native feelings

“I am Native American from the Omaha tribe in Nebraska. My Indian name means ‘shooting star.’ I wish the world knew that we do still exist. And, no, we don’t all live in tepees. When I see people in headdresses or Native American accessories, I feel disrespected. They don’t know the meaning behind it, how we wear it, or what we do to earn it. This is a real eagle feather. It doesn’t just fall off an eagle and someone says, ‘Oh, here — it’s yours.’ You have to earn it in my culture. I feel powerful when I wear it, more confident, and more connected to my ethnicity. I’ve never been embarrassed about being Native American. I take pride in it. I love how spiritual we are — it’s like we’re in tune with the Earth and the universe. I know there’s no other culture out there like mine.”

Daunnette Reyome

i hope black kids have a good day today

i hope kids of latin descent and asian descent have a good day today

i hope native american kids have a good day today

i hope gay kids have a good day today

i hope lesbian kids have a good day today

i hope pansexual kids have a good day today

i hope aromantic and asexual kids have a good day today

i hope transgender kids have a good day today

i hope intersex kids have a good day today

i hope mentally disabled kids have a good day today

i hope physically disabled kids have a good day today

i just.

i hope all of you have a really good day today, okay?

Shout out to native mlm whose tribes aren’t accepting of their sexuality ✨

Shout out to native mlm who constantly have to deal with being told “you don’t look native!” ✨

Shout out to native mlm who do look native and are discriminated for it on top of being mlm ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who don’t want to cut their hair for spiritual reasons ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who don’t want to cut their hair just because they like it ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who do want to cut their hair short ✨

My native boys out there never get any love so shout out to Native mlm!!! Feel free to add more!

  • me, speaking to a native speaker: I feel a little bit out of my depth but I'm keeping up with the flow of the conversation! This is going well!
  • me, an hour after speaking to a native: I did so well! We understood each other and she laughed at my joke. I think we really bonded! And she was so happy when I started talk to her in her mother tongue
  • me, lying in bed later that night: In the second sentence I spoke to her I used the wrong adjective declension. She was probably laughing at me, she was probably embarrassed for me by my attempts to speak with her, she probably

Følelser på norsk. Feelings in Norwegian.

Jeg er glad - I am happy.

Jeg gleder meg - I am excited.

Jeg er forelsket - I am in love.

Jeg har forelsket meg - I have fallen in love (with someone or something).

Jeg er takknemlig - I am thankful/grateful.

Jeg er overrasket - I am surprised.

Jeg er engasjert - I am engaged. (not marriage related!). In Norwegian an engaged person is someone who is passionately and care. Usually you can tell by their face & by how fast they speak, that this is a person who is engaged in this/these topics. And some people are just programmed this way - they care about a lot of topics & they are very engasjert.

Jeg er stolt - I am proud.

Jeg er fasinert - I am facinated.

Jeg har en god/dårlig følelse - I have a good/bad feeling.

Jeg er sikker/usikker - I am sure/unsure.

Jeg er lei for det - I am sorry (lit. I am sorry about it)

Jeg kjeder meg - I am bored.

Jeg er trøtt - I am tired.

Jeg er sur - I am angry.

Du skremte meg - You scared me.

Du såret meg - You hurt me.

Du fornærmet meg - You insulted me.

Jeg er redd - I am scared.

Jeg er opprørt - I am upset.

Jeg er forvirret - I am confused.

Jeg er lei meg - I am sad.

Jeg er sliten - I am tired.

Jeg er nervøs - I am nervous.

Jeg er utslitt - I am exhausted.

Jeg er irritert - I am annoyed.

— I really appreciate if you could translate this list into your native language :D Jeg setter veldig pris på om du kunne oversatt denne listen til ditt morsmål :D

To be honest, there is nothing I crave more than visiting Paris, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and all the other cities with a spirit as unique as the people living there. I want to get lost in foreign lives, in the anonymity of capitals and languages that still don’t feel native on my tongue.
I want to go for a walk by a river, admiring the city lights, while discovering another person’s heart but mostly my own.
—  // longing for a future
chapters 1-4

In the very first novel that Arthur Conan Doyle has ever written, A Study in Scarlet, there are many ways to see the queerness of the characters, their choose of words and behaviours. The interest Watson has for Holmes and Holmes has for Watson is more visible in the first four chapters as these chapters give us the states the characters in, their first impressions in meeting and how they heal each other.

Watson, as a man newly came back from war, is in a bad state both emotionally and physically. Loneliness is a big problem for him besides the trauma that war left. When he figures out that Stamford knows someone who is looking for someone to live with, he says that he “prefers a partner to being alone”. Then he asks about this man and finds out that the man is quite and doesn’t have noise or excitement in his life. This doesn’t bother him because he “had enough of both in Afghanistan”. He tries to find at least one common point with repeatedly asking whether the man is a medical student or not. Later on he even makes a list of this man’s limits to see what he does for a living. He is intrigued even before the meeting, which shows how lonely he must be feeling.

