things I judge my fellow Poles by

- whether they are Mickiewicz, Słowacki or Norwid team (bonus good points if you are a True Original and kin with another writer)

- whether they eat their tomato soup with rice or noodles

- simply saying that they are going outside vs idę na pole

- calling pasta or noodles kluski and not makaron

- whether they were a demotywatory, kwejk, besty, komixxy or jebzdzidy kids

- hundred bad points if they still visit those sites

- whether they would choose Skrzetuski or Bohun

- which condiment, topping, or stuffing they favour when it comes to: pancakes, hashbrowns, pierogi, croquettes, and gołąbki

- whether they are ready to kill a man for starting to sing dłuższe życie każdej pralki

- whether they watched Rozmowy w Toku ironically or not

- whether they spent actual money on eurogąbki on nasza klasa

- their favourite and absolute least favourite dobranocka 

- Gessler, Amaro, Pascal, Okrasa or Makłowicz

- whether they sneakily licked stuff in Wieliczka or not 

- how they parodied Arka Noego’s Nie boję się (there are many versions of lyrics)

- whether they remember what they were doing while getting The News on 10.04.2010 or not (I was eating parówki for breakfast)

- their favourite Chryzentemy Złociste verse and how many they know

- Doda vs Mandaryna

- favourite old polish comedy movie

- their favourite and least favourite required school reading

- whether they are Biedronka, Tesco, Lidl or Auchan person at heart (double minus points if they are Piotr i Paweł or Aldi person)

- whether they were allowed to use words like “dupa” in front of their parents

- hotdogs from Żabka vs Orlen

- sylwester z polsatem, dwójką or tvn

- what they think should be considered our polish national sport (football, handball, volleyball. super bonus points if they reply ski jumping)

feel free to agree, disagree, tag your answers and definitely add more stuff


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Hair Vocabulary in Polish 🎀

włos (m.) [pl.: włosy] - hair*

peruka (f.) - wig

gumka (f.) - elastic

spinka (f.) - hair-slide

szczotka (f.) - hairbrush

grzebień (m.) - comb

szampon (m.) - shampoo

odżywka (f.) - conditioner

żel do włosów (m.) - hair gel

sprej do włosów (m.) - hairspray

wstążka (f.) - ribbon

kokarda (f.) - bowknot

farba do włosów (f.) - hair dye

fryzura (f.) - hairstyle

grzywka (f.) - bangs

przedziałek (m.) - part

kok (m.) - bun

kucyk/koński ogon (m.) - ponytail

warkocz (m.) - braid

dobierany (m.) - French braid

afro (n.) - afro

dred (m.) [pl.: dredy] - dreadlock*

irokez (m.) - mohawk

myć (włosy) - to wash your hair

czesać - to comb your hair

szczotkować - to brush your hair

rozczesywać - to detangle (usually using a brush/comb)

rozplątywać - to untangle (usually using your fingers)

plątać - to tangle

zaplatać/pleść - to braid

obcinać - to cut

zapuszczać - to grow hair

spinać/upinać - to pin up

farbować - to dye

the adjectives below are in their feminine plural form (so the way you’d use them with “włosy”):

kręcone - curly

proste - straight

falowane - wavy

poplątane - tangled

rozpuszczone - let down

spięte/upięte - pinned up

siwe - gray

brązowe - brown

rude - red

czarne - black

blond - blond

farbowane - dyed

man, female

brunet, brunetka - brunet, brunette**

blondyn, blondynka - blond

rudzielec (not very polite) - redhead

szatyn, szatynka - dark-haired man, dark-haired woman**

fryzjer, fryzjerka - hairdresser

*most often, you’ll see these words in their plural forms but they’re not interchangeable with their singulars (they exist both in their plural and singular forms and are used accordingly).

**the difference between “brunet” and “szatyn” (and their feminine counterparts) is that “brunet” is technically a man with black or very dark brown hair, while “szatyn” is just “normal” brown. It’s just a technical point of view, though — in everyday Polish, there’s not much of a difference; people rarely use “szatyn”.


photo’s source


Konrad Krzyzanowski - Portret żony z kotem by Irina

Konrad Krzyzanowski - Portrait of wife with cat

Konrad Krzyżanowski (15 February 1872, Kremenchuk - 25 May 1922, Warsaw) was a Ukrainian-born Polish illustrator and painter, primarily of portraits, who was considered to be an early exponent of Expressionism.

It’s like she’s watching television. And look at that awesome cat!