North Dakota Authorities Pull Water from Protest Camp: Won’t Allow Portable Toilets to be Emptied
Photo from Facebook Published August 23, 2016 CANNON BALL, NORTH DAKOTA — In an attempt to “break up” the camp, the State of North Dakota on Monday removed the water tanks of drin…

State sanctioned violence. Proof of the very cause our people are protesting. They dont see Natives as human or deserving of water, a human right. 

Ute and Jicarilla men posing with Agent W.F.M. Arny in photo studio, New Mexico

Photographer: Nicholas Brown
Date: 1868
Negative Number 045814

Source image for an illustration that appeared in Harper’s Magazine, August 22, 1868 

Includes (left to right) in back: Huero Munda (Jicarilla), William E. Arny (son of W.F. Arny), Captain Henry Moore Davis (Indian sub-agent), Vincenti (Jicarilla), W.F.M. Arny (Jicarilla and Ute Agent at Abiquiu), Sobatar Chief of Capote and Weeminucha Utes of NM), Curlwitche (Ute), Tomas Chacon (Spanish interpreter), Taputche (Ute-son of Sobatar), Pedro Gallegos (Ute). Seated: Panteleon (Jicarilla), Piquitigon (Ute), Martine (Capote Ute), Corinea (Capote Ute Chief), Timpeatche (Ute), Isidro (Ute), Boy?, Chief (Ute).

Located just west of the Sacred Stone Camp is the Sicangu Lakota Wicoti (Burnt Thigh Camp) in Standing Rock. Across the river are camps of the Oceti Sakowin and tribes from throughout the continent.

On the morning of August 20th, people of Sicangu Lakota Wicoti and other camps placed their canoes onto the water for the Mni Wiconi Canoe Journey. Paddling from Inyan Ki Wakagapi to Mnisose, Missouri, they would face the Dakota Access Pipeline in order to protect water for future generations. Upon return, women of Sicangu Lakota Wicoti sang the canoes in.

Below, standing at the bank of Inyan Ki Wakagapi, Cannon Ball River, members of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe held the flag high in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in putting an end to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Students of Sinte Gleska University, grandfathers, grandmothers, sons, and daughters are continuously traveling back and forth to this peaceful setting in support of their relatives.

North Dakota is employing state sanctioned violence against Sacred Stone Camp, (peaceful protesters resisting the Dakota Access pipeline) which when it leaks, will contaminate millions of people’s water.
  “In an attempt to “break up” the camp, the State of North Dakota on Monday removed the water tanks of drinking water for the #NoDAPL protesters.The water tanks removal was ordered on Monday by the State of North Dakota Homeland Security Division Director Greg Wilz”
 Above is the contact info to speak out about this injustice

#standingstonecamp #NODAPL
Why Are People Defending a Politician Who Incited Race-Based Murder? | VICE | Canada
Ben Kautz seems to have gotten a free pass for his awful comments following the shooting death of Colten Boushie, a 22-year-old Indigenous man.

Boushie’s death has sparked a heated dialogue about racism in the community, with First Nations leaders denouncing the prejudice wording of the RCMP press release about the incident, which implied that Boushie and his friends were suspected of theft. While many people are weighing in, Kautz wrote this particularly disturbing message on a Facebook page for farmers:

“In my mind, his only mistake was leaving witnesses.”

The implication is that Stanley should have killed those who were with Boushie at the time he was shot. Let that sink in. A white politician, weighing in on a racially-charged murder investigation in which a white man allegedly shot an Indigenous man to death, lamented the fact that there weren’t more victims.

Ugh… I can’t keep reading the Native tags because it’s so full of sadness. My people have been oppressed, discriminated, and murdered since the first European came to these lands. We didn’t even legally become citizens until the mid-1920’s. That wasn’t even 100 years ago! There are people still living when that happened!

Augh… My heart. And now they are murdering us for oil…
State pulls relief resources from swelling Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp
CANNON BALL – North Dakota’s homeland security director ordered the removal of state-owned trailers and water tanks from the Dakota Access Pipeline protest campsite Monday, citing mounting reports of unlawful
By Mike Nowatzki Forum News Service

True colors are coming out of the anti Native sentiments that run rampant through the Dakotas.
FBI looks into laser claim at ND pipelilne protest
The FBI has been called to investigate a laser beam allegedly being aimed at the cockpit of an airplane that was doing surveillance of an ongoing oil pipeline protest in southern North Dakota.

Of course feds gotta get involved. As if the obsessive surveillance of peaceful protest at Sacred Stone Camp before this wasnt creepy and unwarranted to begin with.