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okay this only just clicked, but remember when Goodnight rides back into Rose Creek and and he’s letting out that earsplitting battle cry? He’s actually doing the Confederate ‘rebel yell’ which is the what the Confederate soldiers would scream out during the war. It was supposedly part banshee screech, part Native American war cry, and part wolf howl, and the the sound was apparently so chilling that Union soldiers would go on to describe the effect as: “a peculiar corkscrew sensation that went up your spine when you heard it. If you claim you heard it and weren’t scared that means you never heard it.”

Anyways it was primarily used as a way to intimidate enemies. But, Confederate soldiers also described using the yell as “a way to control your own fear.” Goodnight went through a war that left him literally traumatized with fear, but when he rode back into town he was yelling out an old battle cry not just against Bogue’s men but against his own demons as well. And what I’m saying is now my entire heart hurts.

About that last episode of Naruto shippuden

I bet all of you guys are trying to guess whose hands is whom during this ultimate rasengan,

 but did you take a look at the hand behind sasuke’s ?


I’m not crying you’re crying


If everyone would just listen to each other and not be stuck up about how their own opinions are the right ones, and if people would be willing to correct themselves instead of making the situation worse, a lot of feelings could be spared and a lot of misunderstandings would be avoided.  Everyone gets so caught up in how they are correct, that they know what is best, that no one listens to one another anymore.  No one listens to the trans voices being ushered into bathrooms.  No one listens to the black voices still asking for equality.  No one listens to Native American voices crying out for their traditions and land.  No one listens to the Muslim people trying to speak against hate.  No one listens to the refugees trying to find a new home.  No one listens to the homeless shivering in their cars or on the street corner.  No one listens to anyone anymore because they too focused on what the person they are talking to is classified as to hear their voices singing a movement of peace.  We’ve gotten to the point where incorrect treatment is correct; a black boy killed in the North is “normal”;  that rape jokes are supposed to be “funny”; that a trans woman is “a man in a dress”; Being called racial slurs is “part of life”.  The list goes on and it doesn’t seem to stop.  Everyone is so eager to force ideas on one another but no one is willing to accept or return them in a kindly fashion.  Hate is becoming a national foundation that we are building society on top of. Where is love when you need it most??

[theatre challenge] | 2/10 shows | memphis the musical (at the shaftesbury theatre, london, 2014-present)

“what’s shakin’ brothers and sisters? i’m glad you found us way up here on the dial, and even though we’re only reaching about a mile across downtown memphis, we got the jumpinest, jivinest music in town!

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God bless you always, thank you for everything old friend, you are a special person… your happiness, simplicity in all that you do, will be missed a lot, or rather what you’re doing… 

Unfortunately football is like this, each follows a path and life must go on…

The player leaves, but friend, brother for the rest of life… Bahia, good luck in your new club ⚽️ 

 I love you brother…

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The stupid - - it hurts!

(Is that the best you’ve got, Donald?)

That’s Howie Carr, a Boston-based conservative radio host, doing a mock Native American war cry to deride Elizabeth Warren, who claimed Cherokee ancestry during her academic career. Republicans say she made it up to benefit from affirmative action, which Warren denies (as does the evidence). But Trump has an ongoing infatuation with calling Warren “Pocahontas” at every chance he gets, which many Native Americans find more than a little offensive.

Two quick thoughts on this:

1) In the big bucket of Trump-sanctioned racism, a mock war cry from a guy who introduced the guy who introduced the candidate is but a drop. Still, if this were anyone but Trump we were talking about, he or she would be pressured to condemn the remarks. Trump, though, has dulled everyone’s senses with a year’s worth of controversy, so this barely registers.

2.) If Hillary Clinton really does pick Warren as her running mate, that decision won’t just excite the left, it will also infuriate many on the right. And, as we’ve seen for a while now, a not insignificant slice of that anger is going to come out in the form of Native American-themed taunts directed at Warren. That’s certainly not going to make Team Trump look less racist than it already does.