nationals arc

let’s talk about how tsukishima is now

  • pushing himself to the point of exhaustion during games
  • trying out new things in the middle of games
  • lowkey giving it his all
  • not playing every game like he’s sure they’re gonna lose
  • actually putting in effort because for once he believes his efforts actually matter
  • communicating (albeit awkwardly) his ideas with his teammates
  • allows himself to be upset over failure
  • openly challenging/competing with hinata and kageyama (well, openly for him)
  • has confidence and no longer tells himself something is impossible
  • thinks of strategies to help karasuno win instead of imagining all the ways they could lose
  • actually believes his team can win

The change isn’t super noticeable now that the shiratorizawa match is over and the attention has shifted off him–in the end, tsukishima is a very lowkey kind of character who doesn’t kick up too much of a fuss normally. But it’s still there. Compared to before when he was lowkey unhappy and repressed, he’s much happier and confident now. He barely even made a dent the entire first season, just kept his head down and did what was expected of him. Now at nationals, he’s openly(ish) challenging hinata, working himself to the bone, and shocking people with new tricks. The spotlight’s shifted, but the difference is there. Plus, just the fact that he no longer has to take time at the beginning of the match to find and build up his self-confidence (like he had to with shiratorizawa) speaks volumes about his new outlook.


Gintama Weekend → 08.20.2017 - GLORIOUS DAYS;
Anything you want to remember: Courtesan of a Nation.

“Even if the cherry-blossoms bloom, at chilly nights like this, I remember your face; Are you alright? Sure I’m fine. Jokingly waving my hand, the promise we made that day. If we could find the other half of that broken moon, and if we could share our solitude, then, again I’d take the vow. The changing townscape seems to rush us; Where are you now, and what are you doing? We have decent lives and decent happiness, but we’re still chasing it. Since then, I was searching for the other half of that broken moon, so that one day, I can return by the full moon, where cherry-blossom flowers bloom.”


Z Nation meme | one character  —– Alvin Bernard Murphy

I am not one of the resurrected, I’m your messiah.


Prince of Tennis 30 Day Challenge: Day 9 - Your favorite tennis match or story arc (National Tournament Finals Arc)

It’s the finals! We got to see Sanada’s Fū Rin Ka In Zan Rai, Tezuka Phantom, Kaidoh & Akaya in Devil Mode, Yanagi’s control of Devil Akaya, a Mummy Inui, Niou’s Illusion, Fuji’s 6th counter: Hoshi Hanabi, Marui and Jackal’s techniques, Golden Pair’s synchro, Yukimura’s real tennis and lastly, Echizen becomes super saiyan LOL

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Top 5 setter and ace combos?

Hello! Here I am back with the top 5s! It’s been a while, isn’t it? I figured this would be the perfect one to start again!  

1. Oikawa and Iwaizumi. “Oikawa-san, when cornered, will always toss to Iwaizumi”“They are connected, both mentally and physically”. They are the setter™ and the ace™, the most iconic power couple of them all. They shaped who the other is as a person and as a player, and probably no one (or just one) combo could ever surpass their level of trust, care, and devotion.   

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2. Akaashi and Bokuto. Speaking of devotion, it’s impossible not to mention our favorite owls. They are a match made in volleyball heaven and Akaashi is simply the perfect setter to Bokuto, balancing and always supporting him the way he needs, as much as Bokuto is the perfect source of insipration and motivation for Akaashi. They make each other feel better and that’s beautiful.

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3. Sugawara and Asahi. How can we forget the iconc “SUGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” or “A high toss, slightly away from the net. The toss, Asahi’s speciality, which I’ve tossed to him many times. Eve if it’s just a plain toss, give it all you can!”. This one scene of them is one of my all time favorites scenes of Haikyuu. And no matter if we’re not getting much more action on the court, no matter if now Kageyama is Asahi’s setter, I’m happy to see that they are still incredilby precious to each other and their supportive yet playfully violent relationship never changed a bit. 

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4. Kenma and Taketora. Fresh from the latest chapter of the Haikyuu manga, here’s the unexpected friendship we all couldn’t wait to see explored! From enemies always at each other’s throat to friends and supportive players, their relationship is for sure one of the best revelation of this Nationals arc!

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(they even have complementary hairstyles now)

5. Shirabu and Ushijima“Shirabu, you still remember our promise, right?” “I remember.”. We can’t say that their relationship extends to the lenghs of the couple in the top 3 positions, or bettet, not on Ushijimia’s side. Shirabu actually shpaed his volleyball carreer in order to be able to be Ushijima’s setter in the future, he primised to use him merciless in any situation (???), to toss to him no matter what, he was even the person ho made Ushi smile like that (you know the smile). I wish we could have seen more of theri dynamic, from the glipses we’ve seen, it looks pretty interesting!

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Animalistic Jealously: King Roan imagine

Being a queen, it sounds like something off the fairy tale’s my mother used to tell me. Before coming to the ground kings and queen were nothing but tales of the past, but their real. And I’m a queen.

I never thought I would ever end up being a queen, ruling a nation. Being intrusted with the safety of my people. I never wanted to be a queen but for some reason faith cursed me to fall in love with a king, a grounder king.
The first time I met Roan, I wanted to hate him and all his cocky ways. But somehow he just would not drop the need and want for me. He made it his mission to have me which I fault against with everything in me. But yet he still managed to get me to fall in love with him.

It was a year of me protesting against him while he was doing everything in his power to get me. When I finally gave in, it was 2 years before he proposed the idea of me being his queen. Roan knew all along he wanted me to be his queen but I was clueless until he spilled his thoughts. To saw I freaked out was an understatement. 

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