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If he was a few years younger, I’d say Martin Sensmeier (Red Harvest) should play Tommy Oliver in the next Power Rangers movie.

THEN AGAIN, Ludi Lin is 29 and Martin is 31 so…not too much of a stretch. 

Please, Tommy as a Native American. Make it so, Hollywood. Look at this guy, he’d be perfect for the role.

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I met Martin Sensmeier today~! He signed my western (an issue from my favorite series that actually matches some of the plot points from The Magnificent 7), said it was cool!

Also, an elder passed in front of the camera during the photographing and Martin ended up laughing with everyone X3

For having loved The Magnificent Seven as much as I did (I’m gonna pay again to watch it a second time), I sure didn’t write enough about it.

The movie is amazing.


Diversity. We have:

  • a Mexican, Vasquez (played by a Mexican actor, Manuel García-Rulfo)
  • a white dude, Faraday (played by a white dude, Chris Pratt)
  • a black man, Chisolm (played by a black dude, Danzel Washington)
  • a Korean guy, Billy (played by a Korean actor, Lee Byung-hun)
  • a Native American, Red Harvest (here they messed up a bit because he’s playing a Comache but the actor is Alaskan First Nation, Martin Sensmeier)
  • a probably mentally ill fat guy [yes I take that as a separate category], Horne (played by Vincent D’Onofrio who is autistic)
  • a woman with a male companion who is not her keeper, Mrs. Emma Cullen (played by Haley Bennett)
  • a (white) guy with PTSD, Robicheaux (played by Ethan Hawke)

The Director (Antoine Fuqua) is black, one of the producers (Roger Birnbaum) is Jewish, one of the writers (Hideo Oguni) is Japanese.

[Edit: swapped “has autism” for “is autistic” and took out “tiny” for casting an Alaskan First Nation for a Comanche] 

slight spoilers below

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Two books I’m very excited about. The first is Baker Creek Heirloom seed catalog. It arrived unexpectedly in the mail a little while ago and I’ve been flipping through its pages and day dreaming. The second is my wifes Decolonize Your Diet cookbook that she got for Christmas. Its full of plant based recipes for Mexican food using ingredients native to the Americas. The two books complement each other nicely. I’m compiling a list of seeds I’ll need for a native plant vegetable garden. Growing and cooking food native both to my culture and my locale has been an idea I’ve been mulling over for a while and I’m finally taking small steps in that direction.