Sagittarius Chinese Horoscopes

Sagittarius Daily-Today’s Chinese Horoscope

Some people you love simply aren’t going to be the best for you. There’s no point in chasing what isn’t going to happen. Be as free and independent today as possible. You can stand on your own with confidence. Find excuses to celebrate with those you like best.

Sagittarius Today : Chinese = 66% | Fitness = 77% | Fortune = 75%

Sagittarius Daily-Yesterday’s Chinese Horoscope

This is a high-energy day. You may be feeling especially impetuous. Be cautious that you don’t make impulsive choices that you later regret. This is especially true concerning money. Hold on to what you have. Remain unimpressed with any offer that sounds too good to be true.

Sagittarius Daily-Tomorrow’s Chinese Horoscope

It’s better to finish what you have started today. Family responsibilities can make it hard to make a decision, especially if emotions are running high. You have great personal charm, and this is a good reason to feel self-confident. It will be easier take the lead in any area of interest.

Sagittarius Weekly Chinese Horoscope

This could be a time when you dig in and refuse to compromise. Be sure to pick your battles carefully. Powerful forces are pushing for change and a fresh start. Align yourself with the way things are flowing. You can embrace fresh hopes and a feeling of increasing confidence. This can make you a powerful voice to defend or protect those most vulnerable or you care about most. You can be an eloquent speaker for the interests of others.

Sagittarius Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Think twice about retaining anger as if you didn’t want to give it up. Get it out and over with in a positive way, then get ready to feel and share the relief! The friend zone is not bad. It’s a vote for casual - not serious - dating this month. Professionally, you’re on a mission that is certainly not improbable and you make miracles in the 30 days following the New Moon. Take advantage of the potential dramatic release of energy on what can be power days if you use them right (and of course you will)!

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Capricorn Chinese Horoscopes

Capricorn Daily-Today’s Chinese Horoscope

Sometimes your whimsical nature makes it difficult for you to feel like you fit in. Stronger people can easily make you feel insecure. Do your best to be direct. Spend more time with friends who share your interests. Cleaning can be a very useful outlet if you’re feeling stressed.

Capricorn Today : Chinese = 98% | Health = 68% | Spirituality = 74%

Capricorn Daily-Yesterday’s Chinese Horoscope

Try to finish one project before starting another. If you are in a relationship, your partner may need more time and attention. Consider doing something unexpected and romantic. Do your best to be considerate of their feelings. Be clear and calm if you need someone to understand what behavior is unacceptable.

Capricorn Daily-Tomorrow’s Chinese Horoscope

You work to live, not live to work. If you are lucky enough to have a job, you may be feeling restless if you have mastered one job and are interested in moving in a new direction. Do the best with current assignments and be happy with what you have.

Capricorn Weekly Chinese Horoscope

This week can see you at your full strength and confidence. It’s a powerful time to make practical plans to support any new beginning. Arguments will help you clarify your thinking. Many will be putting themselves in situations that bring them to public attention. You’ll easily be able to assume leadership roles or ask for support for your interests. Be cautious about expecting too much of others. You could alienate your base if you’re too demanding.

Capricorn Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Share and reaffirm the value of the bond in your important relationships. Spend quality private time together in August. “Time” is also the keyword if you’re looking for love. In time, you will come to know each other very well. Being rash and impatient isn’t going to work as effectively. Professionally, what makes you try harder? That’s easy. You’re conscientious and dedicated to doing everything in your power to succeed. Of course, you’re well prepared to meet challenges. Any tangle of facts arranges itself in some kind of order in the 30 days following the New Moon.

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Taurus Chinese Horoscopes

Taurus Daily-Today’s Chinese Horoscope

Keep things as simple as possible today. Children and pets can be your best teachers. A tendency to hold on to what you have can have you living in the past. It’s important to keep things in perspective. Think it over carefully if you feel any desire for revenge.

Taurus Today : Chinese = 98% | Accomplishment = 82% | Social Life = 69%

Taurus Daily-Yesterday’s Chinese Horoscope

Your natural wit and wisdom enhance your intelligence and persuasive powers. Expect to be at the top of your game in any situation. It will be easy to intuitively understand people’s motives and needs. Any unwillingness to compromise can cause arguments. A material crisis may require a forgiving spirit.

Taurus Daily-Tomorrow’s Chinese Horoscope

Deep reserves of energy are available if you want to spend more time playing with friends or working on a pet project. You can be of great practical help or at least ease hurt feelings in the family. Compromise in an intimate relationship will encourage having more fun.

Taurus Weekly Chinese Horoscope

You may be feeling a powerful drive to be perfect or accomplish everything at once. This is a great week for big plans and grand schemes. You can move mountains as part of a team or if you can attract the right support. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Your imagination is strong. This is a lucky time to express your style sense and creative interests. A positive attitude opens doors in any area that’s important to you.

Taurus Monthly Chinese Horoscope

In your important relationships, beware of the tendency to jump to conclusions based only on feelings. If looking for romance, it’s time to make a wish list. What traits rate highest among your longings? Go for what you know in your heart and you could find it. Professionally, pent-up frustration may surface. The antidote is remembering how well you read every signal, and then you can figure how to work your way around to finding out what you want to know. You are clever about getting your way in the 30 days following the New Moon.

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A little update on the red panda character I drew the other day. I thought I’d tweak her design a bit to make it more accustomed to my style of drawing. This is also how I imagine her greeting Hallber when he enters her store; always referring to him as “cutie”. Whether or not she has a thing for him is up to debate. ;p

Oh yeah, I’ve also decided to name this character Shun R. Panda. I was looking up Chinese names for girls, and Shun came up and it means “good natured”. I’d say it’s fitting since I would definitely see this character as the epitome of innocence. :D

Tell me what you guys think!

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