The instant chemistry between Holmes and Watson is pretty blatant. Even though he has been told to be unexciting and quite, he welcomes Watson warmly with the excitement of the new discovery he’s made. Watson “hardly gives him credit” because of the way Holmes grips his hand to shake it with such strength. This introverted man feels close enough to Watson to grab him from his coat’s wrist and pull him to show the discovery. Watson, on the other hand, sees him like a little child even though all Holmes playing with is blood.

Holmes says only one sentence to Stamford all along the conversation to turn to Watson with a smile again. He is delighted by the idea to live with Watson, or Watson sees or hopes so.

As they start living together we understand that Watson doesn’t have friends to visit him as he’s resting to heal and he is bored to death. He chooses to observe the man and find out what Holmes’ job is for best way to spend his time: As the weeks went by, my interest in him and my curiosity as to his aims in life gradually deepened and increased. His very person and appearance were such as to strike the attention of the most casual observer. […] The way he describes the man is too fascinated for anyone who’d try to do so. (Later on he figures out that Holmes is sensitive to flattery and compares him to a girl. We can see the signs of his repressed sexuality here.) He is scared to be seen as a “hopeless busybody” by the reader and says that all these observations about Holmes is just because he has nothing better to do, though we know that his descriptions are about more than being bored. Though Holmes does what he can for Watson as he plays the pieces that Watson likes and asks him to play.

After he learns about what Holmes does for a living, and learns that Holmes’ limit about literature is not as less as he thought, even himself can’t believe how amazing and clever one can get so he looks suspiciously at the special talent of Holmes’. He feels the urge to ask the sergeant if Holmes’ deduction was correct. After the first meeting which Watson seemed impressed, he starts to think that this man is even more brilliant than he thought so with what he does and how he thinks. He confesses that he is impressed and thinks that it was Holmes’ aim. He considers the possibility that the whole thing was a prearranged episode and can’t quite hide his suspicion about why Holmes would do such thing, if it was as he thinks.

Holmes changes his idea about not taking the case with only one sentence of Watson’s. As they work on the case, Watson sees that Holmes doesn’t only have knowledge but he uses it effectively. After Watson sees Gregson and Lestrade, Holmes thinks Watson might be impressed as much as he was impressed by Holmes. He brings up his study on ash just to compare himself to the other detectives and proves his supremacy of knowledge. We can see a bit of jealousy and annoyance here.

So even from the first impression and the times that they start to live together, the interest these two characters have in each other is quite obvious.

Thank you @astudyincanon for starting this project and making me want to do queer readings with canon works. I can’t believe how shallowly I read these years ago and couldn’t see the gayness lol


15 Charming Illustrations That Fight Fatphobia With Doodles And Flowers

Fat-positive feminist and artist Rachele Cateyes is fed up with [people’s] fatphobic bullsh*t. So she decided to draw about it.In her illustrated series called “ Glorifying Obesity,” the Portland, Oregon-native expresses how she feels about those who shame, harass and bully obese people for being fat. The illustrations are honest and powerful – pairing phrases like “Fat people don’t owe you shit,” with dainty flowers and hearts.  


For the past few months, since I got my hair cut, I haven’t really felt the prettiest. I don’t really wear makeup like I used to and don’t try and dress up. I don’t even really take selfies anymore. I just don’t find myself that pretty anymore. Got sick of it about an hour ago and decided to throw on some makeup and put on a cute shirt for some pictures. I wanted to feel good about myself.

I am here for black natives

I am here for black natives who “don’t feel they count” as native because they’re black 

I am here for black natives who constantly deal with antiblackness from nonblack natives 

I am here for black natives who feel they gotta jump through hoops just to “prove” their authenticity to nonblack natives 

I am here for black natives who grew up on reservations or in urban settings, or both 

I am here for black natives who feel disconnected but wanna rediscover their heritage 

I am here for black natives who descend from black slaves owned by nonblack natives who feel conflicted about that part of their heritage 

I am here for dark skinned black natives who face even more opposition for not fitting the “traditional ~native~ look” and endure colorism in yet another community

I am here for black natives who still get denied their heritage no matter how much proof they bring forth 

I am here for black natives ✊✊✊

@people who refuse to tag their 4th of July posts

Hello! My name’s Laura and i’m Lakota Sioux!

My family and I abstain from celebrating 4th of July every year because we’ve literally had our lands taken from us, our people brutally slaughtered and our traditions erased by the white people who brought ‘independence’ to this country, and we see it as a big middle finger to Native American people. Naturally, as such, I don’t enjoy seeing posts about this holiday. They physically make me upset, and more often than not i’ll see my mother cry because of people’s blatant disregard for our struggles. 

