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For the past few months, since I got my hair cut, I haven’t really felt the prettiest. I don’t really wear makeup like I used to and don’t try and dress up. I don’t even really take selfies anymore. I just don’t find myself that pretty anymore. Got sick of it about an hour ago and decided to throw on some makeup and put on a cute shirt for some pictures. I wanted to feel good about myself.


Throughout the world on November 11th, there are remembrances of military service and lives lost in conflicts and wars. Throughout the history of the United States, Native Americans have enlisted and fought in the armed services, facing challenges both on and off the battlefields. Learn about 20th century Native American veterans in this Weekend Edition piece from November 11, 2000.

Photo: Members of the Native American veterans of the Vietnam War stand in honor as part of the color guard at the Vietnam Veterans War memorial ceremony on Veterans Day 1990. Credit: Mark Reinstein/Corbis via Getty Images 

so I went back and fixed some things, specially Ashei. Damn I love how she looks

One of the things to like in Twilight Princess is that not only they have multiple races, very different each one, but you also have variety within each race. Telma (who I always thought as a half Gerudo half Hylian) and Agitha as Hylians, and then Ashei, Beth and Luda as basic humans. I was thinking of giving Luda a darker color because I remember her dad looking like a north American native, but the images I found had her being pretty light skinned, so I decided for something in between.

Also a few filters were used in this pic rather than the usual shading style, let me know which one you like more and if possible Why.