Senators praise FCC for prison calling proposal
The Federal Communications Commission will vote on a plan later this month to limit the rates that prisoners can be charged to make calls.
By David McCabe

A mostly Democratic group of senators sent a letter Thursday praising a Federal Communications Commission proposal — expected to be considered this month — to limit the amount of money that inmates are charged for phone calls.

This year the #Corporations of #Corrections of #america is “celebrating” 30 years of tearing apart families, continuing slave labour, deporting people and so many more terrible things within their plan of privatizing prisons. There is nothing to celebrate in that. Check out #nationinside for what they are doing to resist this shit #amc2013 (at Allied Media Conference)
National Urban League Responds to FCC Ruling on Prison Phones | National Urban League

National Urban League President & CEO Marc H. Morial today issued the following statement in response to the FCC order on Interstate Inmate Calling Service Rates.
“Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn and the FCC are to be commended for voting today to bring balance to the needs of inmate families—especially the 2.7 million children in the U.S. with an incarcerated parent—with service providers by setting reasonable telephone rates that will remove the financial burden from families trying to support their incarcerated loved ones.
“Through the ex-offender programs offered by a number of Urban League affiliates, we know that a successful re-entry into society begins before an inmate is released, and is aided by their ability to remain connected to their families on the outside.
“After almost a decade, the order on Interstate Inmate Calling Service Rates affirms that, with advances in technology, there is no good reason for low income families to be forced to choose between the essentials of daily life and staying in touch.”