Jelly D'Aranyi (c.1920s). Charles Geoffroy-Dechaume (French, 1877-1944). Oil on canvas. National Portrait Gallery.

D'Aranyi, a Hungarian violinist, is wearing a dress that epitomises the liberation of women’s fashion in the 1920s. The carnations, traditional flowers of concert-goers in Italy and Spain, lying on a classical window ledge recall early Italian paintings of the fifteenth century.


||16.9.25|| 1/100 days of productivity

Tried to get back into study mode but I don’t know… I am not diligent enough to write my OWN notes other than class notes I am required to take. I seriously admire the studyblr community so so much.

(oh and this is my first original post since I gave a little change to my blog! yee)

Into the wild Vocabulary list

I just finished reading “Into the wild” by Jon Krakauer and there were a lot of English words I didn’t know, so I thought I’d share this French and English vocab list!

Wiry – Maigre, sec
To inlay – Incruster
Forlorn – Triste, mélancolique
Unquenchable – Insatiable
Lore – Traditions, coutumes
Irksome – Agaçant
Oar – Rame
Wacky - Farfelu
To jut - Dépasser, saillir
A rash - Une éruption cutanée
Thawed - Décongelé
Straddling - Chevauchant, enjambant
Harrowing - Poignant, atroce
Unravel - Déméler, défaire
Maidenhair - Capillaire
Fern - Fougère
Heedless - Inattentif, étourdi
Dismay - Désarroi
Bristled - Hérissé
Dollop - Tas, dose
Unwavering - Déterminé
To brood - Couver
Sullen - Maussade
To balk - Rechigner
Gauzy - Fin
Snide - Sarcastique, méprisant
Unforseeable - Imprévisible