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For more than 700 years, the Ancestral Pueblo people called what is now Mesa Verde National Park home. Their dwellings – elaborate stone communities – blend into the sheltered alcoves of Colorado’s canyon walls. Today, visitors can explore these spectacular cliff dwellings with ranger-guided tours from late spring to early fall. Photo courtesy of Chris Wheeler.

Hey guess what

Girls are awesome!

Boys are awesome!

Gay people are awesome!

Straight people are awesome!

Bi people are awesome!

Asexual people are awesome!

White people are awesome!

Black people are awesome!

Asian people are awesome!

Arab people are awesome!

Latino people are awesome!

Native American people are awesome!

Cis people are awesome!

Trans people are awesome!

Christians are awesome!

Atheists are awesome!

Jewish people are awesome!

Muslims are awesome!



Martin Sensmeier Testifies on Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for Natives - March 29th, 2017

Come and Get Your Love
Come and Get Your Love

Redbone - Come and Get Your Love

“Hey (hey) What’s the matter with your head? yeah
Hey (hey) What’s the matter with your mind and your sign?
And-a ooh-ohh
Hey (hey) Nothin’s a matter with your head, baby, find it
Come on and find it
Hell, with it, baby, ‘cause you’re fine and you’re mine
And you look so divine
Come and Get Your Love”
Vikings and Native Americans

Leif Erikson: *comes to America with his bros*
Native Americans: *greet them*
Vikings: omg you guys look different than us! But like omg omg that’s so cool teach us about yourselves you’re so awesome
Native Americans: Oh okay, you cute toddler people
*a few years later*
Vikings: anyways it was nice to meet you guys but it’s really cold here so byyye

anonymous asked:

Any langblr recommendations?

YES!!! Ofc I’ll recommend you all my friends, let’s start with my broken Danish friend @historyandlanguages then we have the lovely German native @languagemoose and also my favourite i-reply-to-you-after-1-month friend @kindofapolyglot. @y3lir-europe is the best for advice when it comes to learning multiple languages, @mediocrelanguagelearner is a friends in German obsessed sweety pie ^^ and talking about more nice people @languagesandfrens and @tea-coffee-languages are so nice and sweet~ which reminds me, @reyslangblr, she’s goals, she learns a lot of languages. Next, @denlillemantu she’s an amazing Danish learner (go to her for memes,she loves them, literally) oh, and since we are at Finnish natives @emilialearnslanguages is also goals, she has like 13 target languages? And never complains about them. @useduppaper Luna is the most awesome Swedish native i know~ she’s so lovely and kind, always go to her if you need advice for swedish, or just advice, she enjoys helping others. Another nice langblr @salutonriano he’s pretty good at motivating others, like, every time when i check his blog i see texts where he practiced and that’s motivating. @linguafreunds he’s like a walking Encyclopedia srly, he learns some interesting languages tbh, the only irish learner i know xD @yuckierfish6 she’s so sweet but usually she needs a lot of motivation, however, her French is goals! Last but not least @thenightavl she and i have like 3-4 common languages and i find that awesome, she is always so eager to learn new stuff xD

Hope these are enough ^^ they are all lovely~

ID #82191

Name: Naomi
Age: 20
Country: Germany

Hello everyone!
This is my first time submitting a post on here so I hope I’m doing this right :D

My name is Naomi and I’m a university student from Germany. I study Applied Computer Science which is less boring than it sounds, I promise! :D
I’m a bit shy in real life and it takes me some time to open up to people so I hope meeting people online will be easier! I want to chat with people from all over the world but English or Japanese native-speakers would be awesome! You don’t need to correct my grammar or anything like that but if you want to that’s great! If you not let’s just chat :D

I don’t mind age, gender, sexuality etc. so everyone is welcome :)
I think of myself as pretty easy-going, non-confrontational and generally nice. But that doesn’t mean I’m a push-over :D I try to be as positive as I can but I’m German so it’s hard from time to time :D

I really love British humour and comedy in general. Everything from stand-up to sketches, I’m game! I really love Monty Python and similar humour.

I also love TV shows like Merlin, Sherlock,Supernatural, Hannibal, RuPaul’s Drag Race (my current obsession) and many more that I’ve currently forgotten!

I also love to read and I’ll read anything! Non-fiction, novels, short stories, poetry. I also like to write in my spare time.

Apart from that I also really like being on the Internet (don’t we all?), video games, going out with friends and doing sports.

We can chat on e-mail, tumblr, LINE or skype. I speak German, Japanese, English and some French.

So if after all of that you think you might like to become pen pals with me please feel free to write to me! I’m looking forward to hearing from you :D

Have a nice day!

Preferences:  Someone who enjoys writing long e-mails as much as I do and can talk about all kinds of differenct topics!


Oh hey guys, I’m famous. Here’s a teaser clip from an upcoming (and in my opinion groundbreaking) new television series about the archaeology of indigenous peoples in Canada. It’s called Wild Archaeology and will air on APTN this coming fall (2016) season. Episodes 4 & 5 were filmed around a project that I worked on for my MSc dissertation in the Arctic! I’ll give you more information as it becomes available but keep an eye out for my multicoloured knit hat in clips.

also in helltown he is apparently dropped off at an orphanage in a bundle of worn navajo blankets which seems like a very specific detail to add considering it took place in missouri/illinois which (from what i know) isnt a hotspot for the navajo

the book also gave him black hair as opposed to his normal red so what i’m saying is that i think helltown was hinting that he was mixed race native american? (or at least with significant native heritage) which is awesome and i love it even if i still hc him as ginger bc hey it can be both