*The Incas are not from Mexico.

*The Incas who btw are from an entirely different continent from my people are NOT Mesoamericans, they’re from the Andes.

*Not all nations in Mexico are Mesoamerican, more specifically the northern tribes.

*Aztecs, Maya & Incas are not interchangeable related people. Different languages, different beliefs and different clothing.

*Mexican is not a synonym for the indigenous people of Mexico, stop saying stuff like “Mexicans built the pyramids” or “Mexicans first domesticated corn thousands of years ago”. You don’t say “Canadians met Vikings before Columbus arrived” or “Americans built a city called Cahokia that was bigger than London at the time”.

*We are not dead or a thing of the past, the Spaniards didn’t wipe us out. We are still living, numbering in the millions actually.

mrs-kitty  asked:

For my story, I've been wanting to take legends from the area I live in and give them my own spin. But many of them are Native American legends, and I'm white. Would it be appropriate to do this, or not?

Local Legend Ownership

I’m prefacing my answer with a note this is a point where people have very strong feelings, and a lot of people will dislike my answer. There’s a general thought process that if you’re a local to a certain area, you have ownership of everything involved in that area.

The best course of action is to find the nation(s) those legends belong to in your area and ask them if you can use it. They might feel the legends are genuinely local, or they might be rather resentful that the legends have become local and would rather not see them further spread out.

But in general, I’m of the belief you should not use “local legends belong to everyone local regardless of their source” logic.

A single instance of cultural appropriation can last generations. Just because nobody remembers who spread the legends around does not mean they had permission to spread it around. So even though it’s local, and you are a local, you should be very conscientious of where they come from and you should always ask permission and not take ownership of legends that might’ve been appropriated.

When it comes to Native religions, it’s safer to assume appropriated unless proven otherwise. Appropriation has been happening for generations and centuries, so acknowledging the roots and asking the nations the legends come from is the most respectful course of action.

~ Mod Lesya

I once read in a book for class that Native American women are the least represented demographic in US media. I don’t want this to be true in the sapphic community as well.

Here’s to Native wlw who aren’t recognized or acknowledged at all in the media or the community.

Here’s to the Native wlw who are rejected for their dark skin, fierce features, and anything else that should be revered for their defining traits that unify a nation of people.

Here’s to the mixed Native wlw who are rejected for being white passing, too black, too anything and “not enough” Native. Your identity is real and valid.

Native wlw are glorious and important and deserve love in a community meant to uplift those who are forgotten by the rest of the world.

Nobody fucking cares about Native Americans and I am so fucking tired of it.

If your political justice and change for poc doesn’t include justice and change for natives, it is not just and never fucking can be. None of you include natives. I have never seen a single person on this goddamn website that wasn’t Native give a lick of a fuck about us. How dare all of you advocate for change and justice yet ignore a group of people who have been suffering and screaming for it for CENTURIES.

Y'all live on a land stolen from all of us by a literal fucking genocide, and while we still suffer every day centuries later, yall turn the blindest fucking eye you can. I’m sorry, but I am absolutely fucking disgusted at this website that paints itself as inclusive’s treatment of natives. None of y'all are any fucking better than the Canadian government.

Absolutely fuck all of y'all for painting urself with an image of poc inclusivity when you don’t give a fuck about anyone other than certain types of poc meanwhile we’re suffering in silence, a silence forced upon us that can never be broken not because we don’t scream loud enough, but because people ignore our screams. Every. Fucking. Day.

Flint hasn’t had clean water since 2014, a tragedy, sure. But as early as 2016 efforts were being made to end the crisis, it had caught international attention.

The reserve my own family lives on has not had clean water since TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHT, 2008, and it’s almost a decade later. Nothing has been done. Not a single thing has been done, regardless of protests, petitions, etc.

Also, there’s 80+ other reserves without clean water, some without for as long or longer than my rez. Why aren’t these reserves getting clean water despite our country (Canada) having more than enough water and resources to do so? Because the government doesn’t care. Because the majority races don’t care.
Because nobody cares for Native issues other than Natives, and we are fucking dying because of it.

The governmental silence is extending our genocide (which only ended in the 90s with the closing of the last residential school, by the actual fucking way), and the silence of everyone else isn’t fucking helping either.

You say we don’t riot enough. We don’t raise enough of a fuss, it’s our fault for being ignored. To that I, and likely every other Native says: Fuck you and everyone else who’s ever said that, you disgust me.

It is your fault for ignoring us, you being the white people who turn a blind eye, you being the other poc who turn a blind eye, you being the other poc who blame us for not being as successful in their social change as they are, you being anyone who tells us “just get over it”.

It is not the fault of native Americans that we were genocided and apartheid for essentially all of our modern history. It is not the fault that our cultures and communities are still broken from the genocide, that we’re trying to recover in a system tailor made for our failure.

If you want to deny that you’re killing us just as fast as the government by ignoring our cries for help year after year, tragedy after tragedy, that’s fine. But don’t you dare claim to be inclusive if your inclusivity doesn’t include Native Americans, don’t you fucking DARE to claim to care about the welfare of poc when a genocide is still continuing because of your fucking willful ignorance.


Yes this LGBT mini-series “WHEN WE RISE” is a big deal AND there is no bisexual representation. The B is missing from this epic LGBT docu-drama. When LGBT people rose in San Francisco [and everywhere else], we rose together. Bisexuals worked shoulder to shoulder with Cleve Jones, Ken Jones, Roma Guy and Cecilia Chung whose lives are featured. This is not to take away from their incredible contributions; this is to point out what might not be noticed in the excitement of watching “When We Rise”.
The suppression and silencing of bisexual contributions, history, and culture serves no one, especially our multi-generation LGBTQI community/movement. Williams Institute and Pew research among others show there are more self identified bisexuals than gay and lesbian people put together. Forty percent of self identified bisexual people are people of color. Bisexual suicide, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, rape, stalking, poverty, alcohol/drug/nicotine rates are higher than for gay, lesbian and heterosexual people. The ongoing casual and sometimes callous disregard of bisexual people and our lives is unacceptable and fueling a bisexual mental/physical health crisis. Excluding and isolating anyone in our community hurts all of us, especially in these dangerous times. What are you able to do to stand with and stand up for bisexual people and challenge biphobia, misinformation and ignorance – including perhaps your own?
Lani Ka’ahumanu
—  Lani Ka’ahumanu, prominent bisexual activist and author 

Zapatistas - A Native movement group of rebels who fights for the rights of Indigenous people in Mexico, active since 1994. EZLN

Petition for there to be a new American Indian Disney princess

One that isn’t historically inaccurate or racist. But rather an ACCURATE, badass American Indian princess who kicks ass with her long-ass braid flowing in the wind behind her

No one ever talks about native trans guys.

Boys heavily influenced by the mass slaughter of their people and colonialism, growing up in a racist environment. Boys who stay true to their culture despite some people finding it “weird” (usually racist white folks). Boys proud of their gender and their heritage. Gay native trans boys who love other boys and want to go on long walks with them at night. Fat native trans boys who love snacks and love their bodies.

They’re managing to survive in a racist, white supremacist, colonial, transphobic culture and they’re pretty badass for that.