oh man.

I got my My Chem tattoo done today. Just the text, because as I have long feared, my arm is just too small for images. So the ballerina has to go on my back. But I am very pleased with the lyric :) This is the culmination of many years of promising myself that I would get a token of all the band has meant to me, the experiences, memories, and most importantly the people (hi Nat and Naomi) who have come into my life and become my best friends because of them.

All in eight little words.
If I had a camera and it weren’t all flustered and healing and wrapped in clingfilm, I’d upload a photie. But I don’t, so.

Sometimes I like to make mental notes about the sitcom I’d write based on my mundane and non-extraordinary everyday life and the vignettes I’d include featuring my favourites, including Naomi-san and Natisan. Last night, I decided one of the most cogent ones would be me and one or both of the aforementioned ladies sitting in a room somewhere, all on our laptops, when The Big Bang Theory comes on and one of us (probably me) sings the whole intro song while the others provide the backing chorus (“We built the pyramids!).  
It’d be funny because I say so.
There’d be a pot of tea on the table and varying expressions of glee, dismay, fangirlish euphoria and anger depending on the time of day and what we were all reading.
pinandmountme a réagi à votre billet : Something curious happened this evening. I was on…

i want photos of your place, and your tattoo!

Ask and ye shall receive:

Not pictured: shelves on wall; other half of chest of drawers.

My kitchen!
(Wee bathroom’s off to the right.)

And this is the best I can do of my tattoo, it winds around my wrist so it’s kind of hard to photograph!

And the other side, still bald as the hair grows back:

Huzzah! :)

Just a shout out to Natisan.

I love you so.
I would go mad without you.
This is one grotesque public display of affection I know you’ll love anyway.
To soften the blow for everyone else and provide further visual stimulation for you in this week of exam woes, here’s a picture of a shirtless Jamie Bell with a shield.

FYI: a google search for shirtless Jamie Bell turns up a photo of Kim Kardashian with a crying child. I warn you of these things cos I love you.

Today has been a total write-off so far, and I shall now compound this by setting aside my writing til this evening and going to Heather’s for tea and Batman and Robin. I also have one and a half Deftones albums to absorb en route, courtesy of the magnificent Natisan. Everything will be a lot more productive when I get back this evening.