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Celebrating #simbanggabi in the Philippines with @willjr42

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For nine days leading up to Christmas Eve, many Filipino churchgoers head to Mass at dawn for Simbang Gabi. Despite the tradition’s pre-sunrise start time, “lots of people — girls and boys, young or old, rich or poor — flock to the church to celebrate,” student Wilfredo Lenterna Jr. (@willjr42) says.

Lanterns, lights and ornaments decorate the church interior, while outdoor vendors sell native delicacies after Mass. An active member of his church’s youth organization, Wilfredo and his friends sell food to fund programs for those less fortunate. “Celebrating Christmas is sure fun in the Philippines, especially when you put faith, family and fun together,” Wilfredo says.

Mirlitons -  The unofficial fall vegetable of Louisiana

Think New Orleans food, and staples like muffulettas, crawfish, beignets, and po’boys come to mind. But each October, a lesser-known native delicacy creeps across yards and up trellises all around the city. A wrinkly, pale green gourd, the mirliton—known as chayote in the Latin American culinary canon—dates back to at least the 1800s in the city (probably brought from the Caribbean and Mexico) and remains a backyard favorite. 

Give Delphine the return she deserves in Season 4. 

I want Cosima to notice her absence. I want her to be hurt and confused when she doesn’t answer her phone calls because even after she found out about Shay, Delphine never ignored her. I want to see Cosima genuinely wanting to apologize to Delphine, to fully make amends for the way she acted, and I want her to become even more agitated when she just can’t seem to find Delphine anywhere. Not even DYAD has answers.

Then I want her to get a phone call. Unknown number with an unrecognizable voice on the other end, giving an ultimatum detailing the conditions of Delphine’s return and stating in no uncertain terms that time is running out before Delphine will die without the appropriate medical treatment.

I want to see Cosima lose her shit. I want everything to come crashing down on her, the guilt of how she treated Delphine, the gut-wrenching thought of her possible death, the furious frustration that so much had been lost between them when it didn’t have to be, the absolute panic that she might not be able to save Delphine’s life. I want her to become a hurricane in her all-consuming need to save her.

I want sacrifices to be made for the sake of Delphine. I want to see someone protest that the conditions for Delphine’s safe return are too heavy, that it would just be too much for someone who isn’t family, and I want Cosima to rip them to shreds for it because Delphine is the only fucking reason the Leda clones are all still alive and together and like HELL she isn’t family. I want Sarah and Helena and Cosima and Felix to go to the ends of the earth to save her. 

I want Delphine to be safe. Injured and traumatized but safe. I want Cosima to shake when she sees her, I want her to bury her face in Delphine’s hospital sheets and beg for her forgiveness. I want to see Delphine forgive her because of course she does, she only did everything because she loved Cosima. 

I want Delphine to be welcomed home. I want her to feel loved and secure for the first time in too long. I want her to get to know Krystal, properly this time. I want her and Felix to discover that they actually get along remarkably well. I want to see Kira have one conversation with Delphine and immediately give everyone the side-eye because how did you guys seriously not know she was on your side. I want Delphine to talk with Helena about native Ukranian recipes and compare them to her native French delicacies. I want the Clone Club to feel whole, genuinely complete, because of Delphine’s presence.

I want Cosima and Delphine to make love, weeks, months after Delphine has recovered. No discussions or sudden, spontaneous kissing and stripping of clothes. I want them to know. Just know that it’s been so long, too long since their two selves have become one. I want them to be familiar, moving in the dim light with an overflow of emotion because I missed you so much and it’s alright now. I want to see Cosima freeze dead in her tracks when she sees the scar. I want the breath to catch in her lungs as she feels the fresh wave of guilt. I want her to kneel, tears heavy in her eyes, and with reverent, trembling lips kiss the place where Delphine nearly died for her. I want their pit of the soul, can’t live without it love to be done full justice.

I want Delphine to get the return she deserves in Season 4.