native heros

The story begins with a person who is an orphan; or someone who feels like an orphan, alone, separate, different, and misunderstood. This character has questions about their circumstance (for example:”Why did my parents die?”, “Why doesn’t anyone like me?”, Why am I always in trouble?”, “What will I do with my life?”, etc.). These questions set off the journey.

Menton J Matthews


Wilma Pearl Mankiller was the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation. A liberal member of the Democratic Party, she served as principal chief for ten years from 1985 to 1995. She is the author of a national-bestselling autobiography, Mankiller: A Chief and Her People and co-authored Every Day Is a Good Day: Reflections by Contemporary Indigenous Women.

Mankiller’s administration founded the Cherokee Nation Community Development Department and saw a population increase of Cherokee Nation citizens from 55,000 to 156,000


Piper Mclean Face Headcanons:

  • Thick and  messy eyebrows (doesn’t give enough fuck to use tweezers)
  • Kinda long and flattened nose
  • Upturned eyes with long eyelashes
  • Thick lips, somewhat her upper lip naturally has a darker colour.
  • Has the jawline we all wished for
  • High cheekbones
  • Probably has lots of hair knots
  • Her hair is not the ‘silky and perfect’ type

Planning to make this for other characters as well so if you have any suggestions or coments please let me know


from concept to finish design

this is a support class hero based on the Overwatch universe. he is a hero who works for talon as their healer. 

Name: John Mushkeeki 

Code name: Shaman

Class: Support

Org: Talon

Gear: both arms are prosthetic that have been modified, along with a small hammer like device.

-right arm is a healing generator that emits healing energy to his allies, it also can drain opponent’s health, (based on mercys staff and symmetra gun

-left arm is a modified mini tobelstien reactor that draws people closer to Shaman. (mix of roadhogs hook mechanic and orisa ability)

-a close range device he calls his spirit chanter, it’s a device that has the ability to drain all opponent of their energy with in a radius. (works like’s ultu)(also his ult)


-when draining opponent he heals himself faster than normal

Backstory: John Mushkeeki was once a medical doctor with another degree in biomedical engineering, he mostly did his worked and research on a small reservation near los angeles. most of his research was on self healing devices. he worked closely with the government making healing technology. then the omnic crisis happen and John returned to his reservation to help those people in need. 

as the crisis worsen, the people of the reservation where in dire need of assistance, so john pleaded to the US government and the UN for help, they declined stating “we don’t have the resource or the manpower to help at the moment”. Without assistance from them, john tried his best to save his people from being destroyed and in the process lost both his arms during an omnics attack.

since then his reservation nothing more a modern ruin and a burial site to those who lost their lives. they call the ruins “the last wolf song” because they said you can hear the wolves singing their. 

for john he disappear and wasnt seen since the crisis. tell a mysterious person attacked a small government own build and reports say it resembles john 

Am I the only one who thinks Rick is going to make a loose collection of books in one universe? Like 3-10 for every pantheon? He’s already got Greek, Egyptian, and Greco-Roman under his belt and the slim possibility for a completely Roman backstory on Camp Jupiter and Jason.

He also set up Chinese, Native American, and maybe Latino mythology in his Greco-Roman series. He hinted in the Egyptian series that it was connected with the Greek and Greco-Roman world as weal as in multiple crossovers.

He’s got an official Norse series coming up that has a main character with the same last name as a main character in the Greek and Greco-Roman books.

It would be easy to create this kind of avengers Marvel universe were their still separate story’s but there all connected and hinted to coexist and sometimes meet each other and just be badass’s together.

I also think that Nico has met all of them and is just hiding it from everybody. He could’ve easily run into a lot of people when he was learning how to shadow travel. Come on, look me in the eye and tell me you have never thought about Anubis and Nico being bros.

I kind of want to make this happen one day: a Captain N: The Game Master reboot. I thought of the idea in July 2015 and pitched it along with two other show ideas to Rainmaker which they all didn’t go anywhere. Almost two years since I was thinking a lot about this idea and what it could be. I wanted to draw a polished piece I can share publicly, and just in time for the Nintendo Switch too!

My idea would not have any ties to the original Captain N series other than the basic idea of an average gamer kid from the real world brought into a video game world and become its champion. It would be mostly about this girl who suffers amnesia upon being brought into the world (the series starts off with the native heroes who then see this girl falling in), how she becomes a hero even though she herself is confused how she knows game-related strategy and combat, and the mystery of her identity.

My Captain N idea obviously I wouldn’t think of working without Nintendo on it (so there would be nothing like whatever Simon Belmont and Pit were in the old cartoon), considering they’re very protective on how their games are treated into movies and cartoons though they are now getting interested in producing some themselves. Other companies’ characters that have close connections to Nintendo would be invited to appear in the series as well.


Yaotécpatl was one of the most experienced warriors of the Mexica Empire in its heyday, and he was a powerful nahual.

He gain the range of tzitzimitl warrior with only 23 years old and participated in numerous campaigns of conquest taking numerous prisoners.

However, his greatest achievement was the single combat that he took against the  tzitzimime released by owl nahuals who used  powerful spells of necromancy.

 He could kill the terrible monster, which wreaked havoc on the population of Chapultepec, but he  had to sacrifice his life.