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While everyone’s busy being disappointed by the Funimation dub, let’s take a moment to imagine Yuri on Ice with actual realistic voice acting.

Imagine the Japanese characters speaking in perfect Japanese around each other, the Russian characters speaking in perfect Russian around each other, and everyone speaking English in mixed-nationality scenes.

Imagine Yuuri speaking English with an accent that’s appropriate for his background (Japanese native speaker, lived in Detroit for years).

Imagine Viktor and angry!Yuri speaking English with Russian accents, and maybe even attempting some random Japanese here and there.

Seriously, the thing that most strains my suspension of disbelief in this show is the fact that every single person talks in perfect nihongo without this fact being commented on at all. Usually that’s fine but this is an INTERNATIONAL CAST we’re talking about. Not that non-Japanese can’t speak Japanese fluently, but people would at least comment on it or praise them for sounding exactly like native speakers… and having Japanese accents when speaking what is supposedly their “native tongue”. 

(And it’s not like Japanese VAs can’t do impressions of what they think is “Japanese as spoken by foreigners” - note that Yuuri’s coach in the first episode spoke Japanese fluently but with a stereotypical American accent. It’s just that Japanese audiences can’t take people speaking like that seriously, so it’s usually used for throwaway/joke characters.) 


Sufjan Stevens introduces “Detroit, Lift Up Your Weary Head!” on Austin City Limits in 2006. (x)

(Jack White, most famously of The White Stripes, is also a Detroit native. Coincidentally, Sufjan is only 8 days older than he is.)

Midnight Adventures || Josh & Mandy

It was becoming a habit, these little late night adventures between them. Well, did two already count as a habit? Especially since she hadn’t even said yes yet? For Joshua, it did count. She would say yes, he knew it.

Mandy had a show this evening, a little bird had tweeted him that, and he had made the quick travel over to the location. He hadn’t revealed himself, though, only after the show when all salary was paid and all grime and sweat showered off, the Detroit native hung around way too casually close to the women’s locker room, a little paper bag in his hands, waiting.



9 gorgeous photos that prove “every body is a ‘good body’”

“Every body is a ‘good body.’”

This is the philosophy of Gabi Gregg, deemed “the founder of the blessed fatkini movement.” A Detroit native and the creative genius behind the fashion blog GabiFresh, Gregg spoke with Mic about her swimsuit line of nine bikinis she did in collaboration with swimsuitsforall.  

“No one deserves to feel shame over the way they look”