yr. old man. Poor People’s Flowers is the second book and I am writing the third one at this time. I enjoy your site and look forward to networking with you.