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Yuuri Katsuki's singing
Toyonaga Toshiyuki
Yuuri Katsuki's singing

I have just realized that there are people out there who haven’t yet had the pleasure of hearing the beautiful singing voice of Toyonaga Toshiyuki aka Yuuri Katsuki’s Japanese voice actor, and decided to amend this.

I was actually wondering which song sung by him to choose for this showcase since more often than not he sings in a lower voice than Yuuri’s, but then I found this - “Valentine Season” - from his recent mini album C’LR’OWN and thought that this was just the thing I was looking for.

If you want to hear more of his singing, you can find his solo album on Spotify.

Oh, and fun fact - he can play guitar, drums (he has literally ranked 7th nationally in the drummania rankings which is insane and awesome) and writes and composes songs.

In case you needed inspiration for that “singer/musician!Yuuri AU” here it is. ;D


Here’s how hospitals can heal through sustainability

  • According to a June 2016 study, if the U.S. health care industry were a nation, it would rank 13th in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • While a previous study found the health care industry caused 8% of the country’s carbon emissions, the new study found these emissions caused 12% of acid rain, 10% of smog formation and 9% of respiratory disease from particulate matter in 2013.
  • Moreover, hospitals are among the top 10 in their communities for water use and the single largest users of chemical agents. The volume of hospital waste is staggering — more than 2.3 million tons per year.
  • By taking steps to limit these environmental impacts, the health care industry can promote the long-term health of our communities, particularly the most vulnerable populations. Read more

In collaboration with Dignity Health

justin oluransi maintains a 4.0 at a prestigious private university as a biology major, while at the same time being on the first line of a nationally ranked hockey team. he also has an anxiety disorder and doesn’t go to class. he’s probably vice president of the black student union. he’s gonna have so many cords when he graduates this year. i’m shaking he’s so intelligent and beautiful

So I’ve been getting some pretty rough messages. And much to the dismay of many people on here, I am not as stupid as I clearly appear. I don’t know how someone could morally allow themselves to assume someone’s intelligence based on photographs, but there are some fucked up people out there. And I guarantee I have already surpassed their studies in just my first stage of higher education. I am at a four year private nationally ranked university, I am a double science major, I am doing research on Early Bronze Age dentition from Turkey and Syria, and working towards applying for a PhD program. Also, I’m a Licensed Emergency Medical Technician, because why not. {pictured}

Are there people smarter than me? Oh god yes. Does that make me stupid? No. I am exactly where I need to be right now and god I’ve worked hard for it. So think before you type. Not just for me, but for anyone.

like on one hand i get why people get annoyed about overscoring in collegiate gymnastics but on the other hand ncaa gym becomes a million times more enjoyable once you accept that the rules are fake and the scores are fake and its all about entertainment value……. lmao


So I’m not a gamer in any way shape or form: I was a nationally ranked athlete, am a deans scholarship recipient, and I’ve been nominated for several study abroad a under the impression that I’m ‘a well-rounded and kind individual’. Take it or leave it, judge me as you like, but I absolutely LOVE da:I. And one of the girls in my house (for a lack of better terms) just outed me to the rest of our house. Is it wrong that I’m bothered by it? Because I’m still me, I just love an elf egg.            

So what have you done with your life?
  • Normal People: Oh I have a 4.0 GPA, graduated with honors, won regionals in multiple STEAM competitions, of course am on a national ranked sports team, and I'm fluent in 5 languages.
  • Me: Oh I think I have the world record for the most amount of Kpop groups stanned, and am in more debt than Donald Trump because of merch. I competitively surf the unknowns of the internet as physical exercise, and I can kinda sing and rap broken Korean.
On Nordic Bliss

Most of you have probably heard about the international polls on happiness that appear in news stories which pop up periodically. These polls rank various countries in the order of their reported “happiness”, and the centerpiece of   these stories is usually the blissfulness of the Nordic countries. These nations generally rank the highest on these lists. But is not such a poll flawed in a rather basic way? Is there not a difference between asking an American about happiness  and, for example,  asking a Swede about lycka (the most common Swedish word  used to describe a positive personal condition).  Now the rate of anti-depressant use is something that one would expect to be relatively low in the most blissful nations in the world. What we  find however when we look at OECD numbers is that the rate of anti-depressant use in Nordic countries is among the highest there is.

