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Alexander Roslin, The Lady with a Fan (The Artist’s Wife), 1768, oil on canvas, 65 x 54 cm, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm. Source

Here is Marie-Suzanne Giroust looking super coy and sexy in a portrait painted by her Swedish husband. Madame Roslin was also an artist in her own right, working mainly with oils and pastels.


Nils Forsberg - Death of a Hero [1888] by Gandalf
Via Flickr:
Nils Forsberg (Riseberga, December 17, 1842 - Helsingborg, November 8, 1934) was a Swedish artist. Nils Forsberg was born in a poor home outside the village of Riseberga, as the son of a crofter Ola Forsberg and Kristina Persdotter. He began at an early age to work as a shepherd boy with the farmers in the neighbourhood. When his parents decided that he would be apprenticed to a shoemaker, he escaped from home and went to Helsingborg where he ended up as an apprentice to a painter.

[Nationalmuseum, Stockholm - Oil on canvas]

Johan Gustaf Sandberg (Swedish, 1782–1854) Fem konstnärer (Raffaell, Rembrandt, Nicolas Poussin, Albrecht Dürer and Peter Paul Rubens). Nationalmuseum, Stockholm


Monet on the Run - 50. Heading for Holland
In Paris, “la semaine sanglante” started on May 21, 1871. By a conservative estimate, 20.000 Parisians would die in the streets of the French capital during that Bloody Week.

Monet left England in late May. He didn’t return to France, but rather took his wife and son on a boat to Holland. They continued their journey by train and boat to Zaandam and finally checked in at hotel ‘De Beurs’ on June 2nd.
That same day, Monet wrote to his friend Pissarro, who was still in London, that they had “travelled almost the whole of Holland” and that the country was “much more beautiful than people say”.

He started painting it right away and with enthusiasm.

Claude Monet,
- The Zaan at Zaandam, 1871. Oil on canvas, 42 x 73 cm. Private collection
- Boats on the Zaan, 1871. Oil on canvas, 35 x 71 cm. Glynn Vivian Art Gallery and Museum, Swansea, UK
- The Banks of the Zaan, 1871. Oil on canvas, 33 x 70 cm. Private collection 
- The Voorzaan, 1871. Oil on canvas, 39 x 71 cm. Private collection
- View of the Voorzaan, 1871. Oil on canvas, 18 x 38 cm. Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris
- Marine, Holland, 1871. Oil on canvas, 34 x74cm. Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

Home at Charlottenborg
Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (Danish; 1783–1853)
ca. 1824
Pencil, wash on paper
Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

King Gustav III of Sweden and his Brothers (1771). Alexander Roslin (Swedish, 1718–1793). Oil on canvas. Nationalmuseum, Stockholm.

Gustav was active as a playwright. He is largely credited with creating the Royal Theatre, (Kungliga Teatern), where his own historical dramas were performed, and promoting theatre and opera. He founded the Royal Swedish Opera and the Royal Swedish Ballet, under the umbrella of his Royal Theatre.