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On the Havasupai Indian Reservation, a failing school has sparked a battle against the government

Stephen* has an unusual schedule for a 12-year-old.Every school day, he wakes up early with the other local kids, but instead of joining them in class, he starts his household chores. He takes out the trash and waters the fruit trees near the home he shares with his grandmother and grandfather. When he finishes, he goes outside and practices his jump shot at a nearby basketball court.At 1 p.m., Stephen walks to school. He works with a teaching specialist for an hour, catching up on basic reading, writing and math lessons he’s missed. The lessons are one-on-one. No other children are present. When Stephen finishes at 2, he plays more basketball, and waits for his friends to finish their schoolwork so he can play with them too.He’s in school about five hours per week. He’s in sixth grade, and he barely knows how to read. He’s lonely. Read more.