The very highest antidepressant use of all is found in the nation of Iceland. Denmark is number 4, Sweden is number 5 and Finland is number 8.  

40% of the top 10 nations for antidepressant use are found in the very small slice of the world occupied by the Nordic countries (the happiest region on Earth).  The only Nordic country not in the top 10 is Noway (it is number 11). Language is something that must be responsibly accounted for in any attempt to tackle this subject. The aforementioned Swedish word  lycka,  (which is related to the Norwegian and Danish words) is best translated in English as “fortunate or blessed”. There is all the difference in the world between asking an American how “happy” they are and how “fortunate” they believe they are. Exchange one word for the other in these polls and I suspect you will see a rather different result.

Actual angel Yamazaki Sousuke

- The tallest out of the Iwatobi / Samezuka gang

- Most ripped as well

- Insanely strong (Momo couldn’t make him budge, even with his body weight okay.)

- According to High Speed, a theory freak

- But also intensely hardworking

- Smart.To the point that he can tutor Rin in classical literature (who scores within the top ten in all subjects.)

- Worst subject is English, but it’s okay he has a personal tutor ;)

- Did I mention he can cook? Really well? I mean, Rin is even picky about Haru’s food (okay, this is probably more related to his aversion to fishy flavored dishes than anything else, but still) and he thinks Sousuke’s cooking tastes perfect.

- A perfect gentleman. Holds the umbrella for you. Lends you his coat. 

- Nationally ranked swimmer while still in high school

- Had a horrible injury that killed his dreams, but still found the strength to dream again

- AND help others along the way

- Kept said injury from Rin, his best friend

- Because he knew he would cry

- Wait a sec while I dry my tears okay, fuck you kyoani

- On a lighter note, a total dork who absolutely fails at rock, papers, scissors

- But still lets Rin exploit this

- It’s okay though, because when it matters he wins (can we have that childhood promise already)

- Likes tonkatsu. And coke. 

- Has a stag beetle named after him

- The german shepherd in the ending is basically weresuke, yeah

- Gets lost in his own school. This is almost a year after he transferred btw

- Likes lounging around and looking like a supermodel

- Gets embarrassed easily when praised

- Gets competitive really easily and will have a shark counting battle with Rin when provoked

- Dislikes being called ‘Sou-chan’

- Likes calling Rin, ‘Rin-chan’

- Likes teasing Rin in general

- But dislikes his tears

- Loves Rin. Platonic or otherwise. This is indisputable and I will fight you on this.

- Deserves all the happiness in the world

you are good at debate even if you don’t have bids!!!! you don’t have to get speaker awards or clear at every single national tournament to belong in this activity/community!!!!! debate is a super difficult and challenging activity for a ton of different reasons and everything you do in debate is impressive!!!!!! your debate career is not a waste of time just because you weren’t nationally ranked or didn’t go to the toc - but what actually can leave you feeling like debate is a waste is not being kind to yourself about national circuit success (or lack thereof) rather than celebrating all the constant growth and progress you make in debate regardless of arbitrary things like bids!!!!!!!!!! you’re kicking ass no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!

five random facts

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1. i’m that secret white girl who is ~bilingual~ and gets too drunk and screams at you in spanish because she heard you, bitch.

2. my wardrobe is essentially black and white and very selective pops of color…

3. i’m [this close] to graduating and i fully expect everyone to call me Master Ashley when i get my diploma

4. my best friend and i have the same birthday; it’s in like two weeks !!

5. i pretend i can’t sing for shit but i was actually nationally ranked in high school :)

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