Guys, there’s something you need to know. In French lots of words have the same pronounciation yet different meanings. One of my fav probably is the homonyms of “gay”.

There’s 2 of them:
Tu es gai” means “you’re joyful but “tu es gay” means “you’re gay. It is pronounced exactly the same but you will hear it differently depending on the context.
Still, the best part is “fais le guet” which means “keep watch but you can understand “fais le gay”/“act gay.

Now imagine your OTP being on some kind of infiltration mission, pursued by ennemies. Person A tells person B to “keep watch”. But because person B took it in the wrong way, he starts acting totally gay in the middle of battle, not understanding how it’d be useful but doing it anyway because person A told him to.

La Lettre or L'Évanouissement - en grisaille. Louis-Léopold Boilly (French, 1761-1845). Oil on canvas.

In a bourgeois interior, an elegantly dressed lady has fainted after reading a letter. In her distress, her body strikes an elegant arabesque pose, incidentally offering a glimpse of her risqué cleavage. An alarmed gentleman, presumably her husband, comes to the disheveled beauty’s rescue. The content of the letter remains a mystery, inviting the viewer to complete this titillating story.

Top 5 Favorite songs in different languages

Here are some of my favorite songs in some languages I love, let me know about yours!


Desert rose – Sting          
Hotel California – Eagles                              
Wind of change – Scorpions
Machines – Crown the empire
Surrender – Bruce Springsteen


Caravane – Raphaël                        
J’ai demandé à la lune – Indochine          
Jeunesse lève-toi – Saez              
Les lumières dans la plaine – Mickey 3D                
J’temmène au vent – Louise Attaque


Despacito – Luis Fonsi
El mismo sol – Alvaro Soler
Reggaetón lento – CNCO              
Enamorate – Dvicio  
Subeme la radio – Enrique Iglesias


Amar pelos dois – Salvador Sobral          
Ninguém é de ferro – Wesley Safadao  
Samba do Brasil – Bellini
Você partiu meu coração– Nego do Borel, Anitta            
Nao se passa nada - Piruka


De fevgo – Michalis Hatzigiannis              
Kati Dynato - Michalis Hatzigiannis
Nihta ki alli nihta – Giorgos Sabanis        
Ligo akoma – Thanos Petrelis
Thelo na me nioseis – Nikos Vertis


Con te partiro – Andrea Bocelli  
Vivo per lei – Andrea Bocelli      
Occidentali’s Karma – Francesco Gabbani            
Vietato Morire – Ermal Meta
Ti amo – Umberto Tozzi

A few other languages:

We are - One ok rock    
I was king – One ok rock              

Not today – Bangtan Boys           
Spring day – Bangtan Boys

Yemenite Arabic:            
Habib Galbi – A-WA

Feuerwerk – Wincent Weiss      
Nur ein Herzschlag entfernt – Wincent Weiss
Ist da jemand – Adel Tawil

Küsme Aşka – Oğuzhan Koç