Audrey Hepburn speaking Dutch. (:


This woman is a hero. Freddie Oversteegen was only 14-years-old when she and her sister Truus joined the Dutch resistance during the second World War, now she’s 90.

“I remember how people were taken from their homes,” she said in a recent interview with Vice. “The Germans were banging on doors with the butts of their rifles—that made so much noise, you’d hear it in the entire neighborhood. And they would always yell—it was very frightening.”

There were times when Freddie Oversteegen and her family were living in a boat where they were hiding Jewish couples and kids and people from Lithuania in the hold of the ship. When she turned 14 she got brief military training and learned to shoot and to march.

This story highlights the fact that women always make history on their own not asking for credits for their contribution. 

So many brave women are unfairly forgotten. This is unacceptable! Freddie Oversteegen’s story deserves to be told! 

American climate data saved by the Dutch

The new American government is threatening to bring down hugh amounts of data about climate change, but the Dutch Michael Riedijk has prevented the data from getting lost. He has saved data from 150 sites that the American government wanted to get rid of.

The data is now being saved in The Netherlands, making it impossible for Trump to get rid of it.

(Translated from dutch RTL News)