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I know some Spanish that I can understand what’s written or anything and I’d like to have some fun with this language, like memes, spanish natives or sth 😂 do u know the communities and could recommend me some? Even some tumblrs with Spanish memes would be alright

After some researching (idk why it took a lot of time finding these I guess tumblr is predominently in English haha) I found some blogs that could be interesting though a lot of them still have a lot of content in English:


1: What is your native language?
2: Have you learnt any other languages? If yes, what are they?
3: Have you ever read a book in a foreign language?
4: Did you learn any languages at school? If yes, what were they?
5: What is the prettiest language?
6: What is the ugliest language?
7: Have you ever made up your own language?
8: What languages do your parents speak?
9: If you were granted a wish that allowed you to instantly be able to speak any language, which would it be?
10: Have you ever tried to learn sign language?
11: Have you ever watched a movie with subtitles in a different language, or vice versa?
12: Choose a Scandinavian language you’d like to learn.
13. Choose a Slavic (eastern European) language you’d like to learn.
14. Choose an Asian language you’d like to learn.
15. French, Spanish, Greek - which is the best?
16. German, Dutch, Italian - which is the best?
17. Have you ever been embarrassed by a native speaker of the language you are trying to learn?
18. Name a dead language that you wish to make a come back.
19. What is your native language / homeland famous for?
20. What language is overrated?
21. What language do you think is too intimidating to learn?
22. What language should more people speak?
23. What language uses the prettiest alphabet?
24. What language uses the weirdest alphabet?
25. Try to find some foreign currency in your house. Where is it from?

MYTHOLOGY MEME: [2/9] non-greek gods/goddesses

WHOPE - In Sioux mythology, Whope is the daugher of the Sun Wi (the all-knowing Dakota spirit of the sun) and the moon. She is a goddess of peace and the wife of the south wind. When Whope visited he earth, she gave the Dakota Indians a pipe as a symbol of peace. Later she became the White Buffalo Calf Woman to the Lakota Indians.


No one will forget me. Not my look, not my name. Katniss. The girl who was on fire.

Fancasting Meme | 5 Raceswapped Characters (4/5)
Q’orianka Kilcher as Katniss Everdeen

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So... Steve's dog, Tony's cat, you're raccoon, Clint & Sam are birds, Nat's spider... But what animal is Thor?

1. yellow
2. cute
3. lightning

so you met chanyeol on paris and like

you want to say something nice, of course

but then you go and

compliment his looks


you could’ve complimented his personality

and how hard working he is

and not just superficial things

but like

i’m just saying