NationBuilder is the world’s first Community Organizing System: an accessible, affordable, complete software platform that helps leaders grow and organize.

NationBuilder is a software platform that combines your people database, website, and communication tools like email, text messaging, and social media—all in one. Accessible and affordable, NationBuilder helps people all over the world create more meaningful relationships. Whether you’re an author, activist, small business owner, or politician, we provide the tools to build a community around whatever it is you were meant to do. 

"Unlock The Power Of a Connected Web" by Adriel Hampton

Blog Post Written about our last Meetup featuring Adriel Hampton of

I am a real estate broker that runs Jonathan Fleming & Associates

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( Michelle Fisher runs Blaze Mobile, the premere mobile company, Anca runs Tech Liminal ( oakland’s technology salon in Downtown Oakland. Nationbuilder solves the problem most leaders, entrepreneurs and artist have in terms having a cluttered desk of sorts.

Adriel Hampton, government activist and technology user demonstrated NationBuilder, a “Community Organziation System” that combines CRM with CMS and several cloud-based services such as SendGrid and Twilio to create an integrated system for keeping track of supporters, customers, and more. NationBuilder includes the ability to set up websites, build lists, campaigns, and contact your constituents from a single web-based interface.

It’s not free - but for $19/month it’s a nice way to communicate with groups of people, organize events, track RSVP’s to collect money.

One of the most interesting things about Nationbuilder is that they use their own tool to manage their customer relationships. This means that it’s a tool that can work for product companies as well as a political campaign.

Jonathan Fleming, President of Oakland based real estate company Jonathan Fleming & Associates( Bay Area Real Estate Broker. Real Estate Tech Blogger and founder of eastbay Localpreneurs. Oakland’s premiere Meetup on technology training for small business.