Dutch Gothic

-        There’s a couple riding by on a bicycle. One rackety bicycle, two people, preferably also a 20-pound-heavy grocery bag on each handle and a small dog. They are in perfect balance and harmony and no one ends up in the hospital with head injuries.

-        There are multi-story parking lots for bicycles that are bigger than the average car park. For some reason, they are still filled to the brim every single day despite there being enough space for almost 15.000 bikes.

-        Children are waiting at the exits of supermarkets. They’ve got bags strapped to their shoulders and their lines ready in their head. “Do you have football cards?” They ask every poor soul who happens to exit. Their eyes are hungry. They will get their football cards. They will get their football cards even if it becomes the death of them.

-        You double-lock your bike just to be sure. The next morning it’s gone anyway.

-        “Oh, you’re from Holland?” A foreigner asks you. “How much weed do you smoke?” You and almost everyone you know smoke no weed yet you’re always asked this.

-        You had English language classes in high school. You learned nothing from them. You speak English anyway.

-        You had French language classes in high school. You learned nothing from them. You speak only the most basic French phrases.

-        Once per year, the streets in the big cities are devoid of almost all traffic. A bright orange hue flows through every street, every corner. People dance, people sell their old shit, people get piss-drunk. The streets are overflowing with people in orange. It’s total anarchy. The next morning everything is clean and normal again.

-        A foreign friend asks you if learning Dutch would be a fun idea. You get war flashbacks from every single time you failed a Dutch grammar test despite it being your native language.


My entire existence has been hidden by you, by Khlyen, from the Green. If you win today, I disappear. Well, I am done with shadows.