People tell me to shut up and not ruin their fun every year. People tell me to not be so preachy. People tell me relax. No matter how many times I try and explain that their ‘FREEDOM FUCK YEAH’ posts only apply to those of light skin, people still ignore us. 

I understand that you guys want to just have a good time, and don’t let me stop you, but please have some regard for us today. Please keep the people who’s entire existence was tarnished to make this day a thing in your minds and hearts when you’re eating apple pie and setting off fireworks.

Please just listen to us for once.

Reblog this for me, please. I want this to be heard.

Edit: If you’re coming here to harass me over this, consider going through my ‘native stuff’ tag and fact checking before you start flaunting how much you hate mixed race kids.

Russian figure skating vocabulary

With Yuri!!! On Ice ending tomorrow (see my main blog if you want to know just how into this show I am), I took it upon myself to celebrate the show by compiling a small list of Russian vocabulary dealing with figure skating.

If I made any mistakes in this list, please send me a message so I can correct them - I’m not a native speaker! Also, feel free to add on, as I’m sure there are some terms I must have forgotten. Давай)))

EDITED since receiving corrections from my ever-patient penpal Andrei!! :) 

Basic Vocabulary

Verbs                                   Глаголы
To skate                               Катаься (на коньках)
To jump                                Прыгать
To land                                 Приземляться
To fall                                   Упасть
To get up                              Вставать
To spin                                 Вращаться
To spread-eagle                   Распластаться
To glide                                Скользить
To wobble                             Дрожать
To dance                              Танцевать
To speed up                         Ускоряться 
To slow down                       Замедляться
To perform                           Представлять
To win                                  Выиграть

Nouns                                 Существительные
Arm/hand                             Рука
Blade                                   Лезвие конька
Choreography                     Хореография
Combination                        Сочетание/комбинация/связка
Costume                              Костюм
Difficulty                               Трудность
Ice                                       Лёд
Interpretation                      Толкование
Leg/foot                               Нога
Presentation                        Представление
Program                              Программа
Rink                                     Каток
Rotation                               Вращение
Routine                                Программа выступления
Skate                                   Конёк
Skater                                  Фигурист

Adjectives                          Прилагательные
Artistic                                  Артистический/художественный 
Balanced                              Уравновешенный 
Difficult                                 Трудный/сложный 
Easy                                     Лёгкий
Elegant                                Изящный/элегантный
Flexible                                Гибкий
Graceful                               Грациозный/изящный
Intricate                                Сложный 
Powerful                               Мощный/сильный 
Shaky                                   Шаткий
Sharp                                   Резкий
Skillful                                   Умелый/ловкий
Smooth                                 Ровный
Steady                                  Неуклонный 
Technical                              Технический

Technical Vocabulary

Disciplines                          Виды фигурного катания
Ice dancing                           (Спортивные) танцы на льду
Singles skating                      Одиночное катание
   ladies’ singles                         Женское катание/катание среди женщин
   men’s singles                          Мужское катание/катание среди музчин
Pairs skating                          Парное фигурное катание

Elements                              Элементы
Jumps                                   Прыжки
Required element                 Требуемый элемент
Spins                                     Вращения
Spirals                                   Спирали
Steps                                     Шаги
Step sequence                      Шаг последовательности

Jumps                                 Прыжки
Axel                                       Аксель
Flip                                        Флип
Lutz                                       Лутц
Rittberger/loop                      Риттбергер/прыжок петлёй
Salchow                                Сальхов
Toe loop                                Тулуп

Score                                    Оценка
Deductions                            Штрафы
Total component score          Суммарная оценка/оценка за выступление
Total segment score              Общая оценка

Difficulty of Elements         Сложность элементов
Half                                        Половинный (пол-)
Single                                     Одиночный
Double                                   Двойной
Triple                                      Тройной
Quadruple                              Четверной


Well…I don’t know why everyone is bitching about the latest episode of Timless. It’s a Show about Time-Travellers, who try to change the history…or rather try not to change the history and therefore the future. 

But everyone is criticising Kripke because Misha hadn’t had that much screen Time, but he’s only a guest-star, not one of the main-cast, so it’s clear, he won’t have that much screen time.

I just watched the first episode, cause if i watch the Misha-Episode, I wanted to know what this is all about and what could I say, this Show is GREAT. Its fascinating and entertaining, and I really want to continue to watch it, not just because my all-time-favourite actor is going to be in there, but just because it’s a great show, and it should be treated like that, and not get criticised, because a guest-star didn’t get as much screen-time as you wanted him to. 

Timeless is an awesome show, and it’s worth getting renewed, so please…appreciate it for what it is, not for the guest-stars.