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For the past few months, since I got my hair cut, I haven’t really felt the prettiest. I don’t really wear makeup like I used to and don’t try and dress up. I don’t even really take selfies anymore. I just don’t find myself that pretty anymore. Got sick of it about an hour ago and decided to throw on some makeup and put on a cute shirt for some pictures. I wanted to feel good about myself.


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When she was growing up, Dina Gilio-Whitaker was constantly asked, “How much Indian blood do you have?” She could never figure out how to respond, which is not to say she didn’t know who she was.

“I knew that I was Native, I knew that I was Colville, I knew my family up there on the reservation,” she said recently. “But what I grew up with was a process of not being seen and not being recognized as being Native, because I was completely out of context.

"People think that they’re being friendly or whatever when they ask you that question. But what they’re really trying to understand is if you’re a real Indian or not.”

See her conversation with NPR’s Code Switch here. (Sorry, we’re a day late for Columbus Day!)

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men gave kanye more shit for putting out a pop album than wearing a confederate flag, wearing racist anti-native american images, referring to racism as a dated concept, publicly disrespecting his ex, praising a pedophile for cuffing his wife’s baby sister while she was still a child, and fetishizing his own mixed race daughter 🙃


Instagram users rip Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky over Native American appropriation

Heated discussion has erupted in the comments of Elsa Pataky’s New Year’s Eve Instagram post after she and several party goers were seen dressed as Native Americans. The image garnered 20,000 “likes” but many criticized Pataky and husband Hemsworth for cultural appropriation. What they have yet to do in response.

Removing the flag as a symbol of current governments and policies will make it easier for people of good-will to combat racism and white supremacy, as racists will no longer be able to point at the flag. Ending the misuse of Native American symbols and images will affirm the humanity of indigenous peoples and challenge the dominant society to see indigenous peoples as sisters and brothers, not as mascots. Both are important steps towards racial, religious, cultural and gender equality, which will allow us to construct a transformational and just world.