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Trickster Week (2/8)
American Gods: Azeban (Abenaki Mythology)

Azeban, the Raccoon, is a trickster animal of the Abenaki and Penobscot tribes. His exploits are mischievous, funny, and fairly trivial. Azeban is the main character of many stories aimed at children. He often behaves foolishly or causes trouble for others, but unlike animal tricksters in some other tribes, Azeban is not dangerous or malevolent.

Some Random Person in a Public Place: wow pocahontas was such a good movie!!!

Me, Internally, As I Have No Business Saying Anything to Them: While Disneys Pocahontas was a visually beatiful and thematically sound movie it should not be your major reference point for either Native American Culture nor Pocahontas’s Real Life Story, both of which were greatly misrepresented in that movie.

Pokemon Go team leader headcanons

* brings lunch every day in a Mr. Bento canister
* owns a replica bat’leth
* loses battles to girls deliberately then asks them out on dates
* all of their tumblr posts are tagged #fight me
* 3DS in pocket just in case

* wears long coat to emulate Sherlock
* completed Pokedex while other teenagers were trying sex
* attempts accents to be funny but mixes them up and just sounds weird
* catalogs books on librarything
* native language is sass

* meme trash
* nobody follows his YouTube links because he’s rickrolled his friends too many times
* ran out of hair gel years ago, started using toothpaste instead
* secretly heterosexual
* tired of being called Tidus

The meme makes one error and a conservative estimate on the population of Tenochtitlan. We’ve done personal research on the calculation method they use to calculate the population of Mexico. We’ve concluded that it is very feasible and quite possible that it was close to 500,000 people just in the city of Tenochtitlan. That isn’ counting all the satellite or suburban areas around the city that ultimately was part of the metropolis of Tenochtitlan.  AND…. that the people of Mexico Tenochtitlan were NOT “AZTECS”. They came from the Aztecs, but had changed their name long before they had even establish the city. The people of Mexico Tenochtitlan, were the Mexica, pronounce MEH-SHEE-KAH. Or Mexicans in English, and Mexicanos in Spanish. Same word, different languages. Hence why this page is named “Mexicans wake up” and NOT “Aztecs wake up”.  Edited due to confusion the meme provided. 4/20/15 T. “How on earth would you feed a city of over 200,000 people when the land around you was a swampy lake? Seems like an impossible task, but the Aztec managed it by creating floating gardens known as chinampas, then they farmed them intensively. These ingenious creations were built up from the lake bed by piling layers of mud, decaying vegetation and reeds. This was a great way of recycling waste from the capital city Tenochtitlan. Each garden was framed and held together by wooden poles bound by reeds and then anchored to the lake floor with finely pruned willow trees. The Aztecs also dredged mud from the base of the canals which both kept the waterways clear and rejuvenate the nutrient levels in the gardens. A variety of crops were grown, most commonly maize or corn, beans, chillies, squash, tomatoes, edible greens such as quelite and amaranth. Colourful flowers were also grown, essential produce for religious festivals and ceremonies. Each plot was systematically planned, the effective use of seedbeds allowed continuous planting and harvesting of crops. Between each garden was a canal which enabled canoe transport. Fish and birds populated the water and were an additional source of